Months After Train Derails, Birds Still Feeding On Corn

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some people in the north metro are still dealing with the after effects of a train derailment nearly three months ago.

The accident happened near Fridley in July.

That’s when 17 train cars derailed dumping tons of corn and hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel.

It went into the Rice Creek and nearby Locke Lake.

Burlington Northern worked on the clean-up but there is still so much corn left behind, it’s become a feeding ground for geese and ducks from near and far.

Residents say the sound and smell is awful and the goose convention is even larger and louder early in the morning.

Residents we spoke with don’t know whether to blame the city, county, or railroad but they say it should have all been fixed by now.

  • rockfish

    Not a big deal.

    • Me

      Thought the same thing… It’s birds, they will be gone soon enough.

  • The REAL, real Jake

    Sounds like great hunting to me!!!

  • Wild Bill

    Once again people living in the city complaining about the animals that came long before them to the land the people live on.

    You people want to be Eco-friendly and “love nature” but when nature comes you whine and complain. Nature does not just reside on the outside of the city, it’s every where and you better get used to it.

  • Locke Lake Homeowner

    There are several hundred geese on the lake every day and they are there to eat the 24 tons of rotting corn that spilled in the lake. Having tons of rotting corn in a lake is not natural. Also, diesel fuel spilled into the lake and that’s not natural. We are concerned about the pollution our lake has been subjected to. We aren’t just simply whining about a few geese. There was also a dead ten-point buck deer floating in the lake after the derailment so there is a lot more going on in the lake than just the geese.

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