Minnesota’s own Kris Humphries has a guest in town tonight, and it’s Kim Kardashian.

The celebrity gossip website TMZ got pictures of Kardashian at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Sunday.

TMZ says she wasn’t 100 percent sure about the divorce before filing the paperwork last week.

The pictures aren’t a clear sign if Mrs. Humphries’ trip to Minnesota is for a reconciliation or meeting to finalize anything, but there’s likely to be news about the couple in the coming days.

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  1. TomK says:

    Hmmm………is this news? Don’t think so. You report it……..she feeds on it. Leave them alone and let them try to work out whatever it is they need to work out.

  2. Loath these idiots and you too are an idiot says:

    If anybody is concerned with these people, you all really need to get a life. Personally I would like to see these Middle Eastern a-holes simply disappear from sight forever. After all, what have they EVER done for anybody but themselves? I’ll answer that question : NOTHING. They represent everything that’s wrong with our present American society. As well, late late old man helped get OJ freed early on – gee, now there’s a real humanitarian (rolls eyes). Simple trash is all the Kardashian’s are, with a generation of no-minds with zero principles following and loathing them. And for Bruce… whatever, you’re part of the problem too, and loving all the cash that comes your way from your sick family obviously is your attraction…

    1. fred says:

      with this girl, it`s either be a professional d-bag……or get a real job….like maybe denny`s, or burger king

  3. Viva Kim Gomez says:

    Kim Gomez is her real name. She is here so she can tell everyone he wouldn’t reconcile. Turn the tables on him once again. Kardashian’s are of Mexican heritage and opportunists. The dead father and lawyer changed their names in court. It was Gomez. Do a serch and see the truth. The mother looks like a Mexican camel.

    1. Opportunity says:

      I read this a couple of years ago too.

    2. em1022 says:

      I really hope you don’t have a problem with Mexicans because my son is half mexican…that doesn’t even prove anything, not sure where you are trying to go with your racist comments

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Wait a minute, Em, isn’t his dad a bum Mexican in prison that you for some reason got into bed with?

        Have you considered that maybe it’s YOU who should have a problem with Mexicans.

      2. Kim Gomez says:

        You must be a real beauty. Aren’t you out trying to occupy Robert Street? Ahhh, just taking a break. Carry on…

      3. Told You So! says:

        It’s the Kardashian’s that must have a problem with Mexicans, if they changed their names to make it look like they are not. Maybe they are the racist ones?!?!

  4. its so over says:

    What? She came back to “yeeha Minnesota”? A whirlwind courtship and a ten million dollar wedding, all followed by shortly thereafter by the quickie divorce. And keep in mind this drama is all engineered to keep her in the news so her reality show remains viable. I would hope at this point that everyone is very sick of this superficial waste of skin and her freaky family. How can anyone care anymore?

    1. KM says:

      Anymore?? I would venture to say most did not EVER care! What a waste of reporter time! I am sure there are more important things to fill your new reports with! Shame on you ‘CCO for feeding into their garbage pile!

  5. Told you so! says:

    Where are all those hopeless romantics that were on this website 80 days ago saying that it was true love and would last forever and that Kim K is such a beautiful wonderful girl?!?!?! Back then you were scolding all of us cynics laughing at the big farce. Figure out that you got duped as bad as Kris H.?? She’s nothing but trash who slept her way through the Lakers and then moved on to the naive MN boy who couldn’t see past her “assets”

  6. Maddog says:

    I feel sorry for her having to come here and deal with us Hee Haws. It takes a lot or courage for someone of her stature to lower herself and deal with people like us hicks and hayseeds.

    1. Told You So! says:

      I’m sure it will make for good tv though, and after all, isn’t that what really matters??

  7. Tyler Pogose says:

    Is this news story about that woman with the big buns?

  8. Therese S. says:

    and part of her pre-nup was to buy back her wedding ring? Why does she want the wedding ring if she filed for divorce?

  9. Nihilist says:

    such hate-able people…

  10. Dave says:

    The comments are far more entertaining to read than the actual story is.

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