ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration rolled out plans Thursday to change the way state government operates, with goals of improving efficiency and saving taxpayer dollars.

Dayton announced the overhaul to state operations at a Thursday news conference with his chief of staff and commissioner of human services. They cited one change already in place that has saved the state and federal governments combined nearly $500 million: A new competitive bidding process for companies angling to provide state health insurance to low-income people.

Dayton dubbed his agenda “Better Government for a Better Minnesota.” He said related initiatives would be announced in the coming weeks, the fruit of his directive to his Cabinet officers to find ways to look for improvements in how their agencies operate — particularly ones that could be applied across state government.

Dayton said streamlining government operations was a top priority when he took office in January, after hearing on the campaign trail from many Minnesotans who desire more efficiency and effectiveness in the spending of their tax dollars.

In rolling out what his office described as “major reforms,” Dayton seized a mantle that legislative Republicans have also tried to claim. In August, House Republicans released plans for what they called “Reform 2.0,” an initiative seeking public input on ways to make government more accountable and efficient.

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Comments (6)
  1. exciting news says:

    Until there is a line down the street for blocks and blocks consisting of terminated government workers included in any efficiency overhall, I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Kevin says:

    I hope he shuts down the Public School system. And then we go private. And you pay per child. No children? No pay! Brilliant……simply brilliant….so if you want to put your child into a Mexican emersion school, you can pay for it. Per WCCO article last week, 75% of all children in the St Paul School system are in poverty. Hence the families of those 75% pay little to nothing for public schools. I want to move to St Paul so I can pay for those 75% of families! Its only fair!

    1. Tom says:

      @ Kevin

      Shutting down the public school system and then go private is very bad idea! Every child is entitled to an edu. A child should not be turned away just because the childs parents can’t afford it.

  3. jan says:

    Daytons is talking efficiency now because he’s planning to spend money we don’t have for a football stadium ane he wants to look like a good guy who cares about how our money is spent. What a joke!!

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    What is wrong with you people? This is a positive article. They saved nearly 500 million with one change! What’s with all the negative feedback? It’s about time the government becomes more efficient.

  5. Concern says:

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