Cops: Users Responding To Online Ads Being Scammed

ST. CLOUD (WCCO) — St. Cloud Police are warning of a fraud scam that has been affecting a number of people recently.

According to police, the scam targets people with online listings for secret shoppers and “work at home” advertisements.

Those who respond to the ads are then sent phony money orders and instructed to use the cash at various stores, in order to rate their shopping experiences.

But because the money orders are fraudulent, that can leave those who cash them responsible for the bank overdrafts.

Police urge citizens to report any such incidents.

  • Walter

    There are scams on the internet?

    Say it ain’t so!

    • laughable

      What’s next? People going to send me a “get rich” email?


  • James G.

    If you are dumb enough to fall for this scam, you deserve it!

  • Jonas


    I see how the one being scammed is losing his money, but how are the scammers getting anything out of it. Dah, maybe I’m having a bad morning. Wouldn’t the designated places to shop have to be in on it?

    • Wire money bad thing.

      They then say wire the money you have not spent to me and keep the goods you bought they are all your free just for being our secret shopper. When wells fargo tells you the money order is bad 2 weeks from now you say ok I’ll just go to Nygeria and find tht guy and get my money back.

  • Ralph Malph

    OK, I get this email from this guy in Nigeria and he is pleading for help. He needs somebody here in the US to hold on to his fathers cash. The cash is a very large sum and I get to keep a large portion of it. I am going to be richer that I ever imagined. The $1500.00 that I sent him to unleash the funds to me is a small price to pay for being very very rich. I am so blessed.

    • Ralph Malph

      Hey Ralph

      Here is a great way to speed up your computer.
      Go to START
      Type COMMAND
      Type c:\format
      Just say yes, I know you like to say yes and your computer will run faster than new.

      • Simplified

        For all the non-computer geeks, just take a bat and smash your computer. Thanks

  • Lilly

    1. never front/send money to get money.
    2. If the term “wire me money” is used it is a scam.
    3. Ask your friends and co-workers, it saved me!

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