MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Police say seven people have been arrested for blocking traffic outside the U.S. Bancorp building in downtown Minneapolis during a protest by OccupyMN.

Minneapolis Police Sgt. William Palmer says the group set up two tents in the intersection about 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Police asked them to move three times and when they didn’t, officers arrested them shortly before 2 p.m.

At the same time, a crowd of about 100 people were on the surrounding sidewalks. Many were chanting against banks and home foreclosures. After the arrests, protesters left the area and normal vehicle and pedestrian traffic resumed.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Samantha Smith Reports

Five men and two women were arrested and they were booked into the Hennepin County Jail. Palmer says the arrests were peaceful.

It was the first time multiple protesters have been arrested since the group began its self-described occupation of the Hennepin County government plaza on Oct. 7.

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Comments (61)
  1. Kevin says:

    Just like the Tea Party? Really? The Tea Party have jobs. Occupy not so much. The Tea Party is for smaller Govt! The Occupy want the Govt fairy to give it all for free and grow. The Tea Party Shower. The Occupy cant shower, they are not at mommies. The Tea Party anti big govt. The Occupy anti sematic. The Tea Party no arrests. The occupy hundreds of arrests. The Tea Party slammed by the media as being racists. The Occupy placed on a pedal by media. The Tea Party slammed by Obami. The Occupy touted by Obami, Pelosi and Biden. The Tea Party HUGE impact during last election. The Occupy will be back in mommies basement during the elections wondering why everything is free just like mommy and daddy used to give……

    1. Matt says:

      yes Tea Party had a huge impact during the last election. However many have realized how bad of an impact that was. Teaparty wants unreasonible cuts in an unreasonible amout of time.

      Occupy group is about holding those CEOs who helped create the mess we are in to answer for their crimes. It has nothing to do with poor and middle class

      1. Open your eyes says:

        I understand people are mad but they need to open their eyes who gave us tarp?who gave GM billions who gave SOLYNDRA 555,000 to waste. who bailed all these banks out?

        1. Kevin M says:

          Obama. These clowns should be in DC protesting Obamacara (aka job killer), bailouts, handouts to labor unions and higher ed to create false jobs that are now expiring, extended wars…how stupid are these people. The problem is in the white house!

          1. Mike says:

            It would behoove you to look at labor statistics and see who actually has hired new people. It has been health care. Wouldn’t that equate to Obama care, creating jobs?

          2. Phil B says:

            The bank bailout occurred during the Bush administration, not Obama’s. Nice try to shift the blame.

      2. SchoolingMatt says:

        Dear Misguided Matt, you have it all wrong. It wasn’t the CEO’s, corps or banks, it was the Fed Govt. Barney Frank, Fannie May, Freddie Mac all trying to get people into homes. They were People that can’t afford and handle home ownership. That caused the bubble, housing crisis and everything else tumbled. It’s always the govt. They create the problem, then the solution. Need major cuts and reforms. Unless you’d like to write a big fat check to fix it.

    2. Citizen Minny says:

      Do me a favor Kevin. Do you know what the original Tea Party stood for Kevin. Do you have a problem with people that protest Kevin. Are you against the First Ammendment Kevin. Are you even a real American Kevin. Or did Mommy drop you here and your ignorance assumes your one of us Kevin.

      1. James says:

        The OccupyMN protesting “Flea Party” is to Carl Marx as Tea Party is to American Freedom Loving Patriot. Don’t confuse the two very distinct and opposite groups.

        Sorry, but the stench from some of you is horrible. Better check into the Salvation Army down the street instead.

        Oh and by the way, there are probably more private business tenants in that building than there are US Bank employees. Might want to try down the street, say Wells Fargo? Oh, what’s that? you all bank there? You’re all unwilling hostages, i’m sure.

      2. Kevin M says:

        Cit Tinny, you’re an igno-ramus! Nobody cares that there are protesters. People care that we have idiots, too stupid to know that they should be in DC, protesting our president and his failed party. So they are wasting more tax payer dollars on a protest that has no focus and is in the wrong place.

