MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hue Jackson watched his Oakland Raiders overcome a serious injury to receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, a costly turnover by running back Michael Bush and, in Jackson’s eyes, some unfair treatment from the officials to remain on top of the AFC West.

Just another day at the office for one of the league’s most resilient teams.

Carson Palmer threw for 164 yards and a touchdown and ran for another score in a 27-21 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

“We continue to battle and that’s what I really love about my football team is they won’t quit,” Jackson said.

Bush rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown for the Raiders (6-4), who barely held on in a mistake-filled fourth quarter that may have been influenced by Heyward-Bey’s scary exit.

Adrian Peterson left the game in the second quarter because of an injured left ankle for the Vikings, who fell to 2-8 for the first time since 1962.

Palmer, who completed 17 of 23 passes in his third game as the Oakland starter, led the Raiders to touchdown drives after two turnovers and a botched field goal by the Vikings, helping Oakland take a 27-7 lead into the fourth quarter.

But Heyward-Bey was injured when linebacker E.J. Henderson’s knee inadvertently hit him in the back of the head while he was being tackled, and his teammates were visibly shaken as he was taken off the field with no movement in his extremities visible.

“It’s definitely scary,” Palmer said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him and I know he has family watching the game. It’s a tough situation to be in.”

Jackson said Heyward-Bey had total movement in his limbs and that he has been diagnosed with a neck injury. Jackson said it was his hope that the former first-round draft choice would join the team on the plane ride home and undergo further tests in Oakland.

“He’s going to be fine,” Jackson said. “I truly believe he’s going to be OK, but obviously we have to take all the precautionary measures to make sure he’s going to be OK.”

After the injury, the Raiders had a field goal blocked and their defense committed a rash of penalties to help the Vikings get back in the game.

Christian Ponder threw a 26-yard TD pass to Percy Harvin to make it 27-14. Three Raiders penalties helped the Vikings move into scoring range again on the next possession, but Stanford Routt intercepted Ponder in the end zone to end that threat.

But Bush fumbled a few players later and Ponder cashed in with a 1-yard TD to Kyle Rudolph.

The Vikings got the ball back at their own 29 with three minutes to play. But Tyvon Branch broke up a pass to Harvin on fourth down to preserve the victory.

Ponder was 19 for 33 for 211 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions.

“Bad decisions by me, and I take full responsibility for this loss,” Ponder said. “The defense played unbelievably well and kept us in the game. We just kept making mistakes.”

The Raiders were penalized 12 times for 117 yards in the game, including four personal foul penalties for hits deemed illegal by the officials. Jackson said he thought some of those calls were “unfair.”

“I know everyone says we’re the most-penalized team in football and that’s a fact, and I’m not running from that,” Jackson said. “But there’s no way, some things that happened today on that football field, I question. I just do, and I have to, and I’m going to defend my team. It’s time that I do that.”

Peterson left the game early in the second quarter after a nifty 12-yard run. He lost the shoe on his right foot during the run and his left ankle rolled grotesquely as he was pulled down from behind by a couple of Raiders defenders. Peterson limped off the field and was taken by cart to the locker room for X-rays, which were negative.

Palmer did what a veteran quarterback is supposed to do — capitalize on mistakes. After Matt Giordano picked off a poorly thrown pass from Ponder at the Raiders 5 and returned it to near midfield, Palmer guided the Raiders the rest of the way, capping the drive with an 11-yard TD pass to Chaz Schilens for a 10-7 lead.

The Vikings botched a field goal attempt on the next drive when holder Chris Kluwe bobbled the snap. Bush ripped off a 28-yard run, Palmer executed a nice shovel pass to Marcel Reece and Bush flattened safety Tyrell Johnson after meeting in the hole at the 2-yard line to bulldoze into the end zone.

Lorenzo Booker fumbled the ensuing kickoff, giving the Raiders the ball at the 16 with about 90 seconds to go in the first half. Palmer hit Kevin Boss for 11 yards and sneaked into the end zone from 1 yard for a 24-7 halftime lead.

“Like Coach Jackson said, we haven’t played a complete football game yet,” Palmer said. “And it’s scary to think, when we do, what it’s going to look like.”

NOTES: The Raiders also lost RB Taiwan Jones (hamstring), C Samson Satele (concussion) and DE Jarvis Moss (hamstring) to injuries in the game. All three will be evaluated on Monday. … Heyward-Bey had four catches for 43 yards in the game. … A bizarre sequence happened in the first quarter when officials forgot to reset the down marker after a first down holding penalty on Vikings WR Michael Jenkins. So when the Vikings were sending in a package for third-and-8, the officials had it as fourth down. The Vikings called timeout, and after a long delay and several conversations, referee Jerome Boger made the correction and gave Minnesota its timeout back. “It was just a madhouse,” Harvin said. “But they did get it right in the end.”

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Comments (17)
  1. tay says:


    1. Edward says:

      I know, Tay, it’s a real bummer.

  2. A new stadium cures all ills. says:

    Another hard fought loss. They probably need a new stadium to enhance their performance; the more expensive, the better.

    Not that Oakland played a good game but, golly Mr. Carter, they tried just about every penalty in the book in an effort to hand the game to the Vikes and we still lost.

    1. Purple Blood says:

      the vikings aren’t good this year, we get it, however any moron that comes on here and uses the defense that they do not deserve one because they are bad…welll, they need to stick to going to the Guthrie. True, the Vikings haven’t won a Superbowl, but they are our most entertaining and for the most part, consistent team. They been in 3 NFC title games since 1999. Name any other MN team that has gone that far in the playoffs since then? The Twins have been to the equivelant of this once in the ALCS, and the Wild and Wolves have been to their conference finals once. Who knows if they will ever win a Superbowl in our lifteme, but the Vikings are Mn and they need to stay!
      BTW – It’s funny how everyone is back on the Wild’s bandwagon now, including myself, even though I can’t stand hockey

      1. Skol always says:

        Well said, Purple Blood.

