MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A tentative agreement to resolve complaints that Somali students were harassed in a Minnesota school district calls for the district to report any future incidents to the U.S. Department of Education.

St. Cloud Superintendent Bruce Watkins tells The Associated Press that the agreement goes before the school board Thursday for approval.

Watkins says the agreement also calls for the district to make its schools more welcoming to the district’s Somali students. He says it’s already doing that, having put in place changes to the code of conduct, curriculum and complaint resolution policies.

The agreement does not find that the district broke any rules in its handling of the incidents.

The Department of Education began investigating the district after a complaint was filed last year.

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Comments (4)
  1. Southern MN says:

    So I am guessing that if the Somali students act up, smart off , cause trouble nothing will be done? Sounds like a fair plan and a waste of tax payers money again. Got to always bend over backwards to the group of rude smelly people. Tired of them always getting there way. Why don’t they go to there own school where they can do what they want and when they want to do it. Just more tax waste. If they have a problem why don’t they just MOVE. No one will miss them at all. Period

  2. Jake says:

    It was an incredibly STUPID idea to move such a large group of people from a war torn nation to a CIVIL, DECENT, POLITE, LAW-ABIDING, home-grown Minnesota city with a history of peacefulness. Everybody seems hell bent on blaming the people of St. Cloud. I WON’T. I blame the stupid social engineers who, without any kind of popular vote, decided to ruin this once fine city forever, and put all the blame on the citizens who built this town, and who now have to live with the aftermath. It is now a divided town, the dflers are celebrating, and there will be NO PEACE for a good, long time. Double standards galore, neverending resentment, and a balkanization of a once great city in MN. I wish that somebody would publish a list of names who are responsible for this never-ending DISASTER.

  3. Kevin says:

    Import violent culture….expect violence…..Oh and Jake the list of the names who are responsible? Well you wont find their names living ANY WHERE near the Somalians……

  4. RM says:

    My children have been going to school with Somalian children for a while now, and I do see a lot of “favortism” and exceptions being made for them (the Somalians). I am ready to go to my children’s school board ans start complaining, whatever happened to all of our constitional rights once they arrived here? This is Amercia, being offended is a part of every day life, you just learn to turn your cheek and move on. People really need to learn what “racism” and “harrassment” truly is! Personally, I think the two terms are over used and too easy to throw around, only thing is, those that are truly being discriminated against and harrassed, are the ones staying silent, if you get my drift!

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