        1. Mike says:

          Failed policies? President Obama stopped the hemorrhaging of jobs that Bush was loosing a month when he left office.

      3. JimmyCarter says:

        All protestors suck. A bunch of unemployable hippy slackers. I’d spray them with poison so they die in the next six months. Lots of money saved. Kill off gang members and career criminals too. Go Dexter style on em all. Union bosses too. Too many people on this planet and 75% of them worthless trash.

    3. Hello! says:

      Have you been down there? You are just saying what you hear is happening. There are families who protest after and before work. There are a lot that are doing it for all the wrong reasons, but the majority is not.

      1. Jake says:

        REALLY?? I have heard that it is a bunch of 21st Century hippies who don’t want to pay back their student loans, their massive credit card debt, so they can continue to not not work, go ‘hiking’ in places like the Iranian borders and get arrested, and NEVER defend THEIR country, against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOMESTIC. So which side are YOU ON??

        1. Darryl says:

          More comments from someone who spreads what they heard like it is the truth. Right wing gnorance spreading more ignorance.

        2. me says:

          REALLY JAKE?? Because I am one of those protestors. I”m sick of corporate CEO’s making millions when the little guy like me who works their B*** off makes peanuts. You know, if every CEO donated 1million dollars of their salary back to the company…perhaps that million could be given to the underdog employee in raises or even better, perhaps more unemployed people could have jobs. But no instead the dang CEO’s need to make millions. What did their country club fee’s go up.

          Sorry not everyone at the protest is a 21st century hippy. Some of us are employed and feel corporate greed is partly responsible for this mess, not to mention all of the other issues everyone is upset about…bank bail outs….corrupted goverment etc. So please…GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!

    4. @ lil' Kevin says:

      Ya know Kevin – I know of many who are Tea Party folks and out of the group maybe 1 in 3 have jobs. Imagine that Kevin – 2 in 3 don’t. The trades are hurting and there is little work for them. And they are angry.
      The perfect group for the Bachmann gang – broke unemployed pizzed off white Americans. They may even vote for the witch is she goes somewhere besides into the toilet

    5. Sam says:

      You are making a lot of baseless claims about the differences, trying to paint the Tea Party in a brilliant light while making the Occupy Wall Street movement as jobless hippies.
      The Tea Party isn’t anti-big-government; they are pro-their-big-government. They want their government to force their idea of American patriotism and Christianity down the throats of the American public.
      I’m not sure what “anti-sematic” is, but if you’re referring to anti-Semitism, I haven’t seen anything about that. On the other hand, I _have_ heard a lot of racial and religious slurs coming from the Tea Party.
      Yep. There have been arrests of the Occupy movement, and a lot of people in the movement are upset that there are idiots doing things to get themselves arrested. Of course, standing in traffic is far worse than vandalizing people’s homes, cutting the propane lines on a gas grill and potentially harming someone.

    6. Steve says:

      This movement is about you and me and all of us. We are not asking for anything for free, just asking for jobs. And yes other people in the movement want different things. But it all comes down to the one percent not providing jobs . It is the private sectors duty to America, the land and people that made them rich, to provide jobs at good wages with good benefits. If every body was working this movement wouldn’t be so big. Stop trying to put people down.

    7. Charles says:

      I thought the “Those dirty hippies” arguement passed with the 1960’s. It is still alive I see.

      Hey, I looked weird in the 80’s but now I am contributing to society, I own a house, have a family. I can’t just drop everything and protest. But my sympathies are with the young people who can get out there and demonstrate.

      Maybe the message is not coherent, but they know what future they stand to inhereit and that more than anything they are rebelling against.

  2. parker4499 says:

    It’s about time the cops/city/mayor do something about the protestors. Apparently it’s ok (according to our idiot mayor) that they block streets and disrupt the lives of the rest of us who actually have jobs and need to get things done during the day to support OUR families.

