Police: Missing Woman’s Body Found

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities recovered Thursday the body of a missing woman near Ortonville, Minn.

Renata Fernandez-Ramon, 30, had been missing since Oct. 6. Authorities uncovered her body after a landowner reported a freshly dug area on his property.

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner identified the body Friday.

Police say there is no threat to the public and the cause of death remains under investigation.

Fernandez-Ramon’s boyfriend Jose Francisco Munoz-Teran moved to Mexico with the couple’s two children on Oct. 7, the after Fernandez-Ramon went missing authorities said.

Authorities declined to say if Munoz-Teran was a suspect in this case.

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  • Me

    Kevin, you’re obtuse. Nothing in this article says A) they’re immigrants or B) illegal ones at that. You know, some of “them” are here legally and, shocker, some of “them” are US citizens. And illegals don’t get welfare checks. You should see a proctologist because your head seems to be lodged somewhere.

    • jean

      yes it thnk it will alway be thier,plus kevin didnt get passed 4th grade

      • yikes

        Looks like Jean didn’t get too far in school.

        • Melissa

          Jean, before you criticize other people’s intelligence, I think you should re-read the sentence you just wrote…LOL

    • Browning Of America

      You voted for Obama didn’t you?

    • me too

      A bunch of anchor babies and some stolen ids is the way illegals get welfare.

    • g8bbgg

      if they have an anchor baby they get a check…..

  • Say What

    The Obama voter moved to Mexico October 7th? What a shame. Did he take the shovel with him?

    • g8bbgg

      Ya bet he did, how else would he dig a new tunnel to get back here????

  • ummm

    when is the last time you have heard of someone that is not an immigrant and just sashayed into mexico on a whim. suppose you dont find his abrupt departure suspicious either…..must have just needed to step out for milk :)

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