NEW ULM, Minn. (WCCO) — A tractor driver was killed in a multi-vehicle crash west of New Ulm, Minn. Wednesday evening.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the crash happened along County Road 27 just before 6 p.m.

Alan Brandel, 58, of New Ulm, was driving the cab-less John Deere tractor when he was rear-ended by a pickup truck.

The impact of the crash ejected Brandel from the tractor, the State Patrol reported.

Brandel landed on the roadway, where he was struck and killed by another pickup truck.

The conditions of the drivers of the other two vehicles were not documented by the State Patrol.

Comments (22)
  1. OMG says:

    People friggen DO NOT AY ATTENTION when they drive.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to the other driver who struck him. I cannot fathom having that vision in my head the rest of my life.
    You there in the pick-up ….. I have no words for you at all. None

    1. Charlie says:

      Settle down OMG because you sure assume a lot!
      There was a tractor on the road after dark and you don’t know how it was.
      People should always be careful, but lay off this other driver!

    2. How can you be so mean? says:

      Maybe some words for “You there in the pick-up” could be “Since I have no idea what really happened, and maybe the tractor driver made a mistake and pulled out in front of you with no lights or reflectors, I feel as bad for you as I do the family of the victim.”

      Maybe some compassion and empathy instead of judgement would be nice.

  2. wow says:

    How does one go about hitting a tractor??? Having a cab may not have made any difference if the impact was this bad.
    Pick up vs tractor ……. you took out a tractor ???? How fast were you driving???
    I meet them day in and day out on the roads in light and after dark. To hit one from behind is something I cannot fathom unless it was a medical thing or pure carelessness. Sad

    1. Slim says:

      @wow… Look at the above comment to OMG…
      You do not know if he had adequate lights, or a slow moving sign, or reflectors, etc. The tractor driver might be just as much at fault… we do not know.
      So stop your judging and mind your own business!!!

    2. Guy says:

      Pickup going 55; tractor doing 15 (those things are slloooowww). Difference in speed = 40mph. Approx. the same weight & tractors don’t have bumpers to absorb the crash (thats where “stuff” hooks on … and hooking stuff onto a tractor is why it is CALLED a tractor). Taking it out isn’t that hard

  3. Walk a Mile... says:

    To OMG and WOW. Hope this never happens to you. But of course it won’t because apparently you both are perfect. You have no idea what really happened from this brief statement, so be careful when shooting your mouth off about something you know NOTHING about.

    1. Walk A Mile... says:

      @at the walker. Never met anyone involved. Your comment about watching the tube and news makes no sense, but if it made you feel better to write what you did and assume I’m an idiot, glad I could help! If you are able to decipher exactly what happened based on this news story, please enlighten the rest of us…

      1. Josh says:

        Don’t worry “Walk A Mile”, the real story is that “at the walker” is actually related to OMG and WOW. It’s too bad that this comment site is always reduced to bitter comments that have nothing to do with the story itself, but instead is a way for lonely, bitter people to take potshots at people they don’t know and try to make themselves feel smart and important.

        Prayers, sympathy and empathy to all the people involved last night. The whole situation is very sad.

  4. nuresident says:

    I live in NU and you need to get your facts straight before you go accusing the driver of wrong doing. It was 5:45 when the accident happens and it was rather dark out at this time. The tractor had no flashing lights on it and the driver was wearing all black. This is from someone that passed the tractor just minutes before the accident happened. It is a very sad accident that could have be prevented but it doesn’t help for you to point fingers and accuse someone of inattentive driving when you don’t know what really happened. So please calm down and get the facts before you accuse someone.

  5. Area resident says:

    I was on the road too and had to turn around. And it was an accident but yes – it was one that should not have happened either.
    I spent my lifetime, 56 years , on the farm and know it’s far to common an occurance. It’s fall, it’s harvest and the farmers are busy 24 x 7. Expect a tractor, a trailer, a combine, or picker or spreader or plow can be in your path at all times and slow down.
    Take a look at the front of the pick-up and imagine the speed involved.
    Lots of mighty hostile and inaccurate comments above from both sides.
    This never should have happened.

    1. @Area Resident says:

      Since you were there, can you answer the question as to whether or not the tractor had lights on? It doesn’t change anything, I’m just curious. Thank you.

    2. What a joke says:

      Yea well farmers pull out in front of me all the time…seems like most farmers don’t give a whoot about anyone else on the road!

  6. Steph says:

    Umm has anyone questioned if the pickup had its headlights on?? I mean a few of the comments above have stated it was dark or rather dark, so if the truck had its headlights on why didn’t the driver see the tractor?? I live in an area that is very heavily traveled by tractors and other farm equipment, especially during the harvest season and its not news to anyone that harvest is going on RIGHT NOW. And by the way, in case others weren’t aware of this, it deer hunting opener/week so shouldn’t we all be a little bit more careful and aware behind the wheel of a vehicle?? If it was dark that truck should’ve had its headlights on and judging from the picture its a newer truck which means it has automatic headlights; therefore, driver error had to play a huge part in this accident. Maybe the farmer didn’t realize his rear flashing lights weren’t on or working?? My condolences to the families who have lost because of this tragedy which probably could’ve been avoided.

  7. Shame on you says:

    Shame on all of you. NO ONE knows all the details. Even if you knew the details, what difference would that make??? Someones father, husband, son, brother was killed. This was an accident. All of the people involved in will NEVER forget and it will take a huge toll on their families as well.
    Stop putting blame on this one or that one. It was an accident!!!!!
    I am speaking from first hand experience of loosing someone such as this, and you never ever get over it. So lighten up and pray for all involved!

    1. Sorry for your loss says:

      I don’t fully understand your anger towards everyone. Why shame on everyone? It is human nature to question why a tragedy happens and by learning what happened, hopefully prevents it from happening again. Several comments here are sympathetic to all the people involved and are heartfelt, not intended to be mean. I am sorry for your loss, but people still have a right to free speech. I agree shame on the people just making mean comments on any comment site, but that is not everyone. Some people do care.

  8. Factdealer says:

    Many tractors have no rear lights, only reflectors. I think it’s dangerous to drive an unlighted vechicle in the dark, personally it should be illegal to operate a tractor on a paved county road in the pitch black, Im sorry for the families loss but sometimes common sense must play a role also, obviously we all know that it;s harvest time, but you still have 12 hours a day of light use it more wisely.

    1. Come on --- says:

      yep – and if one has a brain they know their are implements on the roads after dark as well as deer and people.
      No need to drive like an idiot after dark at higher speeds …. just sayin’ the obvious to those with a brain, The rest of you will find reasons and excuses…sorry. That be the fact

  9. lol says:

    Implements choose to be on the road after dark, use your 12 hours of light, farming seriously anyway.

  10. 12 HOURS? says:

    What part of MN do you live in? Sunrise today was at 7:03 a.m. and sunset at 4:49 p.m. There might be a 2-3 minute difference each day, but I can’t see that any farmer this week would have had 12 hours of daylight to use! The farmers do their best with the available time/weather/conditions and work a lot harder than most other professions, so I think you should check your facts once again.

    1. What a joke says:

      they do? Farmers got it made…the only time they really need to bust their balls is in the spring and fall…they are their own bosses and have no one to answer to so tell me how hard that is?

      1. Donnie S says:

        What a lame comment, you fool!

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