Union Workers To Vote On Crystal Sugar Co. Offer

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Union representatives for locked-out workers at American Crystal Sugar Co. say they will have members vote by Nov. 1 on the latest contract proposal.

The two sides met with a mediator Monday and Tuesday but didn’t agree on terms. Company officials say the union failed to adequately address key issues. Union leaders say the company’s newest offer doesn’t have substantial changes.

About 1,300 workers have been locked out since Aug. 1 at plants in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. The company has been using replacement workers.

Union leaders say they will hold a vote in spite of their complaints.

Richard Larson, a worker at the East Grand Forks, Minn., plant, tells the Grand Forks Herald that 75 percent of union members want to hold out for a good deal.

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  • dan

    Let the 25% back to work and the 75% holdouts can find new employment elsewhere.

  • Kevin's mom

    They have no job. Rehire them without benefits like Kevin on the forklift.

  • zippy

    Maybe they should give all of their money to Zippy Wilf.

  • Fire the Union workers

    S cre w the Unions. Fire all of the holdouts. They are operating now with people who want to work.

  • Mark

    To all of you who de-cry the labor movement:

    I hope that someday if you are unfortunate enough to be without a job, by no choice of your own, you won’t find the uncaring lot of individuals like those who comment on these pages.

    Oh, and make certain to thank those old union workers who fought and died for the forty-hour work week standard, and overtime, and workplace safety, and benefits, and no child labor, etc. etc. etc.

    Maybe it’s all you non-union workers who should be fired. No one ever said the union workers DID NOT WANT TO WORK!!!!

    • Me

      Mark, “thank those old union workers who fought and died for the forty-hour work week standard,” Calm the “F” down and don’t be so dramatic. Unions are the same people who fought for someone to make $51 dollars an hour putting on bumpers in Detroit. They were offered a fair contract and they refused it, they’re more then welcome to take their skills and find employment somewhere else.

  • Whitey Fjord

    One thing you union supports never answer is if unions are so great, then why are you forced to join and pay dues? If you’re so convinced people love these organizations, why not make them voluntary? It seems a little hypocrite on your part to demonize a company yet support an organization that forces people to join and takes their money. Crystal Sugar doesn’t force those union workers to work there.

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