Minn. State Patrol Releases Deer Crash Video

HUTCHINSON, Minn. (WCCO) -– The Minnesota State Patrol released new video of a state trooper who ran into a deer as a reminder to be on the lookout for them while driving.

On Sunday, a trooper was heading south on Highway 15, south of Hutchinson when a deer ran onto the highway, jumped out and slammed into the squad car. The deer’s head and antlers went through the driver’s side windshield.

The trooper suffered only minor injuries in the accident.

“It’s interesting for us to have the video,” said Lt. Jason Bartell of the State Patrol, “and for the public to see that how dangerous it is.”

There were 2,570 car-deer crashes in Minnesota last year, and about a third of them happened in October and November. So, the State Patrol is urging drivers to slow down and buckle up, pay extra attention at dawn and dusk, when deer are most active. Also, if you see one, hit the brakes and don’t veer for the deer.

“As you can see,” Bartell said while viewing the videotape, “the trooper just stays the course and unfortunately it happened and it hit the squad, but he didn’t involve any other vehicles or any other issues with that. So, that’s something to learn from.”

The trooper’s crash happened in McLeod County, which wasn’t even in the top 4 for Minnesota last year: Hennepin County had the most deer crashes (166) followed by Sherburne (160), Dakota (150) and Anoka (105).

“You know, it’s a highly populated area,” said Bartell. “We have a lot of roadways around here, but people seem to think there’s not deer around either, which is wrong.”

Bartel points out that many of the most serious injuries involve motorcycles. So, the patrol is asking riders to wear protective gear, pay extra attention and maybe even avoid riding at dusk in the final weeks of the motorcycle season.

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/10/19/video-deer-vs-troopers-squad-crash/ Video: Deer Vs. Trooper’s Squad Crash « CBS Minnesota

    […] See the video and read more about it here. […]

  • Travis

    I used to live in Brownton (15 miles south of Hutch) and drove that stretch of Highway 15 every morning and afternoon to get to and from school. It is infested with deer, especially south of Lake Marion and north of Highway 212. Glad the trooper wasn’t hurt that bad, looks like it could have ended a lot worse.

  • Tom Willard

    So he is on the way to the REAL crooks and a deer jumps out in front of him. You really should think through things before you spew them of there for the intelligent public to read.

    • Tom Willard

      This comment was made in reply to another post that disrespected the Trooper. It has since been removed. Thanks for noticing though.

      • jumpin jimmy

        I don`t care, you still didnt make any sense even as a reply.

    • jumpin jimmy

      Hey Tom

      Did you have a brain fart?

      Hugs and Kisses

      The General Public.

    • Slim

      Say what?!

  • karmah

    I hit a deer and it cost me $350 just to replace my headlight and turn signal cover! Thankfully, I was not hurt. I clipped the deer’s rear end. Although, the deer ran off into the woods, I don’t think it survived. I hit it at 55 mph. :(

  • jumpin Jimmy

    Oh deer!

    • Tom Willard


  • Jan Meyer

    Ya know, troopers or not, we’ve lived “up north” and driven up here for 30 years and the main thing you HAVE to remember about deer at night is the speed you’re traveling!!! Troopers have no speed limit as do a lot of other people and THAT is the problem!!!Jan Meyer

    • full of it


  • mannix

    They keep showing a cute little deer with only one antler!?!

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