Roots ‘Welcome’ Bachmann With Pointed Song Choice

131728237 Roots Welcome Bachmann With Pointed Song Choice

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NEW YORK (AP) — Jimmy Fallon’s house band the Roots didn’t have a warm welcome for Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann when she appeared on the NBC show early Tuesday.

As Bachmann strode on to the stage at Fallon’s “Late Night,” the show’s band played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called “Lyin’ Ass B****.”

The song begins with a distinctive “la la la la la la la la la” refrain — the only words audible before Bachmann, smiling and waving to the audience, sat down.

The song itself, about a relationship gone wrong, isn’t political. Among its cleanest lyrics: “She always says she needs you, but you know she really don’t care.”

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Bachmann’s campaign had no immediate comment.

Fallon joked on Twitter that Roots bandleader Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson was grounded. The show itself didn’t have any comment.

The Roots frequently make sly, often obscure, song choices as Fallon’s guests are introduced.

When Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs came out, they played part of Genesis’ “Illegal Alien,” a reference to Dobbs’ frequent commentaries on the topic. Current TV host Keith Olbermann, formerly of MSNBC, heard part of Klymaxx’s “I Miss You.” Kathie Lee Gifford was saluted with UB40’s “Red Red Wine,” a reference to the drink she often shares on-air with “Today” co-host Hoda Kotb.

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  • Kahn

    Hatred isn’t pretty MB. Your ilk looks pretty fascist to me. No, it isn’t OK for the left to spew vile, hatred, insults, and incite violence.

    • caligula


    • ma

      Google Ron Paul


    • Same old, same old

      Criticize Miss Michelle and you get this same hackneyed, knee-jerk reaction.

      Oh me oh my!! Quick!! Fetch me the fainting couch. It’s just too much for poor little old me to bear!!

      • Jeff McCabe

        what was the criticism? All I see are insults. And who fainted? What comments are YOU reading?

      • Mikey

        Hey Same old, looks like you’re doing the Same Old liberal thing, changing subjects. It wasn’t criticizm of Bachman, it was the insult of the song, or can’t you read an article that’s in proper English? How is saying that it was a rude into a “hackneyed, knee-jerk reaction?” Avoid the hyperbole and deal with the subject matter at hand like an intelligent person.

      • Caroline

        Go poo on a sidewalk, occupier. Then, get the hell out of my country . . .

        • caligula


        • Poo on a sidewalk?

          Why would I want to do that?

          • D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV

            Poo on a sidewalk? Because it’s your home, liberal.

            • george

              Never watched the mental midget nor will I ever. Funny how jealousy shows no bounds. Typical loser tv show.

            • LibsGaysJihadisRtheDemBase


              When is the band going to play NBC’s anthem, “KISSING OBAMA”S BUTT, ONE CHEEK AT A TIME”?

      • DJ

        Really? “Your black guy” who has all but abdicated the throne that you created for him (golf, vacation, vacation, vacation, golf, world bowing tour to despots, “c’mon we’re buying shrimp guys” vacation, golf, golf, fly to Brussels to receive Nobel “Peace Prize” that he earned for .. ummm .. ?? .. ?? .. wait .. ummm .. ??, golf, vacation, “it was Bush’s fault,” right after “it was Bush’s fault, inherited 7% unemployment only to give us 9.1%-10% unemployment, extra $5 TRILLION debt in just 2 years, vacation, golf, another bow-to-despots world tour, started a third war, gave billions to Brazil to drill in 2-mile deep water while shutting down OUR oil drilling in 1-mile deep water because “it’s too risky” and he’s “saving the planet” from ..?, gave now $2 BILLION to failed green companies headed by campaign donors, Fast & Furious where one of our border agents got killed by guns that HIS inJustice Department sold to Mexican drug cartels (without the knowledge of the Mexican government, passiing THE most-hated legislation in U.S. history (congrats .. more peopl hate 0BowMaocare than Prohibition in its day), vacation, golf, flying to Europe only to lose the Chicago Olympics, … You mean THAT black guy?! Oh yeah. We’re scared!

        • Half-breed

          No, the one that is half white.

      • Bonsall Billy

        It isn’t about someone “criticizing” MB. It is about having a little class when you invite a guest on your show. I personally can’t stand listening to her talk. Many disagree with her views. Still, that is no excuse for being rude to a guest.

        • Fallon wants triple-dip recession for the jokes

          Amen! Even if you don’t agree with someone, you welcomed them onto your show (which you didn’t need to do – this is, for the time being, still a free country…), yet you show a total lack of class by degrading them from moment #1.

          Just another SNL loser.

