Minnesota Unemployment Rate Drops In October

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s unemployment rate continued its slow decrease in October.

The state Department of Employment and Economic Development says Thursday that the Minnesota’s unemployment rate last month was 6.4 percent, which is a half-a-percent decrease from September. Employment commissioner Mark Phillips says that’s the lowest number of out-of-work people in Minnesota since the U.S. financial crisis in November 2008.

As usual, Minnesota’s state unemployment rate compares favorably to the U.S. unemployment rate of 9 percent in October.

Another positive sign is that Minnesota construction jobs saw their first year-over-year increase in October since April of 2006. Other sectors to add jobs in October include professional and business services and the information sector. Job losses occurred in education and health services, leisure and hospitality and financial activities.

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  • The Truth

    God bless President Barrack Obama!!! Also, same for gas prices, sure beats McCains plan for more of the same back in 08 when things were going bad and getting worse by the minute.

  • Jean

    I am one of thos professionals who have been unemployed for two years next month. Yes, unemployment is dropping because people are coming off of unemployment and are no longer being counted since they are no longer receiving benefits.

    • Megan

      Exactly!!! They aren’t counting those whose benefits have been exhausted. Where are THOSE numbers?

  • Luis

    Why am I still out of the job with a Master’s degree?

    • Mike

      Because cutting taxes for the wealthy never has or will create jobs.

      • dan

        But giving 1/2 a Billion dollars to a disfunct company that ends up in bankruptcy does create jobs?

        • Reality sucks

          Oh yes, Green Gate. Business owners don’t need tax breaks to create jobs and improve/produce their product—–they need consumers WITH DISPOSABLE INCOME (CASH) to buy their product so they can hire.

    • Depends

      Folks with a Masters in English Lit aren’t exactly in high demand.

    • Reality sucks

      Because your skill set is too expensive. The newly hired are working for grunt wages and longer hours.

  • 600xcsp

    Because you are lazy.

  • Karen

    they’re hiring at gfaonline.info

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