Son Helps Bust Mom, Stepdad With 8 Pounds Of Pot

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A concerned son helped lead police to his mother and stepfather’s home, where eight pounds of marijuana was being kept inside their master bedroom.

According to the criminal complaint, the son told his biological father about what he had seen and smelled in the Dakota County home owned by Heidi and Mark Siebenaler. He then took a picture of a Walmart bag that was full of a leafy green substance, which was turned over to police.

The son spoke to officers and said he often smells burnt marijuana smoke and is sometimes unable to escape the smell unless he goes outside. The son had complained to his mother about the smell of marijuana in the Ravenna Township house,
but Heidi Siebenaler told him that marijuana use is “not that bad.”

Dakota County Drug Task Force officers obtained a search warrant and found a large amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a black scale inside the home.

Mark Siebenaler also led police to a marijuana grow location, which he admitted to starting.

Mark and Heidi Siebenaler face fifth-degree charges of aiding and abetting drugs. Mark also faces a second charge of aiding and abetting with the intent to sell.

  • X-puffer

    You grow the weed, cell bars proceed.

    • Carl Sagan

      I can still brew my own booze though.. right? Just making sure.

  • BigBamBoo

    If you want to smoke a little weed go ahead… but setting up a dealership in your house with a child present is stupid and you deserve what you get.

    • Zing

      As long as it’s illegal some people will try and deal especially in this economy. If it’s ok to smoke a little then make it legal and stop making it something people try and get rich doing. Besides that, most people are aware that weed is less dangerous than alcohol. It’s getting a little annoying to see people continue to go down defying a law that is out of touch with reality not to mention a law rooted in 1930s racism and meant to clear the way for the forestry and chemical industry.

      • em1022

        I completely agree!! There was not this much crime and addiction before they put all these laws in place; I am for the legaization of marijuana entirely. They used to prescribe cocaine drops for children and for many other medical reasons…however I am not for the legalization of narcotics..I just find it very interesting that as soon as we made extreme laws for possession and dealing things got crazy…people horribly addicted and a system overran with drug related crimes.

  • NaughtyJunior

    That kid is getting coal for Christmas!!!!

    • X-puffer

      Ha! That’s good!

    • Hahahahahahahaha!


    • boddidog


  • Jeffrey L Colquette

    Little nark!

  • Chuck

    Things are going to be tense around that household come Thanksgiving.

    • @ Chuck

      for sure…most lokely due to the mom and step dad’s inability to ‘self medicate’ from reality and having to FACE reality…without being high!! GREAT!!

      • jackactionhero

        They’ll just have to get drunk and then hit the highways like the rest of the family now.

  • JackieM

    Poor Kid

  • Rockfish

    Legalize it.

    • X-puffer


    • Obv.

      If you’re the result of not growing up around weed then we should legalize it, can I borrow you’re sentence abilities? Wow rockhead sums up you to a T.

      • Rockfish

        You’re sentence abilities? Looks like someone else needs to get some new “sentence abilities.”

  • What Next?

    This kid deserves a medal! Drugs suck!

    • jackactionhero

      Pot is a drug? I thought it was a plant.

      Now alcohol – that’s a dangerous drug. Ever use it?

  • Panama Red


  • rollitup

    The kids mom was right. It’s not that big of a deal. The little nark.

    • Cyndyforcynical

      Of course it’s “that big of a deal.” How many news stories have we seen about people who deal out of their homes being injured or killed when some other druggie shows up to steal their supply? I hope that poor kid’s bio dad is a pretty decent guy and that he is providing a stable, safe home because the mom and step -dad sure have atrocious judgment.

      • rollitup

        I do agree with their being issues with people selling. However, if it were just legalized they wouldn’t be able to sell it on the street, because we could all just buy it from the store.

        • really?

          Oh good then everyone could lazily wander the world high, and out of touch with reality…no big deal? Really??

          • Rockford

            Get a clue. Many, many productive people use marijuana. Time to get with the times and legalize the plant. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and is not working with this either. Another misguided policy whose time has come to an end.

            • cyndyforcynical

              What most people don’t seem to realize is that, while an ounce of alcohol metabolizes and clears the system in about an hour, if someone smokes weed, at 48 hours 50% of the THC (active ingredient that affects the brain to cause the effects of use) is still active in the system, even if the person hasn’t used any more in two days. This is called the “half-life” of this drug. That means that if someone thinks that if they only use on weekends there is no problem. In reality, they are showing up for work or school intoxicated on Mon. and Tues. They may be present, but that doesn’t mean that they are thinking clearly. They are impaired. They are impaired drivers, parents, surgeons, pediatricians, students, cops, firemen, EMTs. As far as people being “productive” after using weed—They may think that they are productive, but really aren’t. They are also often quite paranoid and this adversely affects their relationships with others. To anyone who uses weed multiple times a week, even daily, please get some help before life gets away from you.