  • G

    I love how it’s the liberals who say that republicans are such terrible, hateful people. So full of peace, love, and happiness are my liberal brethren.


      If you want to throw every one in a basket…. the grocery store is elsewhere.

    • patmurphy1965

      Liberals are the party of “love” like Islam is the religion of “peace.”

    • caligula

      TNB. they can’t help it.

    • Those Libruls!!

      They are so mean to us. I could just spit!!

    • jasperddbgghost

      They would devour a baby on stage just to stand up for a woman’s right to murder their unborn child.

      • Sheepleherder

        Sort of like when “pro-life” Christian fundamentalist praise the carpet bombing of 100,000 Iraqi’s in the name of “Peace in the Middle East”.

        • ECH

          And who would order a carpet bombing these days anyway? The Obama Administration, right? What does being a conservative Christian have to do with it? By your “logic” I suppose Osama Bin Ladin ought to have been canonized as a political saint in the liberal-left hall of fame? Carpet bombing took palce in WWII to great effect over an enemy because that is what happens in a real war. And why this sudden pejorative and sweeping categorization of “Christian fundamentalist” in connection to war? here is no connection, except your prejudice. Historically, it’s political liberal leaders who are the ones who get us into war by their constant quibbling and indecisiveness, which gets them backed into a corner.

          • Sheepleherder

            I see, it’s OK for the OP to make derogatory statements about women’s rights to control their own body, but it’s not OK to point out the hypocritical stance that is the hallmark of the anti-choice Christian fundamentalist?? You are right, however, in that I am prejudiced. I admit to being biased against people who call themselves “pro-life” while cheering on the death and destruction of actual living humans.

            • Beez

              So, two wrongs make a right? Check.

        • DJ

          Sorry. Don’t know where you got your “facts,” but we NEVER “carpet bombed 100,000 Iraqis!” We DID bomb Saddam Hussein’s military targets because he repeatedly defied the 1992 Peace U.N. treaty (after he invaded a sovereign Country and killed thousands of their citizens because he wanted their oil too) by knowingly violating the no-fly zones and poison gassed his own people, the Kurds — women and children. But thanks for playing, simpleton!

          • Sheepleherder

            By the way, where in the Presidents speeches did he make mention of how we were going in there to do anything about what he did to the Kurds?? Or about how Saddam was killing his own people? Or violating the “no fly zone”, or … Want to speak of “facts”?? You should learn some for a start.

            • DJ

              Wow! Someone is completely ignorant of the reasons that BOTH Democrats and Republicans voted FOR the invasion of Iraq! How does it feel to be a simpleton?

              And again .. we NEVER “carpet bombed 100,000 Iraqis!”

              • Sheepleherder

                Simplicity is easy, when the “facts” are on one’s side.

                And again, the dead don’t care what you call the method of their destruction.

                • DJ

                  What “facts” are you referring to? I haven’t seen ONE in any of your posts. Ad hominem doesn’t count.

          • Sheepleherder

            I’m sure the 100,000 are thankful that they were not carpet bombed … or at least they would be if they weren’t dead. You should spend a little time at the receiving end of an MLRS strike and have a discussion on semantics.

      • dancingbrave


        • No fingway

          Once again, a liberal sleeping life away and expecting another free hand-out. Or is it a “been-there-done-that” kinda thing?

    • Bilford Rielly

      Their smuggness just screams out ” SHOOT ME!’ I’d be glad too. Only watching them in their misery as BO ‘The Muslim Turd’ circles the drain is just to much fun to watch. I would rather see them slit their own throats than to do it myself.

  • unionprof

    Thank God I don’t watch TV.

    • unionprof

      The link in my comment was added by CBS.

      • TD

        What link?

    • ShmegLeggal

      The internet is worse!!!

  • Joe

    No one deserves that.

    • Girl Power

      Fallon apologized to Bachmann, after Nita Lowey reprimanded NBC.

      “One of Bachmann’s congressional colleagues, New York Democrat Nita Lowey, had called on NBC to apologize for its “insulting and inappropriate” treatment of its guest.”

  • Civility?

    This must be the civility Obama and the left believe in. The mentality seems to be let’s insult those we disagree with rather than provide an intelligent counterpoint.

    • Look

      We’re sorry. It’s just that you righties say the darnedest things and expect to be taken seriously. We really do try not to giggle, but it’s hard.

      Again, sorry you feel so put out by it.

