MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Republicans are ripping plans for recall signature drives near malls on Black Friday.

Democrats and their allies angry with Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious union rights law launched a drive to recall him this month. Recall organizers say signature gatherers planned to set up near malls, shopping centers and park-and-rides around the state Friday.

Republicans say the effort amounts to harassing shoppers. They say businesses should call police if signature gatherers don’t leave their property upon request and shoppers should report problems to the GOP’s “Recall Integrity Center” website.

A spokeswoman for United Wisconsin, a coalition working to recall Walker, says volunteers are collecting signatures on public spaces near malls and other busy areas. A state Democratic Party spokesman says Republicans are trying to create hysteria.

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  1. MIke says:

    I thought civic responsibility and integrity was only spurned under dictatorships or undemocratic society?
    It is hard to believe that Walker and his minions would consider the petitioning of it’s voting base harassment. Gov. Walker needs a long vacation and the voters from the state of WI will determine and support that in the coming election recall.
    Wake up WI, your under siege.

    1. GN says:

      Interesting what happens when union bosses take control of government.
      Tell me again why we are unemployed and broke. When it comes to the high cost of goods and services and job loss in the United States, no one can compete with the Unionist Socialist Party characterized by the acronym of DFL.
      It’s unfortunate that most folks do not do research on an international bases rather than a me first concept. But given the poor quality of education we receive as a nation at all levels I guess it is understandable. Ignorance is bliss.

      1. tan pup says:

        Interesting comment considering it was the GOP who encouraged and profited with the movement of jobs overseas. Not the mention the two wars which were not funded – and tax decreases for the wealthy – not the middle class. How does the union boss control contribute to job loss? Hello – Mr. Walker and his cronies have made good on a promise to break the unions – again, how is job losses of 10,000 support a socialist part characteristic? Also, FACT – Mr. Walker promised 250,000 jobs created (or 10% of the population). Now he blames the economy? It is the same economy as when he was took office 10 months ago. Also, GN – this may come as a surprise, FACT you are not included in the 1% elite as many republican voters seem to think – sorry you are just the lame rugs they can scare and foster with their bulling. However, you are correct on one major point – the education level of this country has become mediocre at best – also a direct and intentional process of the GOP by cutting funding for education at every level. Walker, and the people who support him (now) are a perfect example of the dumbing down of this country. Look at him, he shows no leadership. Just one last point – first the unions then you will be next no matter what you do. You know what – personally, I’m sick of SE WI running this state with its IL influences. It’s time for NW/NE WI to show some leadership and backbone and show people that being fat, dunk, and stupid is no way to a successful future!

        1. GN says:

          Continually throwing money at education does absolutely nothing except ensure that the union controlled educational associaton gets more money and benefits.
          It parallels the concept that baby boomers are to blame for the countries ills. Not so at all. It is the government baby boomers and younger draining the countries financial future. Most baby boomers, private sector, are still busting their butt trying to make a living while their government counterparts are retired and living a a comfortable life. Many of these retire and go back to work with their old salaries and often times at more pay and not having any money deducted because they already receive their benefit package. Great little scam.
          I am not a GOP backer nor a DFL backer. Both have their own ways of digging in our pockets. Rule of thumb on the wars if anyone understood. The US will go to war every ten years just like clock work and for specific reasons. I doubt very few would understand why. Unfortunately they are rational and needed to continue being an independant nation.

          1. Jerry Person says:

            Education does nothing for an idiot. Education and ending police oppression is the only answer. . Plea bargaining legal extortion is the most violent crime in America. It forces poverty on millions of children in America annually so a greedy few can prevail. Todays just us system is a fraud. They are at war. 49 cops died in the line of duty last year from bullets. 6882 babys died of crib death. Cops are 160 times safer than a baby in their crib yet they are shooting dozens of cotizens daily in America. Only an unstable unsafe cop has to pull a weapon. Your chances are better in the lottery than getting hurt as a cop. Truckdrivers a loggers and even nurses are 10 times more likely to die on the job. The unstable cowards are scheming millions. This is the real GOP scam. Stealing liberty and the persuit of happiness from millions for personal gain. they are called criminal just us systems all over America. Criminal regimes protected by the female and baby and indegent children investigators. They all go after children first easy prey.

