ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul tells a crowd in St. Cloud it’s time to reverse course.

Paul launched his Minnesota campaign Saturday, saying the U.S. must reverse course on monetary policy, erosion of the rule of law and military engagement in the Middle East.

The St. Cloud Times reports Paul spoke before a near-capacity crowd at the St. Cloud Civic Center.

The Texas congressman told them U.S. wars in the Mideast aren’t bringing peace to the region and are bankrupting the country.

Paul spoke on the home turf of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. St. Cloud is the largest city in her congressional district.

Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart says Bachmann welcomes him to Minnesota, and he’ll be met by some of the nicest people her state has to offer.

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Comments (16)
  1. Dalton says:

    Ron Paul is a Terrorist sympathizer and a nutjob…nuff said!!!

    1. Rumble says:

      Your mother is ,you skank.

      This is the only honest politician we’ve ever had and greaseballs like you bad mouth him. It’s people like you that make oreign hate America

    2. Dolt'on says:

      your comment proves who the nutjob is, and your status quo politicians are destroying the country,eh?…and who’s the terrorist?…deepends on which end yer on when the bombs drop,eh?…and who profits from these bombs dropping,eh?…just as in Serbia, Iraqi families,also,not having anything to do with a 911 attack huddled in bunkers,wonderin’ if ones gonna hit ’em and turn ’em into hamburger…so your comment also shows us who the terrorist sympathizer is…

    3. Jim Cash says:

      7 war fronts,Yemen, Libya,Somalia,Afghanistan and Pakistan and we got kicked out of Iraq. Add Iran to the list I’m sure a war is coming with them.And the continued erosion of civil liberties and the bail outs now that’s hope and change….Who’s the nutjob now ?

  2. pat says:

    Leight, you are welcome to your opinion, but you don’t need to be vulgar.

  3. Garry Freeman says:

    Me thinks that those that are bad mouthing Ron Paul are the ones that voted for Mark Dayton, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and Barack Hussein Obama they all must be Devout Union workers on the public dole

  4. Common Cents says:

    And.. they don’t know that America used to be a Republic with a Bill of Rights..
    I say used to because of that ‘public dole’..’nuff said.

  5. Mark Edwards says:

    I like Ron Paul.
    we don’t need the damn government taking care of us, telling us what we can and acan not do for ourselves.
    We need to take care of ourselves, helping one another.

    1. Frankie says:

      Government is by the people for the people so your comment makes no sense. To be anti government would mean you are anti country.

    2. Billy says:

      If people like Ron Paul don’t want government to telling us what to do then why is the Republcian party always forcing his social benefits (woman’s right to choice, birth control, prayer in school, etc.) onto others? They are always forcing their BELIEFS down our throats.

  6. Murph says:

    Did he say which course he wants to reverse,the Presidents or the Party of NO! Probably not,but words without a full explaination are hollow!Just like all the other GOP parade of puppets! Support the very rich because they deserve it and YOU don’t.Republicans think they know whats right for you and me! Plenty of nothing!

    1. Sandhu says:

      Hi Murph..Yes he did,that he wants to uproot corruption,deception,favoritism from both the corrupt parties and re-align the talent of our nation to benefit our country first and protect our constitution.Get rid fo these WAR mongers including President Obama,corrupt bankers and their source THE FED and bring the longest peacetime progress and prosperity to each and every one of our citizens.Pls read in detail his vision.You seem to be an educated individual,pls look into it with deep introspection.
      A fellow citizen

  7. sandhu says:

    Fellow Americans..
    People who speak vulgar about Dr. Paul are either..
    1.Hooked to some kind of free loot from the government or
    2.are ignorant of our country’s path to financial as well as civic destruction or
    3. Don’t like to explore into the real issues or
    4.just don’t care for this GREAT Nation
    Let us just be caring n compassionate to them,after all they are part of our AMERICAN Family.
    Support Dr. Paul with Best of your efforts.

  8. Ordinary Guy says:

    It sounds like, to preserve the value of wealth, we have to lighten the ship. And to you in the water, “It’s every man for himself”. But I warn you, unless you plug the hole in the economic boat, she will founder.

    That hole is: Import, Outsource, Downsize!

    You know it’s a race to the bottom. We pay the overhead when imported goods and services don’t. We said they only take jobs Americans won’t do, then at Y2K they took programming jobs, now we know humans can do anything wherever they live, if only we give them the chance. That we’ve done.

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