      • DJ

        I’m sorry too. That you Lefties are the biggest hypocrites on the planet by calling people like Bachmann — whom speaks the truth about your savior, 0BowMao who has made EVERYTHING worse — “hateful,” but then you go and do something like this, or manufacture “sexual harassment” charges EVERY time a Conservative black man runs for office! Aside from the fact that you Liberals are childish and hateful, you’re supremely racist too. It’s a shame that all you have is juvenile taunts like this because you lack the substance to debate Conservatives on the FACTS that Liberalism is a disease that has, quite possibly irretrievably, destroyed this Country.

        • CW

          Agreed…liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder that can only be irradicated by maturity-or institutionalism.

      • Ryan Larson

        If a host brought out Michelle Obama and played Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” I’m sure you wouldn’t feel offended, would you? No, you would be giggling at the harmless fun, I’m sure.

        • inevitable

          No indeed, “it” would call you a racist blah,blah or teabagging klan member etc. They really are the most simpleminded of all unfortunately and should be held criminally responsible for the atrocity currently occupying the White House with his beard. There is a solution and it must be a final one.

    • Not-a-Dhimmi

      So true Civility. They don’t practice what they preach. And like the current presidency… there own former employees say that there’s a lack of respect towards women. Similar to how muslims treat women.

      • Herman Cain

        has his hand on my thigh. Make him go away

  • Hawk

    Bad taste. I don’t like Bachmann and would never invite her on my show if I had one. But if I did and I did, I would treat her like a guest in my home. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Fallon over this.

    • Maverick

      You know, if you have to explain and explain an insult, it’s the explainer who ends up being the insulter . . . When Roots gets their own show, they can pull a stunt like this; otherwise it reflects poorly on Fallon who I thought was an intelligent, polite gentleman. He owes her an apology, I’d say, and I’ll avoid him until he does. Hey, she’s somebody’s mother. Jimmy Kimmel would not let such a thing happen.

      • Roop

        GOOD POINT. Fallon seems like an alright guy who offers little political commentary and doesn’t alienate his audience. I think Questlove should make a public on-air apology to Jimmy Fallon and also to Bachman. I’d go so far to have him explain what exactly makes Bachman a Lying A– B—-?

      • Citizen Jane

        Fallon has apologized to Bachmann.

    • GozieBoy

      Totally agree. This was WAYYYY out of line regardless of political bent and guest. I can’t even imagine the outrage that would be ALL OVER the MSM if anything even approaching this happened to a Dem leader or candidate. Do we really need any more examples of the EXTREME and HYPOCRITICAL media?

      Sorry Jimmy, I used to like watching you, but you’ve now lost me forever.

      • fulredy

        So long Jimmy, enjoy your future with the democrats, you fit right in!

      • Mel

        There’s political satire, like SNL, then there’s outright disrespect. You can disagree with someone without disrespecting them. This shows the level of maturity and intelligence on the part of the band. And, if Fallon, who I have found very funny in the past, was not aware of what song his house band was going to play, than he is ultimately responsible as the host of the show to take action. A wise person watches over the affairs of his business. I’m glad to see some liberals seeing this for what it was and acknowledging how inappropriate it was. Thank you!

  • wjr56

    That song is the type of classless liberal trash one would expect from stupid, kool-aid drinking obamabots. Hey liberal morons, do you think pelosi’s lobotomy was effective too and is that why she looks like a crazed, pshychopath on every photograph or is it why she wants to raise everyone’s taxes and keep spending us into oblivion? Of course, I wouldn’t expect you liberal cretins to understand how punitive taxation destroys jobs since you like obama’s lunacy!

    • Caroline

      What should any of us expect from the National Barack Channel. They are slavishly devoted to their ongoing propaganda campaign. Why any conservative would show up for the Leni Reifenstahl left escapes me.

    • Patrick

      Wow. I don’t know if I should be impressed more by how many worn out buzz words you tried to tag ‘Liberals” with or how little you actually know about how taxes work and what the history of taxes are.

    • Mnbikeguy

      Glad to see you are elevating the dialogue and discourse.

  • Citizen Jane

    The Political Correctness pecking order dictates that Misogyny falls far below Racism as a cause for righteous indignation and protests in the streets. So color me unsurprised that the Roots, a Philly based POC populated band, chose this “musical” interlude without fear of repercussion from the PC Police, of which Fallon is a member in good standing. Regardless of what you think of the woman’s poliitics, you could at least show some respect for Bachmann. But then again, this is the same crowd that savagely attacked Hillary Clinton – on the basis of her sex alone – to uplift their precious Barack Hussein. (Who now doesn’t even enjoy the love and affection of his prior primo leg tingler Chris Matthews.). But the Roots still gotcha back, Barack, REPRESENT!


