COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — The monks of St. John’s Abbey celebrate on Sunday the 50th anniversary of the dedication of their famous Abbey and University Church in Collegeville.

Marcel Breuer was lead designer and architect of the church. According to the book “Saint John’s at 150,” Breuer’s design was chosen because of his “unassuming, attentive style.”

The church, dedicated in 1961, includes a 112-foot-high concrete bell banner out front. The church is built almost entirely of concrete and reinforced steel with a honeycomb-like pattern of stained glass windows. The altar is at the center of the cavernous church.

The St. Cloud Times reports Sunday’s celebration includes a Eucharist liturgy at the church with Abbot John Klassen; a concert by the Westminster Cathedral Choir of London; and a solemn evening prayer.

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  1. markH says:

    Yes, let’s celebrate 50 years of indoctrinating innocent young minds with nonsensical metaphysical garbage-myths that tell young children that they are born guilty and deserving of death and can only be “saved” by a bloody human sacrifice. I hope one day that we all outgrow our need for these childish, immoral ideas and learn to face life with courage and independence of thought. Corrupting the reasoning faculties of children (to say nothing of sexually abusing them while calling yourself an agent of an unseen, unproven, unfalsifiable deity) is not grounds to celebrate. Peace.

  2. Rags says:

    Celebrating centuries of deceit and apostasy while posing as Christianity and being believed by the gullible “faithful” and the world’s media. “I never knew you!”, is what Christ will say.

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