WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Michele Bachmann said Tuesday that America runs the risk of going the route of Greece, saying it’s time to “pick up a mirror and look into it.”

The Minnesota Republican who’s seeking her party’s presidential nomination told “Fox & Friends” it’s tragic that the congressional supercommittee failed to reach agreement on a $1.2-trillion deficit-reduction deal.

And she blamed President Barack Obama, saying he was “AWOL” when crunch time came. Bachmann said that Obama still “blames the people who are in the middle of the problem.” She asks, “We didn’t see this coming?”

Bachmann adds in the interview: “We look at Greece and it’s obvious what needs to be done. … We can’t afford a welfare state, so don’t do it anymore.”

“What I would have done is, ‘Here’s our maximum number. Here’s what we’re going to spend. Each of the committees reach this level and no more.’ And I would have drawn a big red line in the sand and said, ‘Here’s where we’re spending no more money,’ ” she said in a CNN interview.

Bachmann said she feels she has an excellent chance to win the season-opening Iowa caucuses, noting that many Republicans haven’t decided yet on a favorite.

“People usually don’t make their minds up until they have to,” she said. “They’re trying to find out who is the most consistent conservative in this race.”

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Comments (66)
  1. Blah, blah, blah says:

    Blah blah blah blah.

    Blame Obama because a bunch of jokers in Congress couldn’t pull their heads out?

    Uhhh, yeah, sure Michelle. Very weak iindeed.

  2. But it's the librul MEDIA says:

    Oh you unfair liberal media!! Why do you treat me so badly?

    I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

    And so it shall remain!!!

  3. smb says:

    And just where has she been?
    She’s missed about 60% of the congressional votes while she’s been out on her fool’s errand.

  4. Sal says:

    AWOL? a lady who has missed most of her congressional work for her 6th District Minnesota constituients while campaigning for the presidency has the hutzpah to say someone else, the president, is AWOL on an issue?

    1. Anti-MB says:

      @Sal and smb…thank you! I’m glad there were two of you smart enough to point out this hypocrite’s idiocy!

  5. Ralph says:

    Here come the Bachmann haters.

    1. The Queen BSer says:

      Yep – and she indeed is the #1 POS in American politics today.
      Along with being the #1 dumbest, the #1 contortionist of facts, the #1 bullchitter in the debate, the #1 of the GOP at sucking off the taxpares teat while professing that America subsidizes to much, to many easy handouts yada yada yada , and the #1 person without a single policy other than bashing Obama….lol
      She indeed is America’s #1 P. O. S.

    2. Elephant Hunter says:

      That’s right, Barf. MB going down in flames, as has been predicted by everyone with an IQ higher than sawdust. Guess you’ll have to jump on Pawlenty’s bandwagon. Oh wait, he’s a flash-in-the-pan too. Guess you’ll have to jump on Herman Cain’s bandwagon. Oh wait, he’s a bum too. Guess you GOP’ers are down to pinning your hopes on Newt Gingrich. Good luck with all that.

  6. mike says:

    I hope America wakes up when we have our next election. Obama could have been a very good president if he knew how to lead. This man has done absolutely nothing since being inaugurated except blame the last administration. There has to be some blame there, but just talking about what happened then doesn’t fix what is wrong now. A leader would be working hard to get congress to work together to find solutions for fixing the country. Instead he gets on the plane and sets of to another dinner and sight seeing tour someplace. When I say ” I hope America wakes up” I hope like hell we have someone to vote for so that we can feel will do the job. As far as Bachman goes I think a lot of you figure she will live up to what she says and then you’d loose some of your hand outs.

    1. max says:

      Obama worked very hard to effect compromise, but the Republicans in Congress have been completely intransigent. They’ve refused to compromise on virtually anything. As for Bachmann, she has demonstrated that she has zero credibility.

      1. dan says:

        So when the Democrats had full reighn of govt for 2 years what did they concentrate on? Health Care!
        Come on, do you really think Health Care is the biggest issue we have to deal with? If Obama was going to do something positive for the Country that was his window. After 2 years of nothing, it was time for a change. Real Change not Obamas version.

        1. please open your eyes and ears says:

          It’s in the top 2 or 3….that is undeniable.
          Employers blame hiring or lack of more so on health than taxes or anything else. Hell – they get tax credits TO hire.
          People cannot afford to do the medical visits often and things accelerate into worse things and then we end up with that super spendy tab.
          Maybe it’s a master plan to shut down the increase in population. lol
          I’m a Republican and will go after this administration often but when it comes to reigning in this medical disaster – I’m with the other side.

