Poll Shows More Oppose Marriage Ban

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — A statewide poll by St. Cloud State University poll finds more people opposed to than in favor of next year’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, but by a very slim margin.

The school’s 2011 statewide survey finds 47 percent of those polled did not support amending the state’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. The survey finds 44 percent in support of the proposal, while 9 percent are undecided or refused to answer.

The poll was taken Oct. 16-27, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

The St. Cloud State survey also shows President Obama leading all potential Republican candidates for president in Minnesota, with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney registering the strongest numbers against the president.

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  • who really cares?

    I think Jobs and Economy are way more important than if John marrys Joe and Sue marrys Shelly. This is so stupid.

    • Tom

      @ who really cares?

      Yes it is stupid! But the social consrvatives can not let it go!

  • If it comes out of MN politice, it's stupid all right.

    Our wonderful politicians have determined that gay marriage is a far more important issue to be decided by statewide referendum than resolving the state budget deficit or letting the people determine if they want to bend over for Zygi Wilf and his shameless, never-ending demands for state funding for his new revenue stream.

    • notforyou

      I find it odd how antis will tie anything together for their pathetic assault against a new facility for the Vikings! Maybe try staying on topic next time or simply get a life!

      • deb

        I’m guessing the point is there are so many more important issues to be dealing with then who some one can or can’t marry. The republicans all want less government until it comes to who can be married and who can get an abortion. What god we can believe in and what ones we can’t. Wealthy criminals go free everyday. We are in completely unnecessary wars that have created unsurmountable deficits, has killed and maimed thousands of our own people not to mention civilians, destroyed those civilians homes and country and our country is in dire need of jobs. And this is the important, life shattering cause the republicans choose to focus on. It is as petty as the people directing it.

    • typo correction

      I mean politics

  • Wait....

    Separation of church and state?

    • Jose Cuervo

      There is no such thing.

  • More Like Common Moron?

    Hahahahahah classy. I wasn’t aware that the decision of whether or not rights are deserved by any group of people was left up to you, Master of All Things. Is that’s the case, we’re all doomed!

    • just saying

      The majority will speak. Iowa is calling!

  • angus

    It is interesting that people who are the most upset and against gays having rights or making prejudical remarks about minorities are frequently uncertain of their own sexual orientation or ancestry.

    • Kevin

      Not Me!! I’m GAY!!!

    • Tom

      @ angus

      Exactly! It is called being INSECURE!

    • Dr. Phil watcher

      Is that you Dr. Phil? Like you’d know anyway. The sensitive come out when this topic comes around. The election won’t get here soon enough to put this to rest. I don’t believe there are enough bleeding heart libs in the metro area for this to slide.

  • Jeanne

    A poll by St. Cloud State University?

    It has as much credibility as a poll by the Star Tribune.


    • Rocks in her head

      Yea because a poll by anyone else would have different results. Dimwit

    • I'm Just Sayin'

      Yes Jeanne, that is our tax dollars hard at work. Oddly enough, these numbers are almost exactly opposite ones advertised a day earlier in the Star tribune. Go figure.

  • Banden

    gay is not a choice it’s wrong you even think so GET OVER YOUR SELF…

    • Juan

      Neither is being a Pedophile, but it doesn’t make it right.

      • deb

        Pedophilia is a choice, Being Gay is not. The two are not even remotely similar.

      • me


        A person who is gay does not hurt you as long as they are in a realtionship with another conscenting adult. What they do, is their business just like a man/woman realtionship. It is not the same thing as hurting child, the fact that you even mention the word pedophile in the same context is sick.

        • Juan

          anything other than a man and women is abnormel sexual behavior. Thats a fact. I am not judging, I am merely stating a fact and the slippery slope you approach when you start making exceptions to the norm. The age of consent varys in differant states based on those residents and beliefs. Why legal in one state and not in another? Why is it legal to have multiple wifes in other countrys or to marry children? This is a decision for the society not a right. That is why we are voting on it.

          • please

            Hey Jaunita, you are an idiot.

    • familiar one

      Neither is being mentally handicapped so get over yourself!

  • Yeah

    Well….. I think it’s safe to assume SOMEONE isn’t a football fan….. LOL.

    The whole “if I don’t like it, it’s stupid” thought process isn’t the best method of critical reasoning…. Just sayin’.

  • TurkE

    Good reporters note when suvey reults fall within the margin of error. The headline and following story are very misleading. Nice reporting…no agenda here I’m sure.

