In the first two months of the nationwide Occupy protests, the movement that is demanding more out of the wealthiest Americans has cost local taxpayers at least $13 million in police overtime and other municipal services, such as cleanup and sanitation, according to a survey conducted by The Associated Press. The AP gathered figures from 18 cities with active protests, focusing on costs through Nov. 15. Here they are, in descending order by cost:

— NEW YORK CITY: More than $7 million as of Nov. 15 in police overtime. The department’s overall budget is about $4.5 billion. Last year, it spent $550 million on overtime costs.

— OAKLAND, Calif.: About $2.4 million as of Nov. 14, including more than $1 million for police overtime and $500,000 for other law enforcement agencies. Costs are being tapped from the city’s $30 million reserve fund and are expected to reach $3 million.

— PORTLAND, Ore.: About $785,000 as of Nov. 13, including an estimated $450,000 on police overtime on Nov. 12-13 as officers enforced a mayoral order to evict protesters from two parks because of concerns about sanitation and public safety risks. Hundreds of officers were dispatched last week when protesters threatened to occupy bank buildings, adding to the overtime bill.

— ATLANTA: About $651,942 as of Nov. 7, including $620,508 on overtime for police, firefighters and corrections officials, another $20,495 for police equipment, a mobile command center and food for police officers, and about $9,500 for the parks and recreation department.

— SEATTLE: $625,999 through Nov. 11, including 580,468 for police overtime, $21,471 for the parks department and $24,060 for the department of financial and administrative services. Costs may result in reduced service in other areas in the future, the mayor’s office says, offering no details.

— BOSTON: $575,000 as of mid-November, all for police overtime. That’s about 2 percent of the $30 million police overtime budget and is less than an initial prediction of $2 million in Occupy costs by the end of October.

— PHILADELPHIA: $500,000, mostly in police overtime, but also for setting up barricades and other costs. More uniformed officers are joining as health and safety conditions deteriorate, officials say.

— MINNEAPOLIS: $226,655. Includes $132,912 in overtime for Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department; $42,488 for contract workers for Hennepin County Security to replace employees put on special detail, and $51,255 in overtime for the Minneapolis police.

— LOS ANGELES: More than $120,000, for services such as recreation and parks, street services, security and city attorney work. May rise after damage to park surrounding City Hall, where nearly 500 tents are set up, is fully inspected; damage is estimated at $200,000. By comparison, the Michael Jackson memorial concert cost the city $1.4 million.

— CHICAGO: About $49,000 as of Nov. 2. Police department’s projected costs are $48,767, the majority of it in overtime.

— AUSTIN, Texas: About $9,800 as of Nov. 15, for cleanup to the plaza in front of City Hall. Police department did not respond to request for cost information.

— PROVIDENCE, R.I.: About $9,000 as of Nov. 15, including extended hours and maintenance for restrooms and police overtime.

— DES MOINES, Iowa: About $7,800 as of Nov. 15, mostly for police overtime.

— NASHVILLE, Tenn.: $4,500, estimated as of Nov. 1, including for daily cleaning of entrances to Capitol, increased chemicals in plaza fountain because of urine and debris, and electricity usage by protesters. State estimates another $25,000 for cleanup and repair after protesters leave.

— BURLINGTON, Vt.: Several thousand dollars in overtime after investigation of an apparent suicide at the encampment and demonstrations that followed.

— ST. LOUIS: About $2,200, for overtime and other costs to parks employees.

— WASHINGTON, D.C.: About $1,000 as of Nov. 15, for less than 20 hours of police overtime.

— DALLAS: No extra costs reported.

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  1. mary says:

    I guess its really not free speech.

  2. jackactionhero says:

    These “protesters” are just like petulant,spoiled children being bratty & stubborn..Holding their breath until they get their way..Pepper spray & a good beatdown would cure that in a minute!

    1. occupyidiots says:

      Yea, and if you use pepper spray…you are accused of police brutality! So if you tell someone to leave and they say they won’t leave, but they take a physically defensive stance locking arms, and outnumber you 2-3:1. Would you physically work to pull one’s arms free and attempt to handcuff one of them? I doubt it…and even if you then tell them that if they don’t leave, you will use pepper spray on them, who is being a bloody idiot and staying to get sprayed? The idiot gets the sympathy and the police get the blame! Typical liberal Amercian way!

  3. dan says:

    I would venture to guess this is more than 2 years of TeaParty protest cost the US Taxpayers.
    I bet the Occupy crowd are just wishing we would give them the $13 Million and they would be happy to go home until they need their next fix.

  4. iopa says:

    In most cases the police don’t need to be there. The protests are friendly. They are just wasting money having police stand there pepper spraying people.

    1. Betty says:

      Really iopa?

