MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 28-year-old woman who was charged with animal cruelty for killing her chihuahua puppy has been sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Holly Boyd, of Fridley, will also be on supervised probation for three years, after admitting she threw the puppy against a dresser after it peed on her leg and on the couch.

The incident occurred on March 24 at a home on the 5600 block of Polk Street in Fridley. A man told police he lives at the apartment with Boyd and had recently received a chihuahua puppy that was only a few weeks old.

The man said he had an argument with Boyd and was advised by police to leave the apartment to stay with a friend. He later received a text message from Boyd that said, “The dogs killed it also broke it’s neck I think.”

According to police, the man found the dog lying on its dog bed, limp, apparently dead and bleeding from its ear. Police confirmed the dog’s death and saw its skull was broken in several places and it seemed to have its bowels protruding from its belly.

Boyd told police the dog ran into the leg of the coffee table but later admitted that she got mad at the dog for urinating on her leg, picked it up and threw it violently at the dresser.

Police say Boyd showed no remorse for killing the dog and even threatened to sue them if they tried to arrest her.

Under her sentencing, Boyd is not allowed to own or house any live animals or pets.

Comments (40)
  1. Twy says:

    How Pathethic !!! I sure would hope she was never allowed to own a animal again. Poor little thing.. All it ever wanted was to be loved… God`s Speed, little guy…..

    1. TwySux says:

      I chi-wa-wa!!! People before pets!!

      1. Chris says:

        She should be locked in a dog carrier abd put in the garage in January….

        1. kristi says:

          Better News!!! She died of an overdose on Jan. 22nd 2012!!!!! They found her stinking up the apartment!!!

          1. mom2many says:

            Good, I’m glad she’s dead.

          2. mom2many says:

            Wonderful, the wicked witch is dead!!
            Good riddance!!

  2. Mr. Always Right says:

    45 days really, sounds a bit absurd, how about that lady that killed 3 people in the car accident and only got probation and this, 45 days for a dog????

    1. dj says:

      45 days in jail for killing a puppy sounds absurd to you???For most people that have a heart for a living breathing little being 45 days in jail is nothing more then a slap on her hands!!!!

  3. aiight;; says:

    poor lil thing ❤ it was young, did she expect it to come potty trained?! no, she's a worthless piece that needs a taste of her own medicine
    @mr. always right- she had every right to get 45 days, but in regards to the lady that killed 3 poeple- that case in absurd; how about having a lil heart?!
    what happened to amy senser?!

  4. RetroDude says:

    Boyd should be picked up, thrown against a concrete wall, and left there to suffer and die.

    1. Angry says:

      The way this country has become, I have more respect for animals than I do some of the lazy, stupid, useless POS’s that are destroying America… trash like Boyd. The greatest judge of a person’s character is in how they treat the helpless and weak who cannot fight back. Sterilize Boyd then throw her into a concrete wall and leave her for dead. SHE is the one who is a waste of space, oxygen and resources.

  5. AH12 says:

    Well, Mr. Always Right (I beg to differ with your name), certainly probation is a ridiculous sentence for the woman who killed 3 people, but I hope no animal has the bad luck to cross your path. FINALLY, the courts are beginning to demonstrate that abusing animals will not be tolerated. Now, if only we could throw Holly Boyd violently against a dresser…..

  6. Mr. Always Right says:

    I own a dog and I’m by no means saying what she did is right nor do I condone her actions, in my opinion the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. So she is sentenced to 45 days, costing taxpayers how much??? She gets to sit on her butt and do nothing, instead I feel she should have been sentenced to a large number of hours of community service where she might actually do some good rather than sitting in jail for 45 days, I hope she gets out early due to overcrowding and good behavior

    1. harleygirl says:

      Community service is too good for her – she needs to pay her dues in jail.

