PLYMOUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — There are so many parents in the metro who go above and beyond every day so WCCO is rewarding those special people with “Just For You Parents.”

We received a heart-warming email from a man in Plymouth, telling us about his fiancee.

She has four pre-schoolers at home, which is tough enough for any parent.

But she has some special challenges and we decided to surprise her with this week’s “Just 4 You” parents award. Watch the video.

Comments (5)
  1. Banden says:

    you say its her fiancee then you call him her husband. Great reaporting ‘CCO get your facts first then report a new item, which by the way is not news worthy. AND why does anyone have 4 children…we just hit 7 billion people this earth can handle 1.5 billion comfortable…stop having babies we are killing our selves!!!

    1. Just sayin says:

      @Banden, If you were really concerned about over population, you would commit the ultimate sacrifice yourself and jump, off a high bridge, without a parachute, into a deep river, with chains attached to your limbs, and a 500 lb cement weight tied to your ankles, in the dark, with no mention of your intentions, all with the thought of helping ease congestion on an overpopulated earth. Perhaps we’ll call this act of humanity and philanthropy a “late term abortion” which you probably also fully support and subscribe to.

  2. Banden says:

    so if your concerned about our wrold the only answer is to kill yourself…interesting your a DOPE

    1. wow says:

      wow, you’re intelligent branden

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