MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — The Senate is preparing to vote on a measure that would extend a current payroll tax into next year.

If it’s not renewed, Sen. Al Franken says the average Minnesota family would pay an additional $1,100 in taxes next year.

The costs are higher in Dakota and Hennepin Counties because in those two counties, the average paycheck is also higher.

If the tax cuts expire, the average person would pay the government 2 percent more in taxes. Democrats, like Franken, say that would be bad for working families.

“All the way up to $2,000 more per working family, somewhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per family and that is money working families tend to spend,” Franken said.

President Barack Obama not only wants to extend the 2-percent cut but increase it to 3.1 percent in Hennepin County, where the average median income is $61,000. That would mean the tax cut would increase from $1,200 in 2011 a year to $1,900 a year in 2012.

The President wants to pay for the tax break with a 3.25 percent tax increase on those making more than $1 million a year. A key presidential adviser told us that’s good for Minnesota.

“In Minnesota that would mean 3.2 million people would get a tax cut for the state of Minnesota,” said Alan Krueger, chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. “That would be an additional $3.7 billion in tax relief.”

Republicans like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann have come out firmly against the President’s plan to tax millionaire earners. She also said she’ll fight any effort to extend the payroll tax cut.

Bachmann says President Obama proposed the tax cut to create jobs, but says it’s failed in that effort. The Republican presidential hopeful says instead, the tax cut has punched a big hole in the federal budget and threatens programs like Social Security, which benefit the elderly.

She conceded there can be some political risks of her position.

Other Republicans say they would support the tax cut extension if a way can be found to pay for it.

The Repubilcans are feeling the heat to try and find a way to extend these tax breaks, but they are also feeling pressure from fiscal conservatives who are worried about the impact on the deficit. The clock is ticking here, a compromise needs to be reached by Christmas or the tax cuts will expire.

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Comments (41)
  1. G Dog says:

    Michele fights for tax cuts for millionaires, but opposes extending payroll tax relief for regular folks.

    Remind me why anybody votes Republican…………………..

    1. @ G Dog says:

      I used to, but no longer. They play too many political games. I voted Rep for years because I’m against all the big government, increased debt, etc; but no longer. I’ve never been a fan of Bachmann, she’s a complete airhead. This country is in big trouble, and there are no leaders on either side that look promising.

  2. Kevin says:

    Why are either one of these morons breathing my air? A failed TV and Radio castarated liberal and a far right loone……with a hot bod though……you know I never thought of that…Bachman at least brings a hot bod to the discussion….franken is just a smurf after years of whiskey and coke……..

    1. Callina says:

      I can understand not supporting the Tea Party movement, but I lose all respect for ANY opinion if it includes that vulgar term.

      Differing opinions is to be expected here. Please throw the rest of your garbage into a trash can, and not into our minds.

      Thank you.

      1. Frankie says:

        which is the garbage, gay husband or hot body

    2. you are a little slow says:

      @Mike. You are right. Not your. You are a hit. Not your. You are correct. Not your.

  3. Bob - Burnsville MN says:

    Doesn’t seem like a very good idea to extend a tax cut which takes money directly away from Social Security which had long term solvency problems even without this tax cut. Just robbing from the future to pay for the present. Definitely NOT a Bachman fan, but I have to agree with her on this issue.

    1. Jim says:

      Bachmann has no concern for Social Security and would do away with it completely if she could. She opposes this payroll tax break for average people because of the corresponding tax increase on people making $1 million or more each year. Those few very rich people are her true constituents. If her concern was really about the solvency of Social Security, why are she and her Republican colleagues pushing for more and more tax breaks for the wealthy? Why do they want to make the Bush tax cuts permanent? That makes no sense.

      1. My goodness says:

        It does make sense Jim,

        If she is looking out for the uber rich!

        1. My goodness says:

          Of course, we are now at a point where the rich truly have most of the wealth, and with no easy way of extracting it from them, you are looking at one of three (3) roads:

          1) The Dem’s sweep; and begin enacting the tax the rich. This will cause the rich to do one of two (2) things or both; a) Raise pricesin everything and try extract water from stone (get more money from the not rich), or b) they cut back on everything in business and a general downturn all-together into a depression.

          2) The Rep.s sweep into office competely, and begin to take away from all social benefit programs and the rights of people to strike and unionize. This will take more money off the table of working families, and further throw the general public into a greater wealth divide, again likely to send us into another depression.

