ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Sen. Al Franken announced a new initiative Monday that he says will create jobs, reduce energy consumption and save money for businesses and taxpayers.

The plan called, “Back to Work Minnesota,” was announced at the Minnesota Energy Summit in St. Paul.

Franken said Minnesota counties are already saving hundreds of thousands of tax dollars by undertaking retrofitting projects — so why not take a similar approach across the state.

He said his plan would focus on retrofitting private buildings, including businesses, financiers, state and local government officials and Minnesota education leaders.

“It really is a win-win proposition,” he said. “It creates jobs in the building trades and the building trades have been hard hit by the housing crisis. It creates jobs for our manufacturers across Minnesota. We’re the silicon valley for windows.”

Franken said retrofitting has already helped local governments in Minnesota, like Scott County, to make buildings more energy efficient and create jobs, all while basically paying for itself — and then some.

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  1. A sickened mom says:

    And where can we look up the content of this bill? Not alot to go on from the article above.

  2. Agreed! I want to know more about this bill before I form an opinion about it.

  3. just sayin says:

    When Franken speaks, I see bats flying in all directions…..

    1. Do you says:

      live in a cave?

  4. Tammy Belka says:

    Try Senator Franken’s website… or google?

  5. Kevin says:

    OMG!! The energy bunny will be flying around MN fixing all these buildings….and there is no cost to the tax payer? Really? So who the he*l is paying for Al “Air America” plans? Is the energy bunny just going to fart money out his arse as he works his way across Minnesomalia?

    1. IMA POS Kevin says:

      Well, duh, probably a tax credit

  6. Pro Work says:

    Sure the hell don’t do me a damn bit of good. How about some equal opportunity entry level jobs ? Go back to your comedy routine ya worthless Dem. You were any good at that either but you were not sucking up state bucks doing nothing. Reflect on that.

  7. WhatBS says:

    Just think of the jobs that would be created if the fool was to push to unblock the way to build a couple of Nuclear Generating plants or refineries here in Minnesota…. That would be job creation.

  8. CommonMan says:

    Tax money spent on government buildings. Why not let us spend our money on what we want? Why do window compines get to win? Once the money is gone the jobs go away. Does any one see what is happening? The government is makeing all the decisions for you! The creation of a crisis and “we must do this now” is how hitler took power.

  9. Jack M says:

    Al go get somebody to change your diaper. You fool you have no clue!

  10. Doug T says:

    Its the “Broken Window” concept of economics.

    Where does the money come from – and who decides what it is to be spent on?

    It pays for itself? No I have to earn the money first – then he takes it and spends it……

  11. Otto says:

    So who has other options? All I see is a lot of whining about what is being done.

  12. kevinisstupid says:

    and the gop plan is?… anyone, anyone??

    1. Black says:

      I don’t know why libs keep asking the same question. The GOP plan is let capitalism work, cut regulations that are costing small business thousands per employee, open up the strangle hold on energy, get rid of Obamacare, and stop interfering with the housing market. Basically get rid of everything Obama has put in place. Our system has worked for a long time, it has its ups and downs but it always corrects itself. Obama has been trying to turn this into a socialist system since taking office. It does not work and will not work. So stop asking what the GOP plan is. Keep government out of the private sector as much as possible.

      1. mindnumbinglydumbgop says:

        Loosened the regulations on banking looked what happened.
        Enron, Petters, Madoff all all symptoms of unregulated people. Medicine as planned is not socialized as there is not a single payer. Did you forget the Depression started under a republican?

  13. Rags says:

    Franken wastes oxygen every time his mouth flaps. Does the bill include tax money to prop up unions?

  14. tom says:

    Al, your full of schit, quit your lying.

  15. ecr says:

    Energy retrofits are an easy concept for those willing to think about it.

    1. First, you baseline energy consumption (per business, agency or building) to determine what you are already paying for the energy consumed.
    2. Working with energy service companies to develop energy efficiency improvements.
    3. Next, the ESco quantifies the difference, which equals the energy savings NOTE: ESco do, in fact, “guaranteed” the savings contractually (think replacing a 32 watt lamp with a 28 watt lamp x 8 hrs/day = 24 watts of savings, now scale up the concept to chillers, HVAC systems, etc)
    4. Using the ESco guaranteed savings, meaning if calculated savings do not materialize, the ESco pays the (business, agency) the difference.
    5. The business or agency then bundles all energy efficiency improvements together, establishes a payback period, then finances the project using the projected savings to pay the debt.
    6. Implement the savings and back to lighting concept, once the light is replaced the savings begin!
    Now because the agency was already committed to spending the $$$ on inefficient systems (plus energy cost escalations) they instead use the “guaranteed savings” instead to pay the debt, instead of paying the utility company
    6. Once the debt is paid (which is budget neutral), the business or agency gains in future operational cost (balance of years the equipment is in service)
    So, if a lighting project has a ROI of 2 years and the lamps last 5 years, resulting in 3 years of energy savings in operational costs in future budgets. Add in energy cost escalation and the savings gap increases.

    Now this concept should be considered a conservative measure. As conservative and conservation come from the same root word “Latin conservāre to save, preserve”. I always thought conservatives didn’t like wasting tax payers precious dollars!

    It’s smart economics, it promotes job creation (short-term admittedly), it reduces future government expenditures, it reduces energy consumption, generally improves workplace productivity, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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