        2. Jerry Person says:

          Fact Reagan ended the unions anti trust laws allowing the corporations to send jobs over seas. It was the Reagan clowns that sold out the jobs. Anything else is a LIE.. In 1980 you could not even end one company and start another in a new name to end the union. It was illegal. Catorpilar and several huge corporations wanted this to start all there none union shops. The first was Lafayette Ind. I have been in business sinse 1975 and the GOP never helps small business. They help monopolies. The unions saved our businesses as long as they could. Unions are pro business. Thats how they thrive. Workers DA Lets put the blame where it goes. Do not blame anyone else. Look up the facts or shut up. The GOP especially Reagan caused our problems without any doubt. they new what they were creating. They only cared about the money in their pockets.

  2. The Crix of the Buscuit says:

    Republicans want the recall petition signature drives located on barges out in Lake Michigan, 1,000 from shore should do………

  3. John says:

    And get rid of those annoying bell-ringing pan-handlers too.

  4. G Dog says:

    So much for the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, eh Republican Nazis??????

    1. Larry F. says:

      G Dog you twit, maybe research who Nazi’s really were and what they represented. What they represented is a heck of a lot closer to what unions and Obama want than anything Republicans want.

      1. Frankie says:

        Larrry F Do some research and find out what the Nazi were.. Do some research at while you are at it about pay, working conditions and the like before unions before you go bashing unions

        1. Guy says:

          Try again – Its the “National Socialist German WORKERS Party” … it started as bunch of unemployed blue-collar WORKERS having “b****-sessions” over beer.

  5. angus says:

    I told the tourist bureau of Wisconsin and two chambers of commerce that we cancelled any plans for spending any time or money in Wisconsin since they apparently love Walker. One commented that they received many similar comments from potential visitors.

    We drove through Wisconsin this year, spent $00 but did stop at rest stops. Every rest stop was pretty much a pig sty. Wisconsin better get smart about their governor. Mercy, he almost makes Jesse and Timmy look halfway good

    1. Cheese Lover says:

      On the way out, don’t let the door hit ya, where God split ya.

      Walker is not going to be recalled. It’s a desperate act of losers. Like running away and hiding in Chicago.

      1. Exp says:

        So your educated response is to call people names and berate them? Way to be a great example of your party.

        The only reason Walker would do this is if he genuinely fears being recalled. If not, then why would he try to drum up such a hysteria against it? Let the voters decide. If he’s sure of his support by the voters, then he’s got nothing tto fear, otherwise he’s just being a dictator.

        “Recall Integrity Center” huh? Masters of putting lipstick on a pig, they are. Just like “Patriot Act”.

        1. Larry F. says:

          Exp, there happen to be people who can easily be classified as twits and losers. Taking your ball and going “home” to Chicago is an example of losers taking their ball and going home. G Dog throwing out Nazi classifies him as a twit. As for hysteria, did you completely thaw your turkey before you deep fried it?

          1. Frankie says:

            And you continue to be a paragon of sanctity while continuing the name calling.

  6. Common Cents says:

    Trade ya Dayton for Walker? We’ll even throw in Bachman?!

  7. stubby says:

    Like I said before, unless you live in WI, shut up. The only question I have for you MN losers is, how many taxpayers pay for your pension and health care? The only thing Walker did was make the public unions contribute to their own retirement and health care. The majority of their pensions and health care is still paid for by the taxpayers, whereas in MN, you foot the whole bill for the teachers, police , fire, school janitor, snow plow drivers, city trash collectors, all the school administrators, public housing employees, city matainance workers, the list goes on. So tell me again, how many taxpayers pay into YOUR pension and healthcare funds?

