Bachmann Exaggerates Directive In Her Criticism

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says the Obama administration is striking all references to Islam from Justice Department training manuals, an exaggeration of a directive from federal officials to evaluate procedures for religious and cultural sensitivity.

The Minnesota congresswoman is equating the effort to removing suspicion of Islamic terrorism from department policy.

An official at the FBI says the agency has not removed Islam from training material. The official was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and requested anonymity.

Bachmann is also linking President Barack Obama with “4,400 American lives” lost in Iraq, a claim she made in a CNN interview. However, the death toll in the 8-year-old war that began under President George W. Bush had already passed 4,200 when Obama became president.

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  • Me

    Good old Shelly, never letting facts get in the way of her version of the truth.

    • Good shot

      Like obamas 57

      • Me

        Wow, one slip of the tongue is all you can offer? That 57 is no different than calling one of your kids by one of your other kids’ names.

  • The Crux of the Buscuit

    With any luck they will eliminate any references to Isalm from their training manuals and replace it aqll with “right wing nut cases”…….

  • TomK

    WHAT? Michelle Bachmann has been exagerating? Oh Please! Surely you jest. Why, she is such a Tea Party darling, how could she even think of such a stunt? Hmmmm….come to think of it, how could she think of much of anything? Based on past performance I doubt there are two gray cells firing in any sort of sequence.

  • Wlater

    Typical hit piece from the brain dead main stream media. They never said she was wrong or lying. They just made sleazy innuendos.

    Michelle must be doing something right to have the liberals hate her so much.

    • Deep Thinker

      Yeah, you keep believing that, you can’t even spell your own name right….funny

      • Walter

        Typical liberal. Someone doesn’t agree with you so instead of an intellectual argument you fall back on insults and name calling….funny.

        • Paul Solinger

          It’s impossible to have an intellectual argument with someone who defends Michelle Bachmann.

        • 99% can't be wrong

          @Walter….you must be related to Bachman…..nobody called you a name yet you say they are name calling…..way to funny

        • Deep Thinker

          Actually it was Walter that called the media names (brain dead)……obviously he plays by Michele’s rules…..typical….and way way way to funny

    • Bachman is Crazy

      @Wlater (Walter I assume)

      “Typical hit piece from the brain dead main stream media. They never said she was wrong or lying. They just made sleazy innuendos.”

      So that is what you call an intellectual argument???

    • Embarrassed Right Winger

      Wlater is a dcik.

  • Mary N

    When will Michelle Bachmann learn to keekp her mouth shut and give up her campaign.

  • Doug Johnson

    Just go away and we’ll call it even. Please.

  • Pavel

    Another mis-statement of fact, half-truth, innuendo or just plain LIE, again!

  • maxey

    You are giving her too much credit. A lie? That would mean she’d actually read the materials in question, understood them and then misrepresented them. Think about it.

  • smb

    This is news?

    How about just reporting on when Bachmann tells the truth. Or actually makes sense.

  • Amazed up North

    It would be a quiet, boring day if she ever told the truth.
    Look in the dictionary for the word “Dingbat” and you will see her picture. Scarey thing is, she believes what she spews!

  • Good Old Walter!!!

    He never lets a fact get in the way of those things FoxNews and Rush put in his head.

  • richard

    I always thought bachmann was just stupid. Over time I’ve come to realize she is stupid AND a liar.

  • d dog

    C’mon people, she is going to bring back $2 gas! No one wants to drink her Kool-aid anymore so she has to be shrill and outlandish to get attention. She knows she has failed and is just in it to sell a book now.

  • max

    Distortions, half-truths and exaggerations have been the hallmark of her ill-fated campaign. Why should anyone be surprised? She has been doing this sort of thing all along. She claims to be a good Christian, but apparently has no respect for the 8th commandment.

  • eurobrat

    But wait, we’re not supposed to remember that there *was* another President before Obama or that he was to blame for anything! Bush started the war in Iraq, really? It’s all Obama’s fault, anyway ;)

  • Murph

    Lucky for her that the GOP voters never tell the truth either and so they adore her! It’s a culture of snobbism and deciet! She is verywell versed in it!

  • Scott Thompson

    Let’s vote her in for another term or better yet, President, she give Minnesota a great name world wide, as a bunch of dummies!

  • Bachman will cause the end of the Tea Party

    What scares me is that Bachman flat out does not care that she intentionally lies & everyone else knows it……..that is not normal…..Bachman is not normal

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