Police: Woman Sets Self On Fire In Northern Wis.

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ASHLAND, Wis. (WCCO) — Officers in Ashland, Wis. say they pulled a 22-year-old woman from her car after she led them on a chase and set herself on fire.

According to the police department, officers responding to a welfare check Tuesday evening were led through the city of Ashland after the woman took off in a vehicle, driving without a license.

The woman drove at speeds above 50 miles per hour, and would stop and taunt officers to goad them into continuing chase, police said.

After they deployed stop sticks, police saw the woman pour a liquid on herself and light herself on fire with a lighter.

Officers said they broke the window, grabbed her out of the vehicle and extinguished the flames with snow.

The woman was taken to the hospital before being taken into protective custody. She may face criminal charges.

An officer also sustained a hand injury from breaking the car window.

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