MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook will be allowed to travel with his team, if he returns. On Wednesday, he made a court appearance in Hennepin County on felony assault charges but did not enter a plea.

His attorney David Valentini addressed concerns about the conditions of his release. One condition stated he could not leave Minnesota.

“My client’s permanent residence is in Virginia,” Valentini said to Hennepin County Judge Robert Small.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Judge Small changed the condition and will allow Cook to travel for business-related reasons. If he leaves for non-business, he must first contact a probation officer.

Cook is also ordered to have no contact directly or indirectly with the alleged victim, his girlfriend. Cook is accused of choking her during a disagreement over the weekend in his Eden Prairie townhome.

Another condition stated he could not have contact with potential witnesses. That, however, presented a problem since a potential witness is his roommate Will Grishaw. The judge reversed that order and will allow Cook and Grishaw contact.

On Nov. 22, Cook and his attorneys will meet with Judge Small to discuss the evidence in the case.

“That will be the first time we talk about the evidence,” Valentini said. “They have evidence. We don’t have it.”

Valentini also addressed County Attorney Mike Freeman’s comments about treating Cook the same as everyone else.

“I happen to like Mike Freeman a lot. He’s a good man,” Valentini said. “What I’m addressing is the fact that most cases you don’t have a press conference. But we understand the high-profile nature of this case.”

Cook appeared in a black suit with a black shirt and white tie, his dreadlocks pulled back in a ponytail. He answered the judge respectfully with “Yes, sir” and “No, sir.” He left court without comment.

The Vikings suspended Cook indefinitely without pay.

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Comments (25)
  1. NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A. says:


    1. snowman says:

      A little perspective, You are posting istupid comments,Cook is playin pro football
      Who’s the loser?

  2. Zigifan says:

    We all make mistakes and hopefully this will turn his life around!!!!!

    1. LindaLu says:

      It figures someone with the name Zigifan would say something like this. You might as well join him when he heads off to prison!!!

    2. AC says:

      You are so right, and the best place to turn his life around is the Minnesota State Prison!

  3. Tom says:

    He tried to kill her…he needs to go to prison for 20 yrs…good news is he can be a big time starter on the prison’s touch footballs team…

  4. Horn Of Africa says:

    I’m surprised..No racist remarks yet!

  5. fitswell says:

    lock the dirt bag up for a long time., drugee

  6. jan says:

    He’s a nice guy because he plays football and can do anything he wants to.

    WCCO. do you like that comment better than my other ones you refused?

    1. A little touchy WCCO says:

      @jan. Same here. My comments seem to disappear.

  7. AW says:

    Suspended hell! Fire his ass!

  8. Fired up says:

    I agree with AW. This is dumb that we should be telling the Vikings big wigs what to do. Nobody has any balls anymore when it comes to discipline.

  9. Julie says:

    Does anyone remember the days when professional athletes wore a suit and tie and went to a barber? He looks like a gang member from the hood.

    1. djp says:

      LOL..yeah…I am wondering how he even GETS a woman…LOL. Any sane woman would run the other way!!

  10. I don't care anymore says:

    Does this picture of him represent the Minnesota Vikings? It is a sad sight for sure. I guess some people just don’t care how they look. Maybe he should go on “What not to wear” and get a make over too.

  11. Jay says:

    My gosh, is the look of someone that has money?? He looks like a street person! If I met him on the street, Id turn around and go the other way.

  12. jan says:

    I was a prostitute for years and look at me, I’m not full of that much drama. Just impulse control issues and eating disorders.

  13. Hello! says:

    His finger prints were on her neck. He did something.

  14. Real says:

    Please explain to me how evolution didn’t skip this breed, looks like a monkey.

    1. djp says:

      OH COME ON!!! A Monkey looks BETTER than this guy…LOL

    2. dphilips says:

      Another Minnesota RACIST RUBE! You people here think you
      are so much better than the south! As many racist REDNECKS
      here as the south!!

  15. See BS says:

    In Minnesota – it’s polar opposite Sharai laws, where the court system favors women over men.

    And we invite all these people from other places to come to Minnesota and learn a thing or two about domestic abuse and sex offense laws.

    I bet the judge will let him bribe a mental health junky and attend a communist re-education class to stay out of prison.

    1. Margot says:

      You’re right. He should have finished the job. He would have made the game if they did a quick burial and we might have beat the Packers.

      1. dphilips says:

        WE might have beat the Packers?? Are you on the team?
        Incidentally You Minnesota RUBES are more RACIST than a lot
        of people in the south!!

        1. margo says:

          We got more money too…

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