ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul teenager set on a fire by a man he trusted is experiencing betrayal once again.

Last July, Antoine Willis suffered second and third-degree burns after police said his mother’s boyfriend doused him with lighter fluid and set him on fire.

Antoine’s uncle set up an account so people could donate money for his medical bills. That uncle, Jerry Stewart, and Antoine’s mother, Jodie Stewart, are accused of stealing the money intended to help him.

Antoine Willis showed us back in July the extent of his injuries after his mother’s boyfriend doused him with lighter fluid and set him on fire. Now he is nursing the pain in his heart after learning his mother,  and uncle may be responsible from taking money donated to help pay his medical bills.

“We’re alleging that the burn victims uncle and mother together went to two different banks, one in South St. Paul and one in Woodbury. Each had accounts set up for the benefit for this young man who had been seriously injured and withdrew $2,500,” said Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom.

Both were with Willis when he told WCCO-TV how he was attacked by Curtis Reed, the man his mother dated for eight years.

“I’m totally in shock I’m with a man for eight years and he would do something to your family like this,” Jodi Stewart said at the time.

Police said the pair was caught on video taking the money out of the bank and spent it at a casino. A warrant has been issued for Jodi Stewart, and Jerry Stewart is currently behind bars.

Backstrom said since Jerry Stewart has a long record, if found guilty, he could be labeled a career criminal and given the maximum sentence, which is five years in prison. Jodi Stewart faces a year in jail.

Comments (15)
  1. Dave Seavy says:

    Sooner or later people are going to stop contributing to these very necessary and legitimate causes, due to somebody ruining it. If the mother game a hoot about her son, every penny in her posession, donated or earned by her, would go toward helping her son, not making the casino wealthier.

  2. j speedbag 64 says:

    aint surprised one bit,not at all,it’s all a sham,donations fund raisers and casino’s it’s all the same,the money just ends up in greedy pockets

  3. Sue J says:

    I don’t even know what to say after reading this story, I think I might be sick.

  4. Jon T says:

    What a couple of worthless sleaz-balls. They should both pick up trash for the rest of their lives.

    1. em1022 says:

      They’d be picking themselves up then; this is so disgusting, what a couple of idiots!!! I don’t know how you could forgive them for this.

  5. Bob P says:

    Backstrom is heard saying the couple took out $2,500 NOT 25,000. Listen to the video

  6. jld says:

    What’s more painful, being burned physically or being burned emotionally…especially by a MOTHER???? WTH has our world come to? I would like to extend my home to Antoine Willis….it might not be big and sometimes it’s messy and frankly, my son and I can have some pretty good mother-(teenage) son fights, but Antoine can and will always be safe here and should never even think for one second that he’ll be taken advantage of like that in my family. I hope he doesn’t lose faith and I hope he proves to himself that he’s stronger and better than this woman and her brother.

  7. Kevin says:

    Click…Click….BOOM!!! Time to cleanse the gene pool…..

  8. DeeDee says:

    I think the casino should have to give back the stolen money to it’s rightful owner. If any individual receives stolen property, knowingly or not, we would be forced to give it back or could even be prosecuted. If anything they should just do the right thing, might be good for public image, a good PR move!

    1. Matt says:

      so its the casino’s fault? Can you even prove that they spent it at the casino and not on meth?

      1. DeeDee says:

        Of course it’s not the casino’s fault!!! Just saying if you receive stolen goods, knowingly or not, you are required to return them if the crime is discovered. Why should the casino be exempt? The casino has camera’s everywhere and time stamps on their videos, they already know the low life’s went there and spent $$$$, believe me, they can track most anything you do at a casino if they want to. They can determine when and how much money was spent there. Not like they couldn’t afford to return the money to the rightful owner. Any $$$$ spent on drugs would be a little more difficult to track down. Just saying it would be some justice for the boy if the casino returned the money that was spent there.

        1. DeeDee says:

          OK, so, If hypothetically speaking, someone broke in your house, stole all your jewelry, it was worth thousands, they sell it on Craigslist to an innocent buyer and the jewelry is tracked down to the innocent buyer, should they get to keep it? I mean it wasn’t their fault they received stolen goods…
          Are you an idiot??? Of course that buyer would be forced to GIVE it back! The casinos shouldn’t be allowed to keep stolen money especially from a victimized child.

  9. Marge says:

    Put mom on her head and get out the draino and a funnell

  10. zee the reporter says:

    have the boy contact me i will take him to any sports games or just be his friend

  11. John D Lamb says:

    Comments please.

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