MENOMONIE, Wis. (WCCO) — Just minutes after changing a flat tire for strangers on a Wisconsin interstate, a Good Samaritan needed life-saving help from the people he just met.

On Saturday night, two cousins were heading home to Eau Claire on Interstate 94 when they hit a snag in Menomonie.

“All of a sudden, I heard this loud noise, got out and looked and we had a flat tire,” Sara Berg said.

However, Berg and Lisa Meir didn’t have time to panic.

“We weren’t on the side of the road that long before he came to help us,” Berg said.

A man by the name of Victor Giesbrecht stopped, changed their tire and had them on the road in 15 minutes.

Less than two miles after that tire change, Giesbrecht had to pull over himself. Berg spotted his wife outside waving her arms for help.

Giesbrecht was in cardiac arrest. Berg, a certified nursing assistant, wasted no time, started CPR and called for help.

The following moments are all captured on dash cam video from a Wisconsin State Trooper.

You can hear rescue crews telling him “Can you hear us at all? Hang in there bud!”

Trooper Kate Sampson and Dunn County Deputy Scott Pace were first on scene.

“I couldn’t have been any closer unless I was right there. Trooper Sampson was in the same area,” Pace said.

Dunn County deputies carry AED’s in all their cars. It took three shocks to get Giesbrecht back.

A helicopter flew Geisbrecht to Mayo Luther in Eau Claire.

Giesbrecht is in serious, but stable condition. He and his wife were driving from Canada when this all happened.

Berg and Meir said they will ever forget what he told them after fixing their flat.

“‘Someone up above put me in the right place at the right time.’ I said, ‘thank you and God bless you,'” Berg said.

At first, Berg and Meir were very worried that changing that tire caused Geisbrecht to go into cardiac arrest but his wife told them they actually saved his life.

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  1. Amazing.... says:

    If that doesn’t convince you that God is in control….not sure what will!

    1. CITBOC says:


      AMEN to that comment…this was no coincidence…this was a GOD incidence!!

      Very cool story!

    2. Fed Up says:

      You, sir, are a doooch!!! ‘cco won’t let me spell it the right way.

    3. JustSayin says:

      Try this scenario, say the man DIDN’T survive, then what would you be saying???

      1. You asked says:

        I’d be saying, “Guess it was his time to go home and be with Jesus…praise God!”

        (cause I can tell from reading the story he is a man of faith…)

    4. Jake says:

      What do you care if other people have Faith, markH. Why do you demand that others are as empty and hopeless as you? How ironic that your patronizing “Peace” wish stems from a religious history of wishing God’s peace to be bestowed on others. From where is your of “peace” supposed to come? If it’s simply a natural phenomenon, it either will or will not happen independent of your wasted words, won’t it?

      We all have fantasies, markH. Yours just happens to be that you are intellectually or morally superior to others. The rest of us will pray to our God in whom you don’t believe that you never run into a Grizzly Bear to whom you can explain your emotional and intellectual superiority. May God’s peace be upon you despite Nature’s plan to send misery your way.

      1. Debbie says:

        You tell em Jake!! It shocks me that tons of others are just as dumb as markh

      2. Wildman says:

        I see my computer and I use it every day. I turn it on, log on and start typing. I have many software programs that work great and do many things for me. I can’t see the software or even really know how it works, but I know it’s there working hard for me. Is God like software?, maybe.

      3. Jake says:

        The fact that you chose to see the comments as an attack on you rather than a fairly facile demonstration of the failings of your logic reflects your consistency. The universe revolves around markH. Take your entire argument above and place your intended points in place of those you protest, and you will find the cogency identical to that which you present. Unless you’re a vampire (not to say you aren’t, of course), you have extremely limited “previous experience” upon which to support whatever “faith” it is you claim to have.

        You are the king (or queen – even if you say you are a man, who am I to take that on faith?) of ad hominem, and yet the moment somebody suggests failings in the person who approaches an issue the way you do, it is an unfair attack on the messenger (even though you apportion immorality and a lack of science and logic to those who can either conceive of or aspire to concepts you apparently cannot grasp). By the way, I point out that tackling the man also ends the play. Your metaphor is unavailing of the point you are trying to make.

        (Warning: Ad Hominem attack coming): I am pretty confident you strike yourself as about the smartest person you know. That might even be true. But I don’t find you particularly smart. You have a nice vocabulary (or a dictionary near your keyboard), but your logic is pretty unimpressive. Wanna step it up? Prove there is no God. (Note to markH- you do not prove that the value of X=7 by simply declaring it does not equal 8. Take your time.) Here’s to a peaceful and Grizzly-free week.

        1. MomPatty says:

          Jake, I like your style!

    5. M Ponens says:

      Really? This is your logical capacity? The existence of evil proves the absence of good?

      I guess since his supporters believed President Obama would keep unemployment under 8% and unemployment is at 9.1%, there is no Obama.

    6. Kate Lynn says:

      It doesn’t.

    7. CITBOC says:

      Good evening MarkH,

      Which “God” is in control you ask me? Thanks for asking. I believe it is the God who created EVERYTHING in the universe, including YOU, I might add. Yep that’s what I believe…absolutely everything…that’s what God has created.

      And no, I don’t need to grow up intellectually or emotionally…actually MarkH I am full grown, and I know who I am in Christ…thank you Jesus! So I’m doing just fine, but appreciate your concern.

      Thanks Jake for your support.(even though I don’t know you)
      Greatly appreciate it.

      Oh and MarkH, “May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, my brother, in Jesus name I pray…AMEN.”

  2. Sue Bye says:

    “Can you hear us at all? Hang in their bud!”

    Whose bud? Someone didn’t use grammar checker.

    1. DD says:

      Uh, yeah, you clearly have the same grammar problems as the author of the article. It should be “there”, not “their”. Sue was asking a valid question.

      1. John says:

        Of course, they deleted my previous comment about how bad of a job the web editor does and they fixed the error in the story. That’s still not going to correct the hundreds (thousands?) of previous errors and it certainly isn’t going to improve the web editor’s spelling and use of grammar. Maybe you should face reality and go back to college to learn some basic English skills. You are not qualified for this job.

    2. Allison says:

      Only because you started this, Sue:

      That would be “Who’s bud?”, not “Whose bud?”. You meant to say, “Who is bud?”. Therefore, you need to use the contraction of “who is”, which is “who’s”.

      If you’re going to criticize grammar, be sure to check your own, first! 🙂

      1. Laurie says:

        No, Sue was correct (and making fun of the error). “Their” is possessive, so she’s asking whose, as in whose bud was it, Yes, it should be THERE to make the line read correctly, but she was playing with the mistake.

  3. dess says:

    Theres a slim chance that everyone in the world is a jack hole! Kinda gives ya hope.

  4. hrh says:

    Wonderful story, especially during these times.
    Love you people in the Mid=West. Just the best.

  5. rmsbl4 says:

    At least you can read this same story on the CTV news without all the assinine comments posted here.

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