MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will release a memoir on Monday recounting her journey from state senator to presidential candidate.

In the book, which bears the title “Core of Conviction,”
Bachmann describes herself as a deeply religious and conservative “accidental politician.”

She says she was forced into politics by fellow Republicans who compromised their beliefs.

In its pages, Bachmann is critical of former President George Bush, whose actions to save the economy she called “bailout socialism.”

“The Bush administration, which had always professed faith in the free-market system, was now reversing its course,” Bachmann wrote.

As a Minnesota state senator in the ealry 1990s, Bachmann considered herself a conservative loner.

Bachmann also recounted her family struggles when her parents divorced. She wrote on moving to Anoka, working different jobs as a teen, including a summer as nanny for Gretchen Carlson, who is now a FOX News anchor. She also wrote about her marriage to Marcus and her growing family.

Bachmann also wrote that she once considered herself a Democrat, saying that she even attended the inauguration of former President Jimmy Carter. But she said she became disillusioned with Carter.

“Carter kept trying to blame us, the American people, for his self made problems,” she wrote.

Voting enthusiastically for Ronald Reagan in 1980, Bachmann said Carter taught her what she was against and Reagan taught her what she was for.

Bachmann’s up-close appraisal of leading Republican politicians is revealing. She called former President Bush the opposite of egocentric and described Dick Cheney as serious and lacking in humor. She called Sarah Palin charming and charismatic. And guess how she described John Boehner, the Republican Speaker with whom she has often clashed?

When he lit a cigarette during a campaign trip to Minnesota on her behalf, Bachmann said he reminded her of “the TV singer and movie star Dean Martin.”

Bachmann spends considerable time defending herself as a victim of unfair treatment by a liberal media in 2006. She devotes many pages of her 207-page memoir to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and his aggressive interviewing style.

“I’ve learned the hard way at the national level that any erroneous statement will very quickly be magnified,” wrote Bachmann, who has made news for a number of gaffes on the campaign trail.

“So, as someone who talks for a living, I’ve learned to check, double-check and triple-check my sources. And yet I still make a mistake or two.”

But her sharpest criticism was aimed at President Barack Obama. She said his new health care bill is immoral and called his administration a gangster government – one that is driving America into a third-world lifestyle.

She said his stimulus programs sent money to “big city liberal mayors, the Saul Alinsky nostalgists, the ACORN activists, the taxpayer-subsidy-dependent-green-jobs propagandists, and all the other moochers, hustlers and rent seekers demanding a ‘place at the table’ when liberals control the White House.”

Bachmann will sign copies of her new book at the Mall of America on the day after Thanksgiving.

Comments (24)
  1. Carole Rog says:

    206 pages too long!

  2. Ouch! says:

    A religious fanatic who believes in torture?

  3. Greed says:

    Good, now she can quit the race. What a mooch; it was all about this book and her bank account.

    1. Bob says:

      She needs to sell the book to make more money. I for one WILL NOT even look at it. Just hope they did not make to many copies of it. Doubtful that it will make Oprahs book club

  4. king says:

    In her book did it say anything about when her brain was removed ?

  5. Deep Thinker says:

    Hypocritical skank (& those are her best qualities) Will she finally out Marcus?

  6. CJ Camp says:

    I’m pretty sure that when she says Reagan taught her what she was for, she doesn’t really understand what she is saying. But why should that instance of her talking be unique?

  7. Marcus Sandusky says:

    Yeah, Reagan taught her a lot, especially those last 4 years when he was senile. Anyone that still supports this freak is only doing it because they hate ‘liberals”

  8. Murph says:

    She ” learned very quickly about making erroneous statements” ??????? Obviously this is a fictional tome about a witch and her gnome!

  9. Kieron says:

    As Joseph P. Kennedy once told a reporter , “There are no accidents in politics.” FDR was also supposed to have said something similar. This woman and her politics have got to be underwritten and funded by some kind of organization. Why else would her viewpoint be allowed so much airtime and exposure? It may be due in part to her looks, but it’s certainly not due to her intellect.

  10. You Alinskyites!! says:

    Oh you unfair liberal media!! Why do you treat me so badly?

    I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

    And so it shall remain!!!

  11. Thinking up North says:

    No where does she mention the ‘kiss seen around the world’ and the pawing on Bush.
    Reagan did not get Alzheimer’s overnight. He had been failing for a long time during his “presidency.’ Looks like Michelle’s doing the same thing. Don’t elect her, it will only get worse.

  12. Gene says:

    Listen to all this bitter hatred coming from the left. I bet these are the same people that want someone else to pay for their health care.

    1. helpermonkey says:

      Really? Bitter hatred? I don’t suppose you’d concede to ever-so-slightly overstating that one. I would invite you to consider the possibility that it is Bachmann’s self-righteous intolerance, ignorance of the history she herself chooses to reference, and her continued over-reliance on disingenuous buzzwords and memorization that provide fodder for these comments. Also, the only healthcare I’d like to see paid for by others is the reversal of your pre-frontal lobotomy. We’re happy to chip in. Really.

    2. MB offers the GOP nothing at all says:

      Gene – I voted for every GOP canidate since Regan’s first run. I am a very BITTER Republican who, put simply, DETESTS Michelle Bachmann.
      Put it this way – if you want the DFL to remain in the WH support Bachmann. You may get 25% of the USA voters support…maybe.
      What is that going to get us?
      It seems she’s hit a hot button of hate within you. That’s what she needs to do to even get 10% of the vote. Create hatred. She will get the other 15% simply because people vote party lines.
      She’s doing a whale of a job of destroying the party, including all but the most angry and desperate of the TP folks. Truly to bad

    3. Man says:

      Bitter hatred? Boo, hoo, hoo. This trope gets so old. You poor little TeaBaggers!! Those meanie liberals making fun of you, calling you dull and naive and uninformed.

      Gimme a break!! Ever thought about quitting your whining and actually boning up on the facts for a change? It’s harder than just shooting your mouth off, but maybe then you guys would quit feeling so sorry for yourselves.

      Then again, it does take a certain amount of effort, so I ain’t gonna hold my breath.

    4. Frankie says:

      @ Gene. This is in regards to health care. If you are married and have kids and they all do their doctor visits and have a couple extra visits because they are sick, some one else is paying for your health care. If no one will have you, I can understand why.

  13. frozenrunner says:

    A campaigning Michelle Bachmann is good for America. A book deal will continue consumption by people getting money into the economy. Campaign contributions pump money into the economy. The Iowa tourism board is very thankful for her.That she continues to get money shows that she either represents a portion of the country or is having her vote in Congress bought. Latest nationwide Gallup Poll shows her to have a 3% backing. If Bachmann is a mirror of her support the slice of population with disturbed thinking is large.

  14. TW says:

    She can go sell her book and make millions on the lecture circuit. Just so she isn’t president; ever!

  15. angus says:

    She beca,e a politician when she discovered the money available to her. Complains about the people receiving money from the government but look at how her family and herself work the system.

    This woman set back women’s lib 50 years

  16. Ordinary Guy says:

    Well it ain’t no Dean Martin blocking the chance of economic recovery. It’s that charming bartender John Boehner. What a tag-team they’d make!

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