Today is Give To the Max Day — a day where your donations can help someone live the good life even longer thanks to donation matching and bonuses added to your contributions. (Click here for more info or to make a donation.)

Besides special days like today, we can already sense that it’s the season of giving. But, there are some that can’t afford to give as much as they’d like. Never fear, there are other cool ways to help your favorite charity without spending a dime.

• Get money for your charity by searching the Internet. Yep, that’s right, just searching by using gives the charity of your choice a penny per search. (With the way I search that can add up to a lot of money!) To check out how the search site works, click here.

• If you are doing a little Christmas shopping online, try heading over to (also powered by GoodSearch). They give a percentage of almost every purchase to a charity of your choice. It includes 2,500 big retailers too — like Gap, Target, Amazon and Macy’s.

• Redeem your credit card points for charity. Sometimes you can get cash rewards or gift cards that you can donate, but some companies will give you bonus donations if you redeem it for charity.

• If you have to dine out, try finding a restaurant that lets you donate a percentage of what you spend. (a product of GoodSearch) gives up to 6 percent of what you spend to charity. Click here to find a participating restaurant in your area.

• And finally, there is no better way to give than to give the gift of time. There are a handful of companies that match volunteer hours with money. Microsoft, Bank of America, Boeing, Exxon and Intel are just a few. Check with your company or other major companies in your area to see if they have a volunteer-match program.

Remember, living the good life comes in many forms and having a caring and giving heart is one thing that shines the brightest this time of year.

Know of any other deals, share them with other ‘Good Lifers’ in the comment section. You can also read more money-saving blog posts here and text WCCODEALS to 84816 for a ‘deals of the week’ reminder.


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