      2. Purple blood maybe, but no pulse says:

        I’ll give you consistency – they have a 51 year losing streak; that’s consistent all right. Wow, three … I mean THREE … NFC title games since 1999? Uh, is that supposed to be impressive?

        And, ummmm, haven’t the Twinkies won a couple World Series?

        Will the Vikings win a Super Bowl in our lifetime? I think the more relevant question would be: Will the Vikings win a Super Bowl in the team’s lifetime? (Oh, the answer to that is probably “No.”)

        What happens to a musician (an entertainer) who never has a hit song? Does he or she get public funds to keep singing?

        What happens to an actor or actress (entertainers) who never deliver an acceptable performance. Do they get public funds to keep their acting careers going?

        What happens to Jane or Joe Clerk (the average person) who doesn’t perform her or his job? I’ll be they lose their job. But, duh, they DO get public funding – it’s called unemployment.

        So, yeah, you must be right, the Vikings are such great entertainers to the folks in Minnesota that we should build them a new billion dollar plus stadium so their billionaire owner can make a few more billion.

        We’re good people here in Minnesota; don’t let it be said that we’re unwilling to pay for our entertainment.

        1. Purple Blood says:

          this might be the most lame argument ever. Musicians do not bring in millions in revenue to a state. People do not gather for 16 Sunday’s a year to get together to watch George Clooney in another overrated movie.

          And by the way, since you can predict the future by saying the Vikes will never win, did you put a few hundred down on the Cardinals winning the World Series when they were 999-1 odds at the beginning of September. Last I checked, the Saints were the laughing stock for years and finally won a Superbowl, but you wouldn’t know that since you were at a play at the Theatre in the Round that night.

          Please wake up and realize that sports create billions upon billions in all kinds of revenue for all kinds of businesses.

          But I am not going to argue with your lame liberal assss.

          1. purple blood = brusied brain says:

            No, your argument easily tops mine as the most lame ever. Congratulations!

            Millions to the state? Apparently you haven’t seen the most recent figures that were mentioned by the local TV stations. You may have also “overlooked” the minor associated item called … ahhh, what was that again? … oh yeah … “expenses.”

            16 Sundays a year? Oh, I guess you are correct then, I was unaware that all games are now “home games.”

            As for the billions and billions you speak of … hey, I’m just a country boy, why would I need all that money? Let’s let Zygi have all of it … oh, yeah, but he has to pay for the stadium.

            1. Nice. says:

              Purple Blood = Bruised Brain…….I was going to write something in reply to PB’s ridiculous comment, but I think you said it all.

              Good One!

              Zygi plays, Zygi pays.

            2. Purple Blood says:

              Let me paint a clearer picture for your sorry Liberal asssss.

              The NFL generates billions of money throughout the country and if you followed sports, you’d know a team has 16 games in a season. Now I know your family likes to get together and churn butter or whatever you Amish types do, but a majority of MN likes to get together either with friends, families or at a bar and have fun watching games. this equals money being put into our economy. It’s economics 101.

              Oh, and if you happen to read the articles, Zygi is pitching in 400 million of his own money, however the state would own the stadium and he would just lease it. Therefore we get the revenue. Don’t be such a fucckking arrogant pompous little twit who votes down every little referendum that comes your way.

              1. You must know a lot of people! says:

                “A majority of Mn likes to get together……”? Really?

                How did you do your research to enable you to speak for Minnesota and make such a statement? Did you do a telephone campaign, door-to-door, or perhaps pass out questionaires at the Malls???

                1. Professor Purple Blood is one smart idiot :-) says:

                  Based on his writing skills and command of the King’s English, I’d say our boy is a “physic.” <— yep, spelled just that way

                  He probably purifies his brain cells with a liberal dose of beer each day and extra on weekends when he gets together with the majority of MN to watch the NFL generate its "billions of money."

                  I think we should recognize his analytical skills and address him as "Professor Purple Blood." What do you say?

                2. Bring It says:

                  I’d love to argue with your dumb ignorant assss more, however you do not seem to be defending your argument as to why they should leave. Other than your jealousy of billionaires. Perhapd you’ll have time to think about it now that you’ve delivered your petition to Target because your lazy assss doesn’t want to work, but instead wants more handouts

  3. Anyone Consider This? says:

    If a stadium is built, can anyone promise that all the construction jobs will be given to Minnesota workers? NO

    Can out of state businesses low bid the job to get the work? YES

    Is there any provision written into the contract that all work is done by Minnesota workers? PROBABLY NOT

    Does anyone else remember the I35 bridge rebuild? Was the general contractor and the lead construction company from Minnesota?

    Construction will create jobs—-but for who? Without some written guarantee by Zygi, this is no longer a valid defense of a new stage for these sports actors.

    Move the vikings down the road.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      This argument against keeping the Vikings in Minnesota has no merit or credibility whatsoever.

      1. you da judge says:

        You are so wise; you shoulda been a supreme court judge.

      2. Really? says:

        Keeping the vikings in Minnesota HAS no merit or credibility whatsoever.

        If this is not relevant, than neither are all the many posts in the various news stories about how many jobs a new stadium would create. You may not have commented about them today, but you read them too, right? That is my point.

        The I35 bridge WAS paid by Minnesota taxpayers and work was done by non-Minnesota companies.

        History has proven the “create jobs for Minnesotans” argument wrong, and that was some peoples major point as an argument in favor.

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