MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target Corp.’s website crashed Tuesday, adding to the discount chain’s online troubles.

Target faced tough criticism last month after it drummed up so much hype around its offerings from Italian designer Missoni that its website crashed and was down most of the day the designer’s collection launched. And just two weeks ago, Target.com’s former president, Steve Eastman, left the company to pursue other interests.

Company spokesman Lee Henderson confirmed that Target’s site was down for 2 1/2 hours midday Tuesday. The company did not give a reason for the site failure.

“Target strives to deliver an exceptional experience in its stores and online, and we regret the inconvenience to our customers,” Henderson said.

Target, based in Minneapolis, operates 1,767 stores and its online business at Target.com.

Shares of the company fell 32 cents to close at $54.40 Tuesday.

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Comments (8)
  1. marge says:

    I probably ordered too many donuts from there today0.

  2. Spemmar says:

    There website is hosted by AT&T. Enough said….

  3. AP says:

    how is this a story? does ‘cco have a grudge or something?

  4. Might says:

    I love Target! Please hire me 🙂

    Their headquarters is nice! Sorry, my desire and experience there is nothing but positive.

  5. WALMARTS IS STILL UP !!! says:


  6. dripable says:

    You’re indeed right with this writing!

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