              • jackactionhero

                “This is called the “half-life” of this drug. That means that if someone thinks that if they only use on weekends there is no problem. In reality, they are showing up for work or school intoxicated on Mon. and Tues. They may be present, but that doesn’t mean that they are thinking clearly. They are impaired.”

                You are the stupidest human being on Earth and what you said is a complete fabrication and you should be ashamed of yourself for being a LIAR.

                • cyndyforcynical

                  You are in denial Mr. jackactionhero. What I have said is true. See you in rehab—Just hope for your sake it won’t be because it is court ordered.

                • em0886

                  Actually what she said is tue, THC remains in the system for quite some time, while someone may not be experiencing the effects anymore they would still test positive for marijuana…I disagree with them being paranoid…weed smokers are so harmless, they like to just relax and hang out….the paranoia comes with use of cocaine, heroin, meth and other stimulants. While she had an educated statement it was at the same time ignorant.

              • Full time student, technical specialist, part time pothead

                I work full time as a computer technician for a school district, go to college at night, my grades this past semester have been the best they’ve ever been, I do excellent work at my job and everyone want’s me to fix their computer. I try to only smoke on weekends but I do indulge on weekdays if I’ve finished my homework. Weed has no hangover, even if the THC is still active in your body I can’t feel it Monday morning and most definitely not on Tuesday.

                • Just a thought?

                  So let me see…you work FT for a school district during the day? What are you doing on school time, poking around on the internet, leaving comments (at the tax payers expense)??

                  I work for a school district as well. I’d be fired in a heartbeat, if I was out commenting on the internet, during work time at my school, while being on the job!

                  Whether you feel the ‘hangover’ or not, the weed is still in your system. How long have you smoked? Maybe your body is so accustomed to it? Would you even know what feeling ‘straight’ feels like any more?

                  Maybe school districts should start doing mandatory testing of employees for illegal substances?? I’d be all for it!!!

          • jackactionhero

            Yes really.

            Or is alcohol safer and people really don’t get drunk and drive right? LOL

            Sounds like YOU are the one who is out of touch with reality.

            • Get real

              I’m pretty sure no one is saying alcohol is safer but most people don’t get stinking drunk and drive with their kids with them. Just like you shouldn’t go and smoke or have weed accessible to the children. Alcohol is usually put in a cabinet where the kids can’t get it. Why can’t you at least not let the children know you smoke weed come on. Let’s not corrupt them at the age of 11

              • jackactionhero

                I don’t put alcohol in a cabinet, do you? I put it in the fridge.

                “You shouldn’t go smoke…”

                That’s your opinion, and your opinion only governs you.

                • jackactionhero

                  So I’m saying?

                  You get to decide? Sorry, but no. You don’t tell me what my opinion is. Period.

                  You are a fuggin idiot

                • Get real

                  Well I am fairly certain that not everyone buys alcohol to consume it right away, so yes it may go in cabinets.

                  Your opinion is that we should smoke. So your saying it’s okay that 11 year olds are exposed to weed. Yes, please son come here and smoke a joint with me. That’s definitely how children should be raised.

  • John G.

    Just another reason why kids are useless and I dislike them so much.

  • j speedbag 64

    bad bad kid

  • Justine Freiermuth

    Wiat just a min she is a senior parole officer with Dakota County. Heidi Siebenaler

    • maybe it was medical maryjane

      Wrong – She’s a clerk for a medial supply company

      • Justine

        No I am right. You are wrong. Nice try though.

        • Carl Sagan

          You missed the joke.. not surprising.

          • Justine

            Actually I got the joke. It’s just not all that funny. We don’t live in California so it’s still illegal. ha ha ha

  • Justine Freiermuth

    The kid is not a bad kid by being ballsy enough tp turn his mother in for something he knows is wrong. Props to him! He knows what is right and wrong even with a mother like that. How can you even say that he is bad for narking. You are stupid. Being a parole officer she should never be involved with drugs at all.

    • JC McNamara

      As you and I both know….Thank God this boy has such a good father and the rest of his family to take care of him. -As far as the mom goes – it’s all karma.

  • Iconoclast

    Which one was it Silas or Shane? Who am I kidding, it was Silas.

  • Debbie

    Not against smoking weed but defintely should not be selling it with kiddo’s in the house.

  • sb

    I say way to go to this kid!! Only wish the mother and step father had as much brains as the kid…but their brains are probably messed up due to the pot smoking.

