Life Term For Defendant In Assault Rifle Killing

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A St. Paul man accused of using an AK-47 assault rifle to gun down another man in a dispute over a cell phone has been sentenced to life in prison.

Twenty-one-year-old Aaron Morrow was earlier found guilty of first-degree murder in the September 2010, shooting of Joe Anthony Rivera.

Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann imposed the mandatory sentence Tuesday.

Morrow was also convicted of shooting at two other men during the attack. Rivera’s nephew, David Chavez, was wounded. Chavez told police that he and Rivera had been at a party where a friend of Morrow accused Chavez of stealing his cellphone. Chavez said when he and Rivera left the party Morrow approached them and opened fire. The St. Paul Pioneer Press says police found the cellphone on the floor of the room where the party had been.

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  • Joe from Mn

    Send him back to God. Let God deal with him. He is not worth our time or money.

    • I'm your God

      Ain’t no “God”, fool – start thinking for yourself, already.

  • just sayin

    What a MORON!
    Dude left his cell phone at a party. God what a dumb piece of trash!

  • eyeman

    Killed over a $99 dollar cellphone that the moron had lost himself

  • Have Another Drink!

    How many people carry around an AK47 just in case someone steals their cellphone?

    • Taylor J

      I wished i had an AK47, the only thing i got is a is a bazooka and the capabilities to call in a B52 bomber squad, not quite as thrilling as an AK though. ;(

  • Kevin

    He was a disgruntled ex Chipolte worker…..

    • Martin

      Actually Kevin – he was a disgruntled contractor. Some wealthy folks had been stiffing him for better than $161K on 5 jobs and he snapped.
      Now a disgruntled Chipolte worker would be your sister. Or at least she was last month. Did she locate employment yet?

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