    • Roze

      Thank you. At least someone has a clue. Sexism is FINE, everything else is a no-no.

    • CT Patriot

      The ONLY reason Chrissy Matthews is breaking up with Obama is because the Leftist MSM is going to try (they’re acting, it’s what they do) and usher in a third party candidate in hopes of KEEPING Obama in the Presidency. Read the tea leaves all, the hoax on you/us!!!!! Do not fall for the fake left and juke right.

  • Jon

    If this had happened to Obama, Chris Mathhews would have felt a tingle up his leg and whined about racism.

  • Kat Swartz


  • cntrlfrk

    The democrat Party of Hate and Hypocrisy shows it’s true colors once again.

  • PJ

    Remember: It’s perfectly acceptable for liberals to by misogynistic, racist and hypocritical — it’s practically mother’s milk for them.

  • Ben Schaffer

    I don’t like Bachmann, I’m a conservative, but I am still ticked at how they shouted her down on the USS Yorktown. I’m ashamed to live in the same city as those people

  • Maggie Fanelli

    No class.

    • Jane Swisshelm

      Like the NASCAR people who booed Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden

      • rambisfab

        though were paid customers, NOT THE NASCAR OFFICIALS AND TRACK PEOPLE THEMSELVES!!

  • runner

    When liberals get on their soap boxes and scream for equality and call for civility in discourse they mean it only for non-conservative citizens and politicians.
    nobody watches this has been comic anyway.

  • Lorenzo

    I long ago stopped being shocked at the depths that liberals, militant gays and the Hollywood crowd could plumb. They are at their core, joyless, bitter haters of all things that don’t conform to their fascist worldview. Ironically, they justify their hatred with the self-righteous belief in their own superiority, despite incontrovertible evidence that this belief is misplaced and undeserved.

    • Twins FAN

      right back at you! All you said applies to TEA party. What is grow jobs? When your party sold out the middle class of this country to cheaper labor outside the US?Your ideas support the HAVE EVERYTHING and the HAVE NOTHING.

      • pitter43

        Uh, uh, uh YOU TOO. Haven’t heard anything like that since 3rd grade, about the time liberal minds stopped developing.

      • M.R.T.

        The Democrats tossed manufacturing out of the United States by pushing high corporate taxes, excessive EPA regulations and reviews, outrageous union demands for pay and lifetime health benefits, and scam lawsuits forcing businesses into bankruptcy. I am the victim of Democrat frivolous lawsuits. It shut down my 14 employee manufacturing and assembly shop in 2008. The frivolous lawsuits were THROWN OUT! I couldn’t afford to pay my loyal employees and pay MN taxes and pay attorneys fees and pay employee benefits. I moved my new business manufacturing to China with help of a family friend. No newspaper or television news organization would interview me. Why? It was Obama’s election year.

        Jimmy Fallon fully knew what his band would play. He is a slimy liberal. All Democrats are evil.

      • ma

        Twins FAN and Lorenzo could find common ground as Ron Paul supporters.

  • imsancho

    I love how much people hate this woman, it is classic to see liberals all red-faced and spewing hate towards people they accuse of being hateful

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      Liberals – taste like chicken.

      • BillyBob


  • scott

    welcome to the democratic party of America today. stop and look at entertainment today. conservative entertainers would never dis-respect a person like that. it is common for libs. the democratic party has let the liberal people in the entertainment field be the face and voice of their party and it shows.

  • dave s

    I wouldn’t expect anything better from the scared children on the left. They know their time is drawing to a close and now they strike out like angry children at the adults who about to take control of the mess they’ve made.

    • AI

      dave s, you are spot-on!

    • Hah!!

      Yeah, I’m quaking in my shoes. You ruff tuff creampuffs just scare me all to death!!!

      • demsvoteblindly

        It appears you are… ;) Just cause we do not call for destruction of property we do not own and blocking ports and preventing honest people from making a living… don’t let that stop you crazy libs from doing it. The great thing is most Americans are seeing these acts and your side is losing much support. Keep it up, and act surprised when you are left with just California to ruin.

        • CW

          Please California is effed up enough by decades of liberal acadamia, media and politics-Moonbeam and Mayor Gangsta Tony overseeing the remainder of California swirl in the toilet. All the better to instill their socialistic fascism.

          Liberals do understand that our military is over 75% conservative-whcih is why they are attempting to decimate the military.

        • Uhhhh

          Sure. Whatever it is you’re saying makes PEFECT sense. I think.

