ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The Better Business Bureau is now warning consumers about a bike shop in St. Paul after they’ve received several complaints from online users.

The Green Tire Bike Shop, which has a store front off Randolph Avenue in St. Paul, sells bicycles, bike accessories and offers service/repairs.

The BBB said it has received complaints from across the country saying the company has collected payments and then failed to send the orders in a timely matter.

“Customers are all saying the same thing: ‘I ordered something, I paid for it, the company said it would be delivered and they’re not shipping the item. And when I contacted them to say, hey where’s my item … I’m not hearing back from them,'” said Dan Hendrickson with the BBB of Minnesota.

Customers who complained also said the Green Tire Bike Shop failed to respond to them through emails or phone calls. The BBB said the currently have 23 complaints pending against the company, all filed within the past three weeks.

The BBB said it did reach out to The Green Tire Bike Shop, but didn’t really get any answers from them. They said it will be giving the shop an “F” rating.

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  1. Mike says:

    The Better Business of Minnesota may have once been an agency that was useful to the public, but unfortunately they are are more interested in aligning themselves with good and bad businesses, that pay a service fee for membership. After two very involved and disappointing relationships with businesses that were members, and taking the necessary steps through reporting the incidents to the BBB, they failed to list my complaints, leaving the public to vulnerable to bad service. One of the companies had multiple complaints through Service Master and eventually went out of business.
    Take notice of the last sentence in this story. It has taken 23 complaints for the BBB to give them an F rating!

    1. chimp says:

      Mike you have no idea, the bbb doesn’t rely on your complaints solely, deal with it, you’re a doormat to society.

      1. Mike says:

        I would rather be a doormat than a practicing mouth breeder like you.

        1. chimp says:

          I’ve never had a problem with any business, maybe i’m a better judge of character than you, I don’t look for the bbb sticker, I don’t need them, I decide if a place is credible or not by word of mouth. Try figuring something out on your own someday.

        2. t-rex says:

          It’s “mouth breather.”

          I appreciate the BBB. I find their process to be reliable. Besides, they are an organization and have to make money, too. It took 20 complaints for them to make this determination. They may have determined that it was a mutual breakdown in communications between you and the store.

          Also, I am under the impression that BBB doesn’t list the individual complaints and offers the individual privacy. The BBB isn’t Angie’s List of testimonials. I would suggest if you are looking for personal fame from your complaints that you use a forum where you can openly publish your testimony.

    2. Sam says:

      It took 23 complaints in a 3 week period, as well as a lack of reply from the business, to give it an ‘F’ rating. This is exactly why I turn to the BBB for information on businesses. Every business has its off day, and every business eventually has a run-in with the crazy customer who thinks that they’ve been horribly wronged and will do everything in their power to drag that business’ name through the mud.
      I don’t want to just rely on a list of complaints. I want to know if those complaints have been looked into, and if there are a large number of them or if they appear to be isolated incidents.
      Mike, it’s too bad that you had a bad experience with a business, but if yours is one of very few complaints about a company, I’m glad the BBB isn’t destroying that company’s name. It means they’re doing their job.

  2. Phil Usher says:

    You’ll get more mileage by writing a scathing review on It’ll get ranked by the search engines and haunt the crooked businees forever – RipoffReport never takes down reviews posted there.

  3. hello says:

    FWIW – if an entity, lets call it the BBB for the heck of it, relies on my company to pay it via membership dues to operate and exist at all —- which side of a rating do you expect to have them be on in most instances? Seriously folks – this has been discussed for years.
    The BBB is maybe the last place I would put my trust in as a consumer….look to many sources before you patronize a place. I have worked (marketing) for some of the biggest scam companies around over the years – they all had B+ to A ratings. How do you spell A J O K E !

    1. t-rex says:

      Which of their lists are you looking at? If you are looking at an accredited companies list, I would hope that they would have a B+ – A rating. And since you are calling these companies scam companies, did you report them? Did other people report them? The art of sales is convincing people to spend money on something that isn’t one of life’s necessities. In essence, they are all scams.

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