      So beaking into a foreclosed home and using it for their own purposes is not an illegal activity? Wasnt there a murder in one of the Occupy camps? Who is supposed to remove these trespassers when they thnk private property is thiers to use as they are just exercising the right of free speech? Who do you propose needs to clean up after these people?

      1. Mark says:

        @ Betty;

        The last I checked, most of the protests here and around the world are occuring on public roads, plazas, parks, etc. What part of “PUBLIC” is different in your world in comparrison to how this word applies to the Occupy movement?

        Need I remind ALL on this board of the following:

        “Congress shall make no p;aw respecting an nestablishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacably to assemble, and to petition the government for the redress of grievances.”

        These words apply to ALL OF US, not just to thiose who protest things that you agree with!

        1. Betty says:

          That’s the problem Mark. Most is not good enough. The park they decided to invade in NY was Private property. The home they decided to break into was private property. Do you recall anything like this when the TeaParty protested? Nope, they didnt use freedom of speech as a reason to break the law.

          1. Mark says:

            And in cases of private property they should be asked to leave or face fines. Trying to forcibly evict them is pointless and only adds to the risk of injury of both parties. In cases where they are occupying public property… well, what is the excuse? There is none, the fact some loosely associated people were on private property is not a reason to remove people from public property.

            1. occupyidiots says:

              @Mark Become a police officer and see what they have to deal with in person or shut the heck up! Ask people to leave and they don’t? What the heck would you do? Keep asking? You want enforcement…but you have NO CLUE as to how you would actually do it!

              In the cases of private property…wow, I’ll bet you would want the police to physically remove them if they were occupying your property! Oh wait…it’s pointless to forcibly evict them and only adds to the risk of injury to you, them, and the police? Hey protesters, Mark’s home is available for you to hold your meetings at!

        2. Jake says:

          Plus, thanks to Blackmun and the other Supremes, the language no longer means what it means. It means what you want it to mean if you can stack the Court. The right to bear arms also isn’t supposed to be “abridged.” Have you tried to purchase a firearm lately? Perhaps the “gun control” crowd would also support background checks and other limitations before allowing people to voice their views, too.

          It’s always about whose ox is subject to goring.

          1. occupyidiots says:

            @Jake Everyone has an agenda…even YOU! Wake up and smell your own trash! You want the courts stacked to make decisions according to your views too! Oh, but in your clueless selfish way, only YOU get to complain about others who want the courts stacked to make decisions according to their views!

        3. ohoh says:

          Can you imagine Mark, the outcry if a large group of Christians occupied these same areas for the same length of tim promotiong their personal beliefs?. You would be screaming bloody murder to get them moved on.

      2. jimmy says:

        Wasn’t it a Tea Party member that shot that congresswomen in the head? Wasn’t it Glenn Beck that told Tea Party members to shoot people in the head.

        1. Carl says:


          Wrong as even the media apologized afterwards for linking the wacko to the TeaParty or a right-wing activist, and why dont you cite the entire comment from Glenn Beck. Any one line can be taken out of context. Why not Palin for placing targets on a map. Give me a break Jimmy!

          1. jimmy says:

            Please show a Tea party member that’s not a wacko. That clown was a product of right wing propaganda and the 24/7 hate that Glenn Beck and the rest of them spew.

            Why don’t you just google Glenn Beck shoot them in the head and watch the video. Why do you think he exited Fox right after the shooting?

            1. peace says:

              That must really suck to have no idea what you are talking about. Your mommy and daddy must be so proud.

    2. occupyidiots says:

      @iopa “In most cases the police don’t need to be there” Another clueless and idiotic response…for it only takes ONE case when one protester doesn’t act friendly and peaceful (of course in your clueless mind…THIS NEVER HAPPENS!) and someone (you for example) gets hurt, would you be the first one to blame the police for NOT BEING THERE TO PROTECT YOU? Reality check…there are many sides to any issue.

  5. Morons of the world unite! says:

    Can’t we just have the protesters pay for it? Oops, I forgot, they don’t feel like they should have to pay for anything, and they don’t want to work.

    Doesn’t it just warm your heart to go to work today so you can pay for this? Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone is thankful this year. I’m thankful that I have a job, and they’re thankful they don’t have to get one. (irony and sarcasm)

  6. mary says:

    The dems want this movement to mean something so bad that they all try and use it for their own purpose. Truth is, they have no common theme except we don’t like America and Capitalism as it currently is.

  7. Kevin says:

    You know….give them a shower…..a haircut…….some honor……and take away their crimes……drugs……..and violence……and you have the Tea Party…..

    1. jimmy says:

      You would also have to give them a pus gut

  8. ohoh says:

    The weather will stop cooperating with these occupy thugs and they will soon go back to California or Socialist Europe from where George Soros paid them to come.

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