        2. Realist says:

          “Health Care is the biggest issue we have to deal with?”

          Oh, people are only dying, so who care about health care. Let’s focus instead on banning gay marriage and lightbulb freedom. Oh joy!

        3. frozenrunner says:

          Look at the state budget and the federal budget. Medicare and medicaid are a large part of the budget. Each budget continues to grow. The cost of health care has to be controlled somehow, the debate about what to cover has been avoided for a long time. The change after two years has provided no results. Health care at government expense (you, me and the rest of the tax payers) is rising and didley is being done.

    2. V says:

      Obama has tried at all cost to negotiate with the congress, but the GOP will do anything in this world including risking our economy just to ensure that Obama will be a one term president, business owners are sabotaging our country just to help their lovely friends Republicans, so they can get more tax breaks.

    3. @mike says:

      You serious here Mike? I am 66, a life long Republican or 95%er anyway, never seen nor taken a dime from the sysytem in any shape or form until I drew my first SS check a few months ago. I’ve paid into FICA for my whole life, and by that I paid on both sides as I owned my company. I also have cancer and maybe a year ahead so I feel I have far out-contributed to what I may receive.
      Back to the topic – Bachmann factually does not seem to know what she says herself. And if elected she would waffle like all of them as she has her hands in the cookie jar deeper than most people ever will, as does her family. And Marcus’ family. If you think she will modify or change any of these programs that she reaps rewards from I have a real castle that King George lived in near Hastings that I will sell you today too.
      She is absolutely no different than any of them except she cannot get things straight even in her own mind and words. She is possibly the only one on the panel that has no business even pretending and almost everyone in America knows that fact.

    4. Otto says:

      This is all on Congress, all 535 of them. They are not doing their jobs. They are the ones who are supposed to create solutions, not cause more problems. Pointing at the other side or at the President is not a solution. The institution of Congress is in the back pockets of large corporations and their only motivation to do anything is to get more money or get more vote. I think it’s time for a recall of all of Congress and no current members are eligible to run.

    5. jackactionhero says:

      More illegal aliens (Mexicans) have been deported by Obama and his policies on immigration than by any other President.

  7. The Bachman Haters? says:

    Sigh! This nonsense gets so old. You just don’t realize just how unintelligent and naive and foolish this woman is. If you ever actually boned up on the facts for a change, you’d realize that. Granted, it is harder than just shooting your mouth off, but you might want to give it a try.

    Then again, it does take a certain amount of effort, so I ain’t gonna hold my breath.

  8. Jesse says:

    Notice as always she shoots the blame but has no solution. It is always easier to blame than it is to fix. Wish I could miss as much work as she has and still have a job.

    1. dan says:

      Obama doesnt waste anytime blaming the Republicans, but does he show any interest in solving the debt issue? Nope, blame the other party. I wish he would have spent half the time on the Debt issue as he did on Health Care.

      1. Citizen says:

        dan, you cannot solve a debt issue in three years that took 30 years to create–30 years of mostly Republican administrations, Republican policies, and Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, and Republican lack of job creation that has gutted the middle class like a dead mackerel.

        1. dan says:

          Blame, blame, blame. Typical Democrat. My point is that too much time was spent on Health Care and not enough on the economy and jobs.

          1. Reality sucks says:

            The way I recall—time wasn’t the issue. It was pretty quick from start to finish. Congress (Pelosi) passed “ObamaCare”— said they would read it later. I think the economy has been front and center for a good long time dan.

            1. Citizen says:

              @Reality. I just read some commentary on CNN that says businesspeople already credit China with having surpassed the U.S. economy. I would surely like to see a list of U.S. businesses that made this possible… And, dan wonders at the problem of solving the economy and creating jobs.

              1. Reality sucks says:

                China certainly has its own issues and they will come home to roost. Have to credit the Chinese population—not the government or their messy monetary policy—for their success. The U.S. people hold a savings rate of about 5% (generous of me since it was 1% 4 years ago) while the Chinese people approach 50%. So, when they have a housing bubble or issues of like kind, their own people are prepared. As far as them surpassing the U.S—yeah, most likely will become official before the next 10 years are up and we certainly put them there. The grunt work they provide in the slavish monotony of widgets for the U.S. has raised them up. But, they have to work on their social programs since a billion people are going to take its toll. I just read that the other emerging markets such as Brazil etc. are in talks to implement the Chinese currency as exchange rather than the dollar.

                1. Citizen says:

                  @Reality. I try not to buy the widgets. Yes, the U.S. corporations turned China into a major exporter and the U.S. into an importer–thus our deficit.

