By Kathy Lewinski

Baker Anne Rucker had the hungry patrons of the Fulton and Kingfield Farmers Markets lined up each weekend over this past summer for fresh made donuts and other treats from her Bogart Loves Bakery. Brioche donuts with flavors like Nutella, maple bacon, and browned butter have made this first-time market vendor a fast favorite. I asked her to answer a few questions about baking, donut flavors and her future plans for Bogart Loves Bakery.

CBS Minnesota: How did you start baking?

Anne Rucker: I’ve baked since I was a little girl. My Grandmother and Great Aunt both baked and I fell in love with it baking with them.

CBS Minnesota: You had your first year at the Fulton and Kingfield Farmers Markets, have you done any other professional baking?

Anne Rucker: No other professional baking other than occasionally making cupcakes for friends and family. I sort of jumped in head first with the markets this summer. I figured that a farmer’s market would be the ideal place to figure out if baking was just a hobby or a real passion.

CBS Minnesota: Has doing the farmers markets made you want to open that little bakery you talk about on your blog or is one day a week enough?

Anne Rucker: I’m really loving the baking and if this past summer has taught me anything it is that I want to continue with it in some capacity. As of now, I’m not sure what that means with regards to opening my own place.

CBS Minnesota: Are you planning on selling your baked goods anywhere this winter?

Anne Rucker: I’ve had a few inquiries about special orders and wholesale availability, but I haven’t taken any steps to facilitate either yet. I’m taking a bit of time to regroup and then I may start hunting for a kitchen space so that I can continue baking all winter.

CBS Minnesota: Have you enjoyed doing the markets and will you be doing them next year?

Anne Rucker: My experiences at Kingfield and Fulton markets have been just amazing. The market patrons have been so incredibly supportive and dedicated, not only to me and my bakery, but to the markets in general. I have also had the honor of getting to know some of my amazing co-vendors and have been lucky enough to make many new friends over the course of the summer as a result of my new venture. As of now, I am definitely planning on another market season next summer.

CBS Minnesota: What is your favorite thing that you bake?

Anne Rucker: I have to say that the brioche doughnuts have become my favorite items. They are certainly the most time consuming and difficult to make, but I’ve really developed a fondness for them and I enjoy trying to make them better each and every weekend.

CBS Minnesota: Finally, Bogart Loves is an unusual name, where does it come from?

Anne Rucker: My Grandmother’s maiden name is Bogart as is my middle name. Bogart Loves was originally the name of my food blog, so I decided to just carry it over into my bakery.

You can find Bogart Loves recipes on her blog,

Kathy Lewinski lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Matt. Together they like to visit farmers markets, try out new restaurants and experiment in kitchen. You can read more of her food exploits at A Good Appetite. When not cooking she’s creating crafts for her other blog Just Crafty Enough.


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