    All 200 of you protestors are REALLY making a point…..

    1. Steve says:

      There are millions of us. You are part of us. You will see when you lose your pension and bread cost 40 bucks a loaf.

    2. me says:

      Hey Parker 4499…I have a job, and I am one of the protestors…some of us chose to protest on our days off because we actually care about the state of our world. So stop thinking everyone is unemployeed just because they are at the protest, maybe it’s just their day off work.

  3. Sick of losers says:

    What happens to these losers after they are arrested? They get a meal, shower, bed, and a slap on the wrist? Give them a shovel to clean up all the b.s. they have spread, or pt them in a cell with Bubba.

    1. Guy says:

      Hey don’t do that to poor Bubba – he has standards too.
      Just because he’s a multiple murdering child molester is no reason to
      inflict the flea-baggers on him.

      That falls under “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” – for Bubba…

      1. Me says:

        Hey Guy, and Sick of Losers ..not everyone at the protest is what you say..some of these people are actually law abiding hard working adults with family who just happen to protest on their days off because they actually give a D*** about the state of our country. Just because you’re to lazy to protest your concerns isn’t our problem.

  4. End the Fed says:

    We must direct our attention at the real culprits…the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. It is neither Federal nor has any reserves. They print their Monopoly Money and then the (its) banks and Wall Street gambled with it. The Federal Reserve as ”Federal” as Federal Express must be stopped at all costs.

    1. At all costs? says:

      Please, you need to find some more rhetoric and spew it somewhere else. Sure, while there might be something to be said about monetary policy, that’s not the source of the problem, nor is it the solution to the problem. If you want Ron Paul’s voice heard so bad, may I suggest rounding up all the cooooks like you and collectively shutting your mouths until you have a position that’s effective and interesting? For instance, you lose all credibility in your words when you say “monopoly money” and “must be stopped” and “at all costs”. really? at all costs? So are we to assume you get paid in rubles? Are we to assume you don’t purchase anything with US Dollars or flow through the US Economy or have anything to do with the “system that must be stopped at all costs?” Are we to assume you’re putting you’re mouth where your mouth is? If that’s the case, let me know, i’ll be glad to take possession of your remaining inventory of US Dollars if you can’t bare but to rid yourself of the monopoly money you speak of.

      How about having an argument formulated with integrity and respect, not looney criticism with extremest threatening language? You’re honestly taking Ron Paul down with you, a guy most people would give certain credence to if not for his ridiculous followers that even he disowns publicly.

      1. Reality sucks says:

        Okay. How ’bout this for an argument. Could you make money if the government would lend you billions at 0.25% and then let you turn around and lend it right back to finance the government budget deficit at 10 times that (2-3%)? Of course you could. That’s exactly what the agreement the Fed has with the banks.

    2. Reality sucks says:

      I agree “End the Fed” but not so fast…..

  5. Edina Mom says:

    The protesters want to get arrested to keep the story alive! And I say more power to them! It is high time the people spoke up for the middle and lower middle class. I have always been a hard worker, have a Master’s in Counseling and am underemployed. I will be down there at 2 pm. this Sunday to help the cause. We should give up until our voices are heard.

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      No wonder you’re under-employed. A masters in counseling? Real weighty degree. What, the basket-weaving doctoral program was full??

    2. Have some humility please says:

      In your profession, Edina Mom, what would you call adequately employed? Do you really think your services are in such need as to earn you a larger wage? If so, switch jobs! if you can’t find any jobs for someone with a masters in counseling, maybe it’s time you switch professions or move. it’s called capitalism and business.

      You know, I’m fricken awesome at building with legos, I can tie a mean fish hook, and i’m a great driver. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to follow my dream of being a professional angler, sitting on my behind playing with toys, or being a professional go-kart driver. Fortunately for me, there’s this thing called jobs out there. I matched a service I could provide with a service people wanted, and voila. I’m employed. Dare i say it, i’m employed adequately!?! On top of that, I’m in high demand. On top of that, I worked my ass off for it and I don’t stop at some degree.