    • Dave Campbell

      Guess you missed the plus or minus 5% margin of error the reporter mentioned. Agood reader pays attention and reads the whole narticle!

      • Jeff

        Dave, learn how to spell/type before you go and attack someone else’s post. You look like a moron. A good commenter pays attention and reads their post prior to posting it.

      • TurkE

        I thought it might be nice for the “good” reporter to spell it out for the majority of this site’s readers. After reading many of the replies to this article I’m sure math isn’t a strong suit for many of these readers.

  • V

    This horrible thing will not go through…. Just saying

    • Jose Cuervo

      You are wrong! Marriage is between one man and one woman, period. This will simply put an Exclamation point at the end of that statement.

      • deb

        Says who? You? And don’t cite the bible. The bible was written by men and religion was created by man. Why is it so important to deny people the chance to love and be loved? How does that hurt you? I have asked this question repeatedly and no one can ever give me answer other than god doesn’t like it. Well, if got created ALL, is being Gay gods mistake? Or are you just another little man who is trying to stifle his deep feelings of insecurity and …………lust?

      • V

        Not for long… since I already marry my Wife… yes 2 girls got married… so you can just deal with that… change is coming and we will all be laughing at this in no time

  • Jose Cuervo

    Marriage is between one man and one woman, period.

    • Jim

      Not for long…

      • Jose Cuervo

        Regardless of the outcome of this or any other election, marriage will always be between one man and one woman, period.

        • OldDirtyHippie

          Only in right wing world!!!

        • fact

          Jose is just simply stating that under catholicism, marriage is the union between a man and a woman…

          but what Jose fails to understand is that over the many, many years that catholicism has existed, their rules have changed, and their priests have touched little boys too.

          Everything changes. As people become less and less followers, they lose their faith that God even exists. Religion was set forth, as a way to control the people from committing crimes. If science proved that in the end, there was nothing after death – people wouldn’t care anymore. There could be havok.

          Times are changing. You don’t like it – go somewhere else.

          • Obv.

            I don’t have a dog in this race but 2 men pushing poop back into each other sickens me so i’l vote NO! only because im a human being.

            • Too funny

              And that also references football as in Green Bay “Packers”!!!!

        • V

          That is where you are mistaken… well actually you can move to Nigeria and yes, absolutely, there you will not fear the gays…

    • Tom

      @ Jose

      Where is that written in stone? And why do you care? What are you basing your opinion on?

    • iknowit


      • Jay

        I seond that AMEN !

  • Oppose government meddling

    Let get momentum going to vote this stupid thing down. Our politicians can’t even balance the budget…why should they be the judge of who should marry whom?

  • Kirk

    Marriage is a right for all !

    • Jackie

      dogs and cats, men and sheep, children and adults, cross dressers and nudists, dog, man, child, and women. The list goes on and on. They all should have the benefits of holy wedlock.

      • V

        Sure, because animals are paying taxes, and the also vote… I will make sure my cat and my dog get their voting registration card and also file income taxes for next year… how dumb can people get!

        • Dirk

          dogs and cats and other animals do pay taxes. Lassie was a 1%’er

      • Dr. Phil watcher

        you are nuts! Your take on marriage appears to be a couples thing no matter what you are! ICK!

    • Jose Cuervo

      Marriage is not a right at all. It is a privelege that can be denied by the state for many reasons. Gays have as much of a “right” to marry, as children have a “right” to drive a car. This is not a rights issue, no matter how many times you scream it.

      • teabaghater

        Its a right any person who pays taxes to have a government marriage church is different matter all taxpayers should be able to get a marriage license if you want it to be only between a man and women get married in a church

  • St Cloud Joke Poll

    A St Cloud State poll? You can take any St Cloud State poll and wipe with it. But even a poll from a Somali filled liberal garbage dump show a 47% to 44% with a +-5 along with 9% undecided. Seems like a draw to me even in liberal MN…..bring on the vote….

  • DouogT

    There is a reason that men and women marry – actually many. And this union has proved to work quite well over the millennium

    Other arrangements have been tried and as is according to Darwin – they are no longer here. The world was not invented yesterday. The good/functional/useful survives – other approaches just go away.

  • Jim Beam

    I find it hypocritical that people are so opposed to government being involved in their personal life, until it is for something they don’t like. ‘Government, stay out of my business…oh but, actually I don’t like that John and Joe want to get married so please step-in and do something.’

