Minn. Man Accused Of Stealing Pigs In Iowa

OSAGE, Iowa (AP) — Authorities say a Minnesota man has been arrested in the theft of several hundred feeder pigs from producers in Mitchell County in northern Iowa.

The Globe Gazette in Mason City says John Arndt, of Hayfield, Minn., was taken into custody on Tuesday in Minnesota.

He faces several charges, including ongoing criminal conduct and first-degree theft. He’s being held on $47,000 bond in the Mower County, Minn., jail pending extradition to Iowa.

Arndt’s case is not listed on Iowa’s online court system, and it wasn’t known if he has an attorney.

Mitchell County Deputy Greg Beaver says the pigs were stolen over several months, from November 2010 to September, and sold at livestock auctions. Beaver says more arrests are expected.

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  • rustlers!

    Durn pig rustlers. Get a rope! With hog prices high, this is happening more often. Get along little piggies get along.

  • Jim

    Another conservative hard at work.

    • I think jimbo needs a group hug

      Jimbo how do you know he is a conservative he could be a worthless lib for all we know

      • MARK

        The guy posts the same statement in every article and you fell for it.

      • Ha Ha ha

        You said worthless lib, ha ha ha; how redundant!! You had me at lib

    • just sayin

      It was more likely some trashy liberal farmer… you know those farmers unions…. get a clue dummy.

  • Deep Thinker

    Let he who has never stolen a pig cast the first stone……….oink, oink

  • Goldy G

    If he’d have waited a few weeks, he could have grabbed Floyd of Rosedale while he was at it.

    • This Little Piggy Went To The Market

      Great idea, it might be the only way someone from Minnesota ever gets to touch Floyd again for a long time……..

      • red

        so true!

  • on the teeter

    Sure do love me some hog.

  • PJO

    the loser thief must have been looking for dates to do a group thing. what a flipping moron!

    • yup

      Could be. Not many farmers have sheep these days.

      • party over

        heard he was taking ’em to Bachmann’s Defeat Party. Guess now she’ll have to actually buy something herself. Think the beetch remembers how???? lol

        • Pork is good

          For sure, since as a secret Muslim Obama can’t eat ’em.

  • Michael Clark

    Throw him in to the pigpen for food and see how long he lasts; that’ll teach him

  • Updated Doggerel

    John, John the piper’s son, stole a pig and away he run.
    The pig was eat, and John was beat, and John went crying down the street.

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