State Trooper Has Close Call With Deer

HUTCHINSON, Minn. (WCCO) – A Minnesota State Patrol officer had a scary reminder recently of just how dangerous deer can be.

On Sunday night, a state trooper was traveling south on Highway 15 just south of Hutchinson when a deer ran onto the highway, jumped out and slammed into his squad car. The deer’s head and antlers went through the driver’s side windshield.

The trooper suffered only minor injuries in the accident but was lucky something worse didn’t happen.

Authorities say October and November are the peak months for car-deer crashes.

Check out video of the crash

  • NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A.

    POOR DEER !!!!!

  • "Buck"ling up Up North

    I’m surprised the deer didn’t get ticketed for distracted running. Didn’t say if the deer died. Don’t assume the deer died. I’ve hit many that totally ruined my ride and then have the deer get up, shake it’s head and mosey back off the road.

  • SNowcarver

    KILL ALL THE DEER!!!!!!!!

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