  7. rml says:

    What the heck is wrong with people?! What a monstrous thing to do to a loving and helpless animal. She needs more than jail time, in my opinion. I hope she rots. I agree, this monster of a person should suffer the same way that poor dog did. WHY do people like this even have animals in the first place?! I hope karma catches up with this piece of trash.

    1. harleygirl says:

      Ditto for me!

  8. pat says:

    Temper, Temper, can you imagine if this doll has children? Whoever the guy was, I hope he realizes what a lucky break he had.

    1. R Gibson says:

      That’s kind of what I was thinking – I think her probation should’ve included having no small children in her care, too! They don’t come potty-trained either! What a sad, sad thing.

  9. TL the alligator says:

    wow….this ugly skank loser looks just like a snapping turtle….she should have gotten 5 years in prison…..karma WILL come a callin—-just wait and see.

  10. Reailty says:

    Hopefully someone will throw her violently against the wall. What a POS. Hope she doesnt have any kids.

  11. poor little dog says:

    How sad for the little dog! This lady is very rude! and someone needs to throw ner aganist a dresser several times and left to die! an eye for an eye! oick on someone your own size and someone that can defend thereselves lady! poor little thing could not fight back!

    1. poor little dog says:

      You should get life lady!

      1. I agree says:

        I agree throw her against a dresser seveal times until shes bleeding from the ears and left to suffer and die. what a witch!!

  12. Murph says:

    I hope she don’t have any kids???????? !

  13. moi says:

    Makes me sick to my stomach. What a monster 😦

  14. holy says:

    Just looking at her, you can tell she needs to be ‘put down’……

  15. The REAL, real Jake says:

    People before animals is right! Lets look at the known facts; she was just in a heated altercation with someone and was still probably upset then a dog pees on her leg and she over reacted. Excessive? yes. Criminal to over react? No I don’t think so. It was a waste of time and resources!

    1. Protect the Innocent says:

      So if she threw a baby against the dresser because she was mad, does that make it OK, too? She broke the law. We have laws against animal cruelty, you know. It’s a proven fact that if someone cruelly treats animals, the more likely she/he will commit a violent act against people. Animal cruelty is a very serious thing and should be treated as such, and she got what she deserved. Someone who throws a tiny, defenseless creature and kills it definitely has something wrong her.

    2. TCO says:

      Hmmmm, can you say psychopath, how do they begin, torturing animals. DUHHHH. Quit making excuses for her deplorable behavior. She dieserves her 45 and then some, hope she gets more while she is in jail!

  16. stpaulie says:

    What a worthless POS! She looks like she is crazy! What does a helpless animal have to do with her anger? People who abuse animals need to go to jail and then feel the pain they inflict. I hope she never has animals or children to care for. May God help those who cannot defend themselves!

  17. minnie says:

    45 days is not enough! She knew what she was doing and had no remorse. Where is your sense of decency and sanity woman? For those who think an animal’s life is not worth anything, think again! If you have no sense of moral obligation, still know it’s against the law to abuse an animal!

    1. Scrooge says:

      45 days is too many, 0 days sounds about right

  18. rick perry says:

    Send her to Texas,we ain’t executin no one till January.

  19. Mel says:

    This woman has probably learned from her mistake.

    Next time she’ll stomp the deserving rat, and not feel the need to tell anybody. Lesson learned…

    1. minnie says:

      why do you think she has learned anything? She doesn’t look too bright.

    2. mom2many says:

      Mel. you are a sick, horrible person. Are you related to Scrooge?

  20. Jeff says:

    What a bunch of whining losers you all are, it is a f**king dog, nothing more, who cares!!! Animals are here for what we want to do with them, period.

    1. mom2many says:

      Jeff I’ll bet you are the same kind of person as the girl who killed that little dog and showed no remorse. Human monsters.
      Heartless, souless, no empathy or compassion for helpless creatures. People like you, Jeff and that filth ball girl are the reason the world is in so much trouble.

  21. The Skud says:

    Too short a sentence! That works out at roughly only 1 day an ounce or less! Should have got no less than 6 months at least.

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