    1. The Truth says:

      Quit complaining about public workers, Stubby. They don’t come to your job and tell you how to fry burgers, do they?

      1. stubby says:

        Not complaining about them, just don’t want to pay for their retirement account or their health care. Ask them if they are willing to pay for mine. Oh, by the way, can I super-size your order for you?

        1. tan pup says:

          Yet you’re OK paying for 3 wars – bailouts for banks – and higher healthcare costs because the CEOs need new Yachts? You’re just POd you made a poor career choice – or better yet, you were convinced your job was the only thing you could do. Hope you enjoy your indentured servitude. At least people who formed unions knew what to fight for.

  8. stubby says:

    Why should taxpayers bear the load of city workers? What makes them soooo special that they contribute 0 to their own pensions and healthcare while forcing the rest of us to pay for it? You like to complain about high taxes yet you defend a system that forces you to pay for someone elses retirement and health care. So me the harm in having these public workers contribute less than 1/3 of their pension and health costs.

  9. Jake says:

    You’re right, stubby. Let’s not forget the $160,000 a year bus drivers in Madison, piling on the OT so they could pad their pensions to the max, instead of hiring MORE bus drivers who could work, pay taxes, raise a family, etc. Nope, better for the dems to keep people unemployed, dependent on the gov’t, buying votes with tax dollars for desperate people.

  10. Chuck says:

    Excuse me!! Where in Minnesota do the teachers not pay at least part of their health insurance? I thought that par tof what went on in WI. The teachers there had it better than the ones in Minnesota. Hosw about you get some facts before spouting off!!!

    1. stubby says:

      Talking about WI there ol chucky boy, read the first line of my post. Shut up if you’re not from WI, this doesn’t concern you.

      1. jimmy says:

        stubby: Shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  11. Citizen says:

    Here is the Dismal Political Economist’s view in today’s blog on the Republican issue with unions. Pay close attention and read:

    “Wow, public employee unions who in most cases do not even have the right to strike are more powerful than government, who has very deep pockets and can withstand a strike far better than a private company. Who would have thought that state and local government officials are so pitiful, so impotent, so lacking in basic management skills that they cannot engage in successful collective bargaining. But they must be according to Mr. Costrell.

    Here is the core of Mr. Costrell’s argument

    In Cleveland, for example, the collectively bargained contribution by teachers is $75 per month for family health coverage, a fraction of a state employee’s $205 monthly contribution. Ohio state employees face an out-of-pocket maximum of $3,000 per family for in-network coverage, including a deductible of $400 and a co-insurance rate of 20%. For Cleveland teachers, the out-of-pocket maximum is zero—there’s no deductible and no co-insurance. These provisions are written into Cleveland’s union contract. They will be very difficult to remove.

    Very difficult to remove? No, Mr. Costrell it is very easy to remove those provisions. When the contract expires and a new one is being negotiated management just says we are changing that and reaches agreement on what management wants. It’s called collective bargaining Mr. Costrell, and with government at the table it is far more powerful than any union. If you and your fellow Conservatives are not up to it, the thing to do is not destroy collective bargaining, but for you and your ilk to cede political offices to those who are.

    We would all appreciate it.”


  12. Murph says:

    If anyone ever deserved to NOT survive recall,or anything else fo rthat matter it’s Walker.The entire state got a black eye by his underhanded ,millionaire suck up act.Howerver sucking up was always on his record! As I hear it!

  13. Scott Walker says:

    This is not about the budget. It was about ending civil rights. IIt is about kicking Obama out of Office . We will oppresse the people anyway we can . We will end voting rights if needed to get Obama Out. It is all about GOP control. Chapter 3 of the Joe Stalins playbook. Dave Koch read it to me at a fireside chat sitting on his lap. You make all the adults slaves and the children will follow. End educationand keep incarceration. It makes us trillions. You force oppression and they will beg you for there needs. Then you will be a supreme KING of Wississippi..

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