    Hope his dad takes him in and the mom gets some treatment, so she can begin to function like the mother this kid deserves.

    • jackactionhero

      Brains don’t get “messed up” due to pot smoking. Or is yours messed up and that’s how you know?

      No treatment is required for enjoying marijuana. It’s not a disease.

      • Not yet settled science

        From a 2008 US News and World Report article, talking about the brain on marijuana:

        “Our findings suggest that everyone is vulnerable to potential changes in the brain, some memory problems, and psychiatric symptoms if they use heavily enough and for long enough,” says lead author Murat Yucel of the ORYGEN Research Centre and Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre at the University of Melbourne. Pot has been in the news lately for other reasons, too: a government report on a possible connection between pot smoking and depression and also the possible link between heart disease risk and marijuana use.”

        The authors of the study admit they were working with a limited set of data, and they acknowledge that pot’s effect on the brain is not settled science. However, your statement (“Brains don’t get ‘messed up’ due to pot smoking”) suggests that you believe that it is settled science, and settled in favor of the notion that pot doesn’t have a harmful short and/or long term effect on the brain. Probably you can cite studies that supports your position. Still, if you’re intellectually honest you’ll acknowledge the studies on the other side, and unless you’ve the familiarity with and the expertise on the whole of this research to dismiss as flawed studies supporting one side or the other, neither you nor sb are in any position to speak as an authority on the subject.

        • jackactionhero

          I am qualified to speak as an authority on the subject, and can state unequivocally that any negative effects are psychosomatic in nature.

          I don’t need to cite any study. I am the study.

          All your quotes state “possible connection” and “possible link” which are not scientific connections at all.

          • whatever

            You jackactionhero are in ‘denial’ …and it ain’t in Egypt!!!

            Your posts (all of them) certainly show YOU are the study…oh yes for sure…lol

      • Linda Allen

        People who dont smoke can be messed up ,,,alot time people who smoke has alot of brains than ones who dont ,,,read this….

        CLAIM: The personalities of the dwarf characters in Disney’s animated film version of SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARDS represent the seven stages of cocaine addiction.

        We had important jobs on what was then the largest private construction
        project in the world { i.e. WALT DISNET WORLD }, and many of us blew off
        stream after work most days. One night I broke up a fight at Horne’s between
        one of my guys and a construction worker. The construction guy took off, and
        I asked my guy what the problem was.

        He said the construction worker said that Walt Disney had been a cocaine
        addict. He said the proof was that Walt Disney had invented SNOW WHITE
        and the SEVEN DWARVES {SIC}. Snow White was cocaine, and the seven
        dwarves were the symptoms of various stages of cocaine addiction:
        GROUCHY {sic}
        and So Forth. Bashful ( I think )

  • wow

    Stupid parents and their dialog shows just how bright a doper is.
    I would think you that are in favor of legal dumbing down would be a bit miffed at these idiots but nope – you defend. More proof of what it does for your minds I guess lol

    • Carl Sagan

      idiots? Dumbed down? Hahaha.. From Carl Sagan’s essay Mr. X:
      I find that most of the insights I achieve when high are into social issues, an area of creative scholarship very different from the one I am generally known for. I can remember one occasion, taking a shower with my wife while high, in which I had an idea on the origins and invalidities of racism in terms of gaussian distribution curves. It was a point obvious in a way, but rarely talked about. I drew the curves in soap on the shower wall, and went to write the idea down. One idea led to another, and at the end of about an hour of extremely hard work I found I had written eleven short essays on a wide range of social, political, philosophical, and human biological topics. Because of problems of space, I can’t go into the details of these essays, but from all external signs, such as public reactions and expert commentary, they seem to contain valid insights. I have used them in university commencement addresses, public lectures, and in my books.

      • Otto

        And a ‘frustrated’ Mrs. Sagan soon files for divorce

      • Cheech


  • Face it - even your folks party

    Hey kiddies, if drugs were so bad you wouldn’t be getting those new sneakers from your mommy & daddy, now would you?

    • bobaby

      Apparently he is not that shallow. Pretty sure the kid thought it through. Duh.

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  • Tacoplate#5

    You’d hope Child Protective Services would pull the kids out of that house…………BUT things don’t always happen that way in Dakota County.

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  • Curious George

    how come they weren’t charged with endangering the child?
    C’mon… parents have been charged with that for lesser things they have done

  • So Sad

    Just a son that did not want a high mom and was tired of smelling the smoke from her habit.

  • 3 f

    There is no cure for stupid !!! To the young man who had the courage, the inner strength to turn his mom in, CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE !!!!!

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