          • demsvoteblindly

            Good comeback. Maybe you are waiting to be told what your response should be… good follower you are. Don’t think, just do as told. The libs love the dumb and stupid, you fit right in with them. ;)

          • demsvoteblindly

            It’s a good chance you have no clue what I am talking about. The Occupy is calling to block all ports on the west cost in a couple of weeks. Cause no one is listening to them, the plan to take illegal action and stop all workers from being able to provide for their families. This will sure help their 20% support they currently have. ;)

            • relentlessPatriot

              They call themselves the 99% because if they had chosen any other number, the math would have been too difficult. “We’re the 96% and the other 3% suck!, oh wait, the other 8% suck! Whatever, this isn’t city hall. Let’s go!”

  • AI

    Libs in the gutter, engaging in cowardly name-calling like wayward 10 year olds, because that is all they are. The article is so lame…”…must not be fans of Michelle Bachmann”…gee, ya think?? How cowardly for Fallon to invite Bachmann on his show and then subject her to such vile, underhanded garbage. If Fallon does not publicly apologize and fire his band, then you know he approves of this disgraceful behavior.

  • Jason

    I can…sortof….understand the hatred of Palin. She has put herself out there in a way that makes her a lightning rod for it. The vitreol against Bachmann on the other hand cracks me up. Ms. Bachmann’s only crime is being an intelligent well spoken female conservative. Whether you agree with her political values or not, I can respect. Treating any woman, let alone any human like this on the other hand is the depravity of humanity. While I disagree with Obama’s political views strongly, if someone were to play “I’m a Loser” as his lead in song, I would strongly object. Show some class.

    • DJ

      I understand the Palin hatred, just like I understand the Bachmann hatred .. Quite frankly, Liberals believe that women, like blacks, should stay on the Liberal plantation. They despise people whom educate themselves and become successful because that means they don’t need to serve and worship the “god of Liberalism” — Government. And quite frankly, they are scared to death of people who want to attack their god — Government, and cut it down to size. Liberals hate freedom. And thus, they hate and spew their vitriol towards anyone whom threatens their god. That’s why they hate Conservatives — especially if they are female or black.

    • Ryan Larson

      Bachmann is easily our best chance at real change to the right in America, as she would really do something about the border, china, taxes the deficit, etc. The way Obama moved us toward communism she would try to swing us back. Most of the rest will skate if they win. She doesn’t have much of a chance, but that’s who she is.

    • jackactionhero

      “Ms. Bachmann’s only crime is being an intelligent well spoken female conservative. ”

      You are a fool.

      Not a Liberal

      • Tou

        I second that and I’m not a liberal.

  • babblerouser

    Jimmy Fallon has a show? Huh…. Guess they are throwin’ around time slots to any no-talent havin, habitual 4th wall breaker, laugh-too-much-at-own-joke hacks like him these days…. And backed by the oh-so-creative Roots? Wow — blending live music with hip hop is just as tired as their support for a dying leftist agenda. Nielson ratings won’t be the only measurement in play soon, as I’m sure just like their ad revenue, the-ahem-“traditional” way of thinking in Hollywood will see a rapid decline; hopefully to be matched only in the increase of logical thought by the voting public. Hope/Change – Turn/Channel – Switch/Off.

    • wfjag

      Of course Fallon has a show in that time slot. Otherwise NBC might have had to offer the slot to Obermann instead of getting rid of him entirely. Fallon’s few viewers are more than Obermann’s no viewers, and unlike Obermann, he’s not the only one to ever laugh at his own jokes.
      But, Jimmy had better watch out. After the first of the year, Joy (“I’ve got the 2d highest rated show on HLN”) will be looking for a new home. So, he really shouldn’t aleinate any viewers.

  • Jon

    I might just support her now to get a good laugh watching the liberals cry and squirm. At least she has held a meaningful job prior to politics. The same can’t be said for the organizer and chief.

  • Cmon

    Late night shows are supposed to be funny and I don’t care what you say, that is hilarious!!!

    • enoughAlready911

      Would you say the same if it were Michelle Obama?
      Hillary? Pelosi? Nope, there would be protests and requests for boycotts.
      Cmon, tell the truth for once.

      • Cmon

        Yes, I laugh at Hillary and Pelosi jokes. I like to laugh. I guess I’m a crazy liberal cause I laugh! HA! Bunch of crazies posting on here.

        • To

          People are so serious. It part of the job of being a public figure.

        • DJ

          There is a HUGE difference between laughing at satire or even joining in with the joke and this stunt pulled by a liberal hack. I predict his departure from his job soon.

  • jimmythejames

    Quest Love is a ganja smoking refugee. I would consider it an honor to be insulted by trash like that.

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