GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Another night, another four-touchdown performance for Aaron Rodgers — just about what the Green Bay Packers have come to expect from their superstar quarterback.

The real surprise came on the other side of the ball: A defense that finally showed it can take charge of a game.

The Packers (9-0) remain the NFL’s lone undefeated team. And if they now can count on a defense to complement their high-octane offense, they just might be unstoppable.

Rodgers threw for four scores against a fierce Vikings pass rush, Randall Cobb returned a punt 80 yards for a touchdown and the Packers defense contained Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings in a 45-7 victory on Monday night.

Green Bay’s defense came into the game giving up nearly 300 yards passing per game, second-most in the NFL. Their last time out, the Packers nearly blew a big lead in the fourth quarter at San Diego, holding on for a 45-38 victory.

But the Packers finally played to their potential against the division rival Vikings (2-7), holding rookie quarterback Christian Ponder to 190 yards passing with an interception and limiting Peterson to 51 yards and a touchdown.

The Vikings’ defense did its best to rough up Rodgers, sacking him three times and hitting him hard virtually every time he took off running. Defensive end Jared Allen harassed Rodgers at every turn.

The pressure didn’t force any uncharacteristic mistakes from Rodgers, who was 23 of 30 for 250 yards without an interception. Rodgers threw a pair of touchdown passes to Jordy Nelson, and also found Greg Jennings and John Kuhn for scores.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy put backup quarterback Matt Flynn in the game with 10:30 left in the fourth quarter — and the Vikings couldn’t keep him out of the end zone, either, as he scrambled 3 yards for a touchdown with 4:27 left.

But it was Cobb, a second-round rookie out of Kentucky, who got it all started for the Packers.

After the Packers’ defense forced the Vikings to go three-and-out on their first possession, Cobb fielded a punt from Chris Kluwe and squeezed through a seam in the middle of the field.

Cobb accelerated down the left sideline and danced the final few steps into the end zone, tossing the ball in the air as if he was shooting a basketball before doing a “Lambeau leap” into the stands.

Cobb also had a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the Packers’ season opener against the New Orleans Saints.

Rodgers finally got the ball at the 9:55 mark in the first quarter and directed an 11-play, 70-yard drive that included conversions on third-and-8, to Donald Driver, and third-and-7, to running back James Starks. Rodgers then finished the drive with a perfect pass to Jennings in the middle of the field for a touchdown, and the Packers led 14-0.

With the Vikings driving near the end of the first quarter, Charles Woodson wrestled a ball away from Visanthe Shiancoe for what initially was ruled an interception. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier challenged the call and it was overturned, giving Ryan Longwell a shot at a 47-yard field goal.

But the Vikings committed a penalty, and Longwell came up just short on a 52-yard attempt.

Rodgers then put together another drive, and Rodgers hit tight end Jermichael Finley for 25 yards on a fourth-and-5 conversion attempt at the Vikings 34-yard line. Allen sacked Rodgers on first-and-goal, and the Packers ended up settling for a 25-yard field goal by Mason Crosby to take a 17-0 lead with 12:04 left before halftime.

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Comments (22)
  1. ann says:

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bad play calling says:

    Musgrave is the the worst offensive coordinator ever..Just when I thought nobody could be a worse play caller than childress..I was proven wrong

    1. TL says:

      bad play call?…id say thats about a quarter of their problem…..they would have lost even with good play calling…just by a closer margin.

      they need front office management, solid group of players built around Ponder and a secondary.

      1. Yep says:

        That is also very true too !!

        1. Joe says:

          I agree 100%, they haven’t been able to call good plays in years. What’s whith these coaches?

  3. CU ZIG says:

    Darn I missed another good Vikings game. I hear the weather is warmer in California this time of the year

  4. Go far far away says:

    The Vikiings can finish up the season here,but by May 1st,it’s time to go..Time to move on.

    1. Zicky Wulf says:

      Well that’s what they keep promising but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Billy says:

    GO,GO PACKERS!!!!!

  6. Hmmmm. Let's see now says:

    We have the Timberwolves. Finished last, didn’t they?
    We have the Twins. Ooops! Last place as well.
    We have Gopher football. Remains to be seen, but pretty good bet they’ll finish last.
    And then there are the Vikings, who are currently tied for the second worst record in the NFL. Oh and they’re last in the NFC North.

    Any bets on where they’ll finish?

    Ahh but the Lynx!!! Thank our lucky stars they know how to win.

    1. Wait ... says:

      don’t forget the Giff’s pucksters…..just sayin’ 😉

      1. just sayin says:

        The Wild are doing pretty good.

        1. Die Hard Wild Fan says:

          Pretty good ‘just saying’? They are #1 in their division as of now. Not sure how long that will last but they are improving almost every game. Thanks for noticing that anyways

  7. another one says:

    And the Minnesota Pole Gals are holding their own too

  8. The score is now ... says:

    We have three players who actually accomplish something … Ponder, AP, and JA. I feel sorry for LF who I believe is an honorable person and a decent coach but who, unfortunately for him, inherited a loser of a team and a greedy AO of an owner.

    After the Vikings successful and hard fought defeat last night, we now have 650,000,007 reasons not to give Zygi and company a single cent of public money for a new stadium.

    The choices as of last night: 1) Zygi pays for 100% of a new stadium, 2) MN forces Zygi and the NFL to allow 100% public ownership of the Vikings, or 3) Zygi packs his bags and his Vikings and gets out of the state.

  9. J says:

    Good riddance.
    Haven’t been to the big dance in what..33 years??
    Even when they did go they lost…4 times!!???

    Dont’s call us..we’ll call you.

  10. Vikings suck!! says:

    WCCO sucks, they just copy and paste the article from Write your own article!!

  11. Mayhem says:

    Has the fudge packers played anyone good yet this year?

    Any team that has an O-line that allows as many sacks as they did last night, a below avg running game and a secondary that let a completion for a large gain to one of the slowest runners in the NFL, Shainco down the middle of the field can’t be legitimately 9-0.

    That the fudge packers have gotten away with just a passing game and above avg D-line is pretty pathetic actually.

    1. says:

      go take that last sip of haterade you jealous chump

  12. I can't believe it says:

    Who forgot to tell the Vikings that their bye week was last week?

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