      Point is, nobody is interested in hiring shrinks with paper that said they spent 15% of their life wasted on a phoney education from some dirty corrupt education system that taught absolutely no real world skills but convinced you that wasting $200k on an education was a good idea. Your net worth is nothing more than what others are interested in hiring you for, so start looking if you’re unhappy.

      Your voices are heard. Big collection of a bunch of folks who expect to get something for nothing. Bring your legos, bring your fishing poles, bring your go-karts because goddarn it, you should get paid what you think you’re worth! Evil businesses controlling you and keeping you down, all in bed with each other. This world needs more go-kart drivers. This world needs more shrinks with big masters degrees that say “look at me, i’m important because this plaque says so”.

      You want validation, check with your children. They probably think you’re the best mom ever. You probably are. Are you going to march on Nicollet Avenue demanding money from the big businesses because you’re good at making a bowl of Cheerios and pancakes?

      You know who you don’t see down at those protests? Small farmers. My parents and grandparents farmed for 80 years, small dairy farm. They were proud of their accomplishments. They didn’t stand at the trough expecting a hand-out or cry because they weren’t adequately employed. They worked from 5AM to 9PM, not 9AM-5PM. My father didn’t take a day off in the last 40 years of his farming career. Are these the only ones left on this planet with humility and self respect?

      1. Duh! says:

        Uh, hey blowhard. Edina Mom gave you 5 sentences to base your 6 paragraph rant with way too much of your own information. Stick to legos.

      2. Tea Baggin Pitcher says:

        Of course your in high demand. We all love your clean shaven face down here at the park where your Tea Baggin friends flip quarters in your cup while you administer your talents………..

      3. As jack said... says:

        Humility, I think you’re the one that may need to reconsider that for yourself. Talk to your mom, dad, grandma and grandpa about farming. Your family’s business enjoyed Gov.t. programs in the way of price supports, tax breaks, Gov’t low interest loans, protective legislation. That any economic analyst would say creates inefficiency and therefore shouldn’t be maintained. In essence Anti Capitalist! So no Humility you too have enjoyed the benefits of big Gov’t. and that came about from farmers before you protesting, against the big banks and railroads. Give yourself a little history lesson and research the Grange Movement or the Non Partisan League and the violence that they endured for being Un-American (Hint; they’re precursor to the Farmer Party that eventually merged with the Labor and Democratic Party. This is where the term DFL comes from). Then come on back and we’ll talk about changing vocations, worker displacement, compensation, Social upheaval and what one does to feed, shelter and cloth one’s self.

      4. Native daughter says:

        Where did you get your farm from? Where did your grandparents get their farm from. The native americans. Yes, my grandfather came from Norway and “aquired” land that was gained through deception and lies, from native people, Please don’t act like your family is any better because they are farmers. Yep, I milked the cows, drove tractor, weeded a garden an acre in size. So I know about farmers and farming. Plenty of farmers get subsidies anyways.

    3. Travis says:

      I gues if you don’t have a job that Fs someone over, your a total loser.

    4. Darryl says:

      Well Edina Mom, you are doing better than they guys in the building trades.. Too bad these negative peole can’t understand firsthand the current job economy for skilled workers

  6. Kevin says:

    I am stupid. You can tell by reading any one of my posts any day.

    1. Marlyss to Kevin says:

      Indeed we can and do realize it Kevin. Thanks for the confirmation but really, it was not needed.
      Would you like another Tootsie Pop for the drive home treat junior? I have some extra ones and could get to your mom before she leaves. Need to know soon as she’s clearing off her desk

  7. tuna-free dolphin says:

    At least they’ll be in a nice warm jail cell and they’ll get bologna sandwiches. So it’s kinda like mom and dads basement. If they can’t pay the fine, sentence them to community service like cleaning up the mess they’re making. I don’t know which is more pathetic. The media trying to make them look mainstream, or the flea-baggers themselves.