    The fact that John and Joe want to get married has nothing to do with you personally.

    • Otto

      Amen, Jim Beam,
      That is the great irony of this whole thing. Conservatives hate the big, intrusive government…until they can do something that intrudes on someone else’s lifestyle and not their own. There is no reason that this should even be considered as a constitutional amendment. The only reason the Republicans did it this way was to bypass the governor.

      • travis

        amen. I always hear about the republican party and their individual freedoms. However, the only people trying to intrude on my life and limit my freedoms are the republican party.

        • just sayin

          Please, for clarification. There are a lot of Repubs that support it, like me.

        • DougT

          Ya – an the dems tell us what we can eat, what we can say and what we can think…. You right it the evil republicans getting into our lives all the time….

    • Jose Cuervo

      This has nothing to do with government intrusion into personal lives. It is simply reinforcing the existing statutes that state marriage is between one man and one woman. Mis-direction like your comment is simply a tool to further your gay agenda.

      • Tom

        @ Jose

        This has nothing to do with gov’t intrusion into personal lives? Then what do you call it?

      • Otto

        Maybe we can get a constitutional amendment passed to help you deal with your many issues. This is the epitomy of government intrusion. If you can’t see that, you’ll never find that worm at the bottom of your bottle of Cuervo

      • Jim Beam

        First off Mr. Cuervo, I’m not gay. Never have been, and never will be. Secondly, it’s not my agenda…it’s actually yours because you want to modify how the govement recognizes individuals. You are the one who is uncomfortable with the situation and feels threatened.

        The good news is that what you think doesn’t matter.

      • V

        it used to be that White can’t marry Blacks, and that changed with time… Marriage is a right and a privilege for every citizen of this country, why people can’t accept the evolution of humanity… many things have changes since the Flintstones… so get over yourself, younger voters, younger generations, we all are going to be laughing at this pretty soon… pretty soon…

        • Obv.

          Guys pumping guys is not humanity!

  • DougT

    And journalisticlly, it is helpful if at least a link is provided to the source- so that we might be able to check the information for ourselves. I sure would like to know how the question was asked – I would also like to see the numbers on the Barry O portion – again its interesting to know what was asked and how. (Given today’s level of journalistic professionalism)

  • What Next?

    I have said it many times, why is there a fight for something that fails 50% of the time?

  • me

    I’m going to say this…once…and then be done with this silly conversation.. What two conscenting adults do is their business. It’s between them and whatever god they worship. It has nothing to do with us…it is not OUR business….Period. The fact that we consider ourselves so important as to think they are less than us or less deserving is uterly wrong. Also, to even bring up certain things such as the word Pedophile like Juan did in an earlier post, or to compare them to anyone is wrong. Who Steve, Adam, Jack …Jill and sally mae loves is none of my business as long as it’s between conscenting adults. NOUGH SAID!

    • Let them


  • Tom


    There is no such thing as normal! And why do you care if two gay people get married?

  • travis

    my partner and I have been together for 8 year. we own a home together. we work every day. we’re as normal and boring as everyone else. People see the most offensive things in a pride parade and say they have seen gay culture… and its gross. They don’t see how normal and boring we can be. Gay marriage already is not legal. we don’t need to ammend the constitution.

  • OldDirtyHippie

    When two people are in love they should be able to marry if they want!!!
    It’s nobody’s business but theirs(smaller Government???
    Takes a big person to come out,takes a small mind to put them down for coming out!!

  • Doug

    People somehow have a problem with folks of the opposite sex getting married, I do not and do not know why they do. Is it the sex thing, or what? You should support gay marriage if you don’t care for them as they will have less sex and be just as miserable as every other married couple.

  • http://marriageisuniqueforareason.com/poll-shows-more-oppose-marriage-ban-%c2%ab-cbs-minnesota/ Poll Shows More Oppose Marriage Ban « CBS Minnesota | Marriage is Unique

    […] the original post: Poll Shows More Oppose Marriage Ban « CBS Minnesota google_ad_client = "pub-2259219694139840"; google_ad_channel ="marriageisuniqueforareason.com"; […]

  • just sayin

    The only people that have a problem with it have a problem with their own sexuality. Period. Seen it many times.

    • Obv.

      No actually men fokking men i have a problem with! Its cool you’re gay but ease up in public it’s gross, I kick my dogs when thet try to pump gayness

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