HASTINGS (WCCO) — A former city clerk for Vermillion, Minn. has been sentenced for stealing thousands in funds to pay for personal expenses, according to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office.

On Monday, 62-year-old Patricia Ann Ward of Vermillion pled guilty to one count of theft by swindle in connection to stealing over $2,100 in city funds.

Ward was sentenced to seven days in jail, five years of probation, a $300 fine and ordered to pay restitution in an amount to be determined. Additionally, Ward cannot seek employment where she would have access to funds.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said Vermillion city officials contacted the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office in October 2009, reporting that they had found financial records indicating Ward had used city funds to pay for personal expenses. As the city’s clerk, Ward was authorized to pay bills and issue checks on behalf of the City.

“The theft of any amount of public funds is breach of trust,” said Backstrom. “We are pleased to have held this former city employee accountable for her illegal actions.”

The judge also ordered Ward to undergo a gambling assessment and to follow the recommendations.

Comments (5)
  1. jackactionhero says:

    Public beatings and canings should be the norm for this type of criminal. Perhaps tattoo a T on their face for THIEF.

  2. ??? huh says:

    Why just this type there pal???
    I say the same for a DWI / DUI and any crime.
    A crime is a crime

    1. Jack & Jill says:

      People that drive drunk are worse than this woman. At least she wasn’t putting anyone’s life in danger. I say shoot all drunk drivers…..idiots

  3. j speedbag 64 says:

    how many ”bonuses” did this lady get in at the casino with the max bet….she’s definitly laughing out loud today…lol

  4. Rags says:

    Seven full days in jail? That is one heavy Minnesota-style sentence.

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