    1. tuna smells says:

      Bachmann’s flea baggers or the Minneapolis protesters? Which ones old tuna free but smells like tuna boy?

      1. tuna-free dolphin says:

        Shut up! I love Marcus Bachmann more than Michele!

  8. Dave says:

    You guys are all stupid ….

  9. G Dog says:

    The Occupy protesters were only arrested. The protesters at the Boston Massacre were shot.

    Hey! What a great idea! The cops should shoot the Tea Party wing-dings and fulfill their desire to turn back the clock to the late 1770’s.

    1. doggface says:

      They did a pretty good job at Kent State too dogface. Missed part of your history class now did ya ? 😉

      1. Citizen says:

        At the turn of the century there were plenty of workers murdered by company-hired thugs during the organization of unions to prevent child labor and sweatshops and give workers a voice, decent wages/benefits, etc.

  10. Jake says:

    Here we go, you knew it was only a matter of time. So, what was accomplished? I forgot. It only gets worse from here.

  11. Kim says:

    let them protest, let them get arrested, let the media fill holes in their broadcast with this trivial tripe. Who cares, its a small group of people that feel the need to say something, whatever that might be.

    1. Rush says:

      Major ditto Kim. You could have easily used, ‘your comment’ in place of the word protest.

    2. Citizen says:

      @Kim. The protest is worldwide, so not “small” by any means.

  12. HaHa says:

    When all is said and done they’ll have accomplished nothing, keep thinking your opinion and protesting will make a difference, and when you awaken you’ll realize it won’t, time warp to reality protesting stumps find a job and move on you don’t matter in this world.

  13. Johnny Ge#### says:

    I hate protesters unless I am one of them. How dare they protest when I have to work. I can’t take time off to be with them because I have a job to do. I am paid by the City to Protect you protesters from harm and also to protect the public from you hurting them. By the way thanks for the overtime as it is needed to pay my taxes that eventually go back to you guys and gals.
    I also have not seen the usual dirty suspects that come for the summer protests and they must be in warmer climates now. These are the fools that get paid to protest and I see the same ones on TV and in person as they are not hard to spot. Same clothes and same hair and beard and they do smell like dirty bums.

    I am a cop and you idiots just cost Mpls. more in taxes from the workers and home owners and businesses that employ us.

    Thank you all as I am getting less sleep and more tired of this junk.

    1. Jake says:

      You said it, Johnny. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Instead of busting or hunting down REAL CRIMINALS, you have to BABYSIT these overgrown juvenile delinquents who can’t figger out hot to pay their own bills. What an embarassment, and a lousy example to portray to the rest of AMERICA.

    2. As jack said... says:

      Well Johnny Ge#### I also suspect this overtime is cutting into your off duty job at a local bar where your rent your uniform out for cash under the table working security or directing traffic outside the downtown parking ramps during rush hour. I’m more concerned about the damage awards that the city must payout because of police misconduct which cost the city much more than the overtime they’re paying out for these protests. But hey I’m sure they told you during Skills that you shouldn’t get involved in law enforcement for the glory. Do your twenty and retire Johnny. You’ll be alright.

  14. Charles says:

    The upper class has actually convinced the rest of America that standing up for something better is un-American. That working hard at a minimum wage job is a privilege they should be happy about, and the American dream is all about 99% of America lowering its standard of living to propel the very few at the top to new heights.

    And Americans seem to be buying it. They seem to hate each other more than they want to live better themselves.

    p.s. don’t demonize the Tea Party, they have the right intention, they have just been hijacked and lead astray. We all want a better future for our children. Not the life dictated by the cold economic realities of globalism.

  15. Occupy Fan says:

    The reason I’m not there, is because some of those cops arrest you for just being there. About that intersection — those vehicles just simply should have taken a detour instead of rubbernecking.

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