DNR Seeks To Let Lutsen Draw Water For Snowmaking

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Department of Natural Resources is taking steps to let the popular Lutsen Mountains ski area keep drawing water for its snowmaking operations.

The drought in northeastern Minnesota has caused the Poplar River to dwindle to a relative trickle. A new state law that allows Lutsen to draw up to 150 million gallons from the trout stream this fall normally would require the resort to quit pumping when the flow falls too low.

But a special provision allows the DNR to issue a special permit based on the potential economic impacts. So the DNR is taking public comments on the proposed permit through Nov. 4.

DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr says the Poplar River is not a long-term sustainable water source for the ski area.

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  • jan

    That’s terrible. We should conserve water and our natural resources, not waste it on somebody’s fun doing sports. We get enough snow anyway in Minnesoita. When it doesn’t snow, don’t ski. When it rains, I don’t hang clothes out on the line, baseball games are rained out so skiing should be done only when we have snow. Hecetu!

  • north shore money spender

    It is not wasted water just borrowed right ? Dosen;t mother nature return it in the spring? Let them use it.

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