                2. slipping away says:

                  @Reality – do people ever look at video of China and the people? Before any blames anyone about loss of this-that to China maybe pay heed to their savings as pointed out and the fact they LIVE well under their means, Small homes, small cars, not much is excessive. Maybe they learned from the rest of the world, especially the USA.
                  Our excesses and excesses in wants and have to haves have brought us individually and as a nation to our knees. We are damn near to the point of having our heads on the chopping blocks in front of us.
                  And what does the leadership on both sides do to lead?????????????
                  LMFAO – ZERO
                  So do we want to hold onto the 2nd spot or sink to the bottom???? Guess it’s time to shake up DC like it’s never been rattled before. There no longer are options left

                3. Reality sucks says:

                  @slipping away. The Chinese are Germany’s biggest customer of BMWs. They adore Cartier and expensive whiskey etc. etc. It has become a prestigious fad to deliver their babies in America, bring them back to China and show off the baby’s passport! The Chinese are not the Chinese of old. But I will say this—-they can adapt back to living in their mud huts farming rice patties FAR EASIER than any American can revert.

          2. Realist says:

            “Blame, blame, blame. Typical Democrat.”

            LOL! And you are conducting yourself differently? The GOP does blame democrats for everything too?

  9. Adolf says:

    Once the books hit’s its # Michelle is gone. Passion to serve? Nope. Money hungry Jew? Yup.

  10. va172 says:

    This woman is a political idiot llike most of those in office. They preach one thing to get elected and once they are in office they proceed to do what benefits THEM the most. There is no person in the presidents office that could have gotten anything done with the congress and senate we now have. The final solutions is to vote all of them out.

  11. Scott W says:

    And she should know because we haven’t seen her in Congress for almost a year.

  12. Skanky gets her dues too says:

    She still all pizzed off at Obama cuz he didn’t let her put her hand on his shoulder ??? The beeetch is desperate for face time – how’s her book selling? 5 copies at Half Price Books already. $1.75 _____for anyone in need of a fire starter it may be worth it

  13. ????? huh says:

    heard it on the street that bachmann and ventura doing the dirty behind the curtains again last night.
    imagine what a dim bulb that lil’ bugger would be. and one would need to have the lil’ things tongue cut off at an early age
    terri and marcus getting nasty too me wonders. now that would be another odd tyke…maybe looking at marcus for the nipple??? lol

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Uhhh what?

  14. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    “1 ………..Term ………President?” “Crazy……………White……………..Woman!”

  15. Michelle says:

    Things aren’t getting done in Congress because most politicians will not vote based on what is best for all Americans, but they vote the way their big contributors tell them to vote. If they don’t, they won’t get their precious campaign contributions (from rich, powerful corporations, millionaires, billionaires and special interest groups), and they won’t be able to win the next election. The system is corrupt, and it needs to change, or nothing of substance will get done in this country.

  16. j speedbag 64 says:

    i;d rather look at road kill than look at bachmann

    1. strange one says:

      who cares what you think.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      I’d rather watch Janet Reno and Rosie O’Donnell in a Tijuana donkey show.

      1. Reality sucks says:

        That is near poetry, jack. I read it twice. Nice!

  17. Free Country says:

    If the Liberal haters don’t tone down the rhetoric we might as well meet out in the street for a knife fight.

    If you think patriots are going to sit around and let brainwashed Progressives destroy a country that was founded on liberty and that our descendents have died to preserve you are mistaken.

    The Democrates better look up the definition of Communism, Socialism, and Facism. All ideologies that the United States has went to war to oppose.

    Wake up people. Better find a way to co-exist or you will get the fight you are trying to pick.

  18. Citizen says:

    @Free. You better look at what rhetoric is being spewed by whom. Warren Buffet has even stated that the wealthy started the war on the middle class and is winning. So, now you don’t want the middle class to fight back? From the way you call Democrats names, I can tell you do not know the meaning of the inflammatory terms you loosely toss out to inflame the discussion. The time for the middle class to “co-exist” as slaves to the corporations and wealthy is long past.

    1. Free Country says:


      Government is the only entity that wants to enslave people. Otherwise individuals have free will to work for whoever you want and to purchase from whoever you want to support. The wealthy and the corporations are not doing anything to anyone, you are doing it to yourself and blaming others. There is no middle class anymore, the left has seen to that. I struggle to provide for my family, but I am the evil rich because I provide for my family and don’t live off the welfare state.

      Continue to drink the kool aid and spew the rhetoric. It’s what Progressives do best.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Free. So I am supposed to believe that the government sent the jobs overseas in the pursuit of profits. Please don’t give me the old, tired line about government regulation because most of the multinational corporations pay no taxes and the government enacted extremely favorable tax policies toward corporations over the years and backed off enforcing regulations–the financial sector comes immediately to mind. The Supreme Court even awarded corporations “personhood.” Free to work wherever? Tell that to someone who has sued an employer over discrimination, harassment, or injuries. Blackballed for life! Tell that to a whistleblower. Such naivete!

      2. Citizen says:

        P.S. to Free. Don’t forget that the essence of government is the military. So, when China finally decides to “nationalize” those U.S. industries for its own use, I don’t want to hear any of the corporations or wealthy asking for the military to protect their interests. You can’t diss the government on one hand and expect its help on the other, but that is the Republican position in spades! The government is only there and acceptable to protect GOP interests….

        1. Reality sucks says:

          Wow Citizen. Keep typing!!!

          1. Citizen says:

            @Reality. All the righties are having a “lovefest” on the article about M.B.’s appearance on Fallon’s TV show. I’ve never seen such craziness in posting. And no one has yet answered the question as to whether M.B. knew what song was playing. Sigh!

            1. Reality sucks says:

              There’s no way she knew that song. She listens to the Christian Rock station not Fishbone. Oblivious. Good, Good, funny stuff though.

              1. Citizen says:

                @Reality. Isn’t it possible she helped pick out music? Just wondering….I can really see old M.B. wanting to play the victim here and drum up publicity for her “base.”

                1. Reality sucks says:

                  Ha! Nope. Not possible. But that’s a good one Citizen—I wouldn’t put it past her. But, all she has to do is open her pie whole and let the nonsense spill. I have a slew of quotes on my computer and pick a new one from time to time as a screen saver. Hillarious stuff! This one is on Fallon. Deserving of an obscure Emmy.

        2. snowfire says:


          Government is controlled by the wealthy (big profitable business and wealthy individuals) so you are agreeing that you want to enslave people. Your kool aide recipe is to talk in circles – typical.

        3. Free Country says:

          The government is not a problem when it stays within the boundaries the founding fathers established. If limited to military, police, and courts to protect the citizens and our individual rights there would be no issue.

          But the Progressive utiopia is cradle to grade dependency on all things government. Get out of the social engineering business.

          No personal accountabilty. It is all the corporate boogiemans fault. You make me sick. But that is what makes this country great. Even truly sick individuals as yourself are still welcome.

          1. Reality sucks says:

            You must have one heck of a “Vote Ron Paul 2012 for Liberty” bumper sticker!

          2. Citizen says:

            This “sick” individual’s ancestors met the Mayflower. No one welcomed me.

            1. Reality sucks says:

              You are on a roll today! I love it.

              1. Citizen says:

                I have a day off. There are some days I just can’t take the stupidity any more! Thanks for the support.

                1. Reality sucks says:

                  Looks to me like a whold bunch of us took the week off, so this is going to get interesting! The debate is tonight.

          3. max says:

            What about roads, schools, infrastructure? What about developing treaties that allow US business to trade internationally? The limited government you describe would be a complete failure in today’s world.

  19. Sam says:

    No, Bachmann. Obama isn’t AWOL. He is continuing to try to work on the problem. But every potential solution he offers is responded to with a chorus of “that’s socialist”, even if the idea originally came from Republicans.
    You and your Tea Party cronies are selling out the nation for a better chance at next year’s election.

  20. Citizen says:

    @Free. I suggest that calling another poster names sort of defeats your message, but we understand who you are. I would also suggest that you tell your wealthy friends and corporatists to have some “personal responsibility” and quit relying on all those subsidies and tax breaks dished out by the federal government. “Corporate welfare.” A lot more dollars go there than to the rest of the population.

  21. Pavel says:

    T’o Dan: You must be another Michelle Bachmann because you always espouse the “same old un-intelligent comment. It is always the same….just like Bachmann. You should read and learn! The democrats never had two years to get anything done. The Minnesota Republicans tied up the 60th Senate vote for 9 months and the Senate Republicans never allowed any business to come to the floor for the remainder of those two years. They threatened filibuster and anything had to have 60 votes in favor to come to the floor. Republicans are dirty players and America suffers for these Obstructionists. Look at the most recent Super Committee….same old……obstructionist Republicans!

  22. Pavel says:

    Dan is just another Michelle Bachmann. Same old Obstructionist Republicans!

  23. G. W. B. says:

    To Free Country: Go back to school. Your writing gives you away.

  24. all republicans are stupid says:


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