          The only way out, is to reset the money balance. But it’s something that the rich fear doing, because it means less security for them and less status.

          1. My goodness says:

            I forgot the 3rd)

            We stay the course of a divided government. Again, this could indeed be the worse case scenerio, a true bankruptcy of the economy. However, on the bright side, no one will lend ot us anymore and maybe we’ll be forced to live by our own resources and whits again.

    2. Brian says:

      @Bob-don’t be fooled. This money won’t be taking away from Social Security. That’s typical fear-mongers preying on the uninformed. It’s a scare tactic to get all of the oldsters to side up with MB. Don’t be fooled!

    3. max says:

      The proposal is to offset the tax cut with a tax increase on those making over $1 million.

  4. G Dog says:


    except the the continuation of the payroll tax extension wouldn’t tap Social Security. It would be extended by a tax on millionaires – the folks who have benefited by the Bush tax cuts for the last 10 years.

    Have you experienced a windfall from Bush’s ambush on the middle class?

  5. chris says:

    Sounds good to me, or just increase the SSI tax on ALL earnings with no ceiling and make the lower rate permanent for all. Republicans like Bachmann support tax increases on the 99%

  6. Nate says:

    Same ol’ shet. Time to get one party out of the mix. If your for socialism vote dem, if you want capitalism vote republican. Simple as that, just don’t split your vote.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Of course, if Dem’s were purely socialist, they wouldn’t allow you to own property. If Republicans were purely capitalists, they wouldn’t allow any government oversight and no one would be receiving government assistance. Since neither of these are true, you have proven yourself to be a moron. Have a nice day.

      1. Nate says:

        The dems have moved to the far left and even include a socialist in their caucus, vermont I believe. The repubs believe in limited regulations and always have and before you call someone a name you should look in the mirror, lay-off the scotch, and bust your depression pills in half.

  7. My goodness says:

    The Rebublicans are experts at smoke-screens, and diverting away from the real truth, which is “don’t touch my money or else”.

    The Democrats just take a different road of smoke-screening. The look I tried something, but I had no takers or someone else is to blame. But the Dems are getting a little smarter and putting the blame right where it belongs, on the uber Rich.

    One just has to look at Wisconsin and Indiana as an example of what happens when an All-Republican legislature is elected into office. Strip away the rights of workers to unite for fair pay. Then go before the public and blame the same people they’re trying to strip rights from, that they’re the reason for everyone’s financial woes.

  8. Reality sucks says:

    Let the Bush tax cuts expire AND (simply) make the higher earners pay their fair share—cut the loopholes that allow for them to claim income of a penny. And no one, NO ONE, should be able to claim a loss from their investments, on their tax return, to manipulate/cover their gains. When in Vegas–you pay taxes on your winnings, you don’t go cryin’ to the house mob that you lost. So easy I could just puke.

    1. My goodness says:

      Superb!!! Well stated!

  9. Let's get real says:

    Why does the media not call politicians on this nonsensical idea that we can cut taxes or increase spending if we find some offsetting income. That is a reasonable idea in a balanced budget situation but nonsensical in a deficit. It is like a family that cannot pay its bills getting some extra income and using the extra income to buy something new instead of using it to pay its bills.

  10. Paul Solinger says:

    Just to be clear: Using the same argument Bachmann used in the past when calling for the renewal of Bush tax cuts, Michelle Bachmann is in favor of raising taxes on millions of lower and middle class Americans.

    1. Jake says:

      Even if she did, what’s so wrong with that? I remember having to pay something called INCOME TAXES when I was washing cars and dishes as teenager, back in the 1970’s. So….. How can a family today earn 30-40 grand today and not have to pay a DIME in ANY INCOME TAXES, state or FEDERAL?? Please tell me, WHEN did FREEDOM become FREE??

      1. Murph says:

        Hey Jake,tell me why I paid all that tax on the same amount you are quoting? You are nothing but a an absolute dimwit who has watched too much Faux news.Stupid is ,as stupid does.Billionaires and the GOP just love to fleece dummies like you.So why drag everybody who actually has a brain down with you.Your neighbors and relatives must make so much of you behind your back.You are a fool!

  11. BigBubba says:

    Beetchmann’s book ain’t selling so well huh
    I cleaned up the yard before the snow hits —- 7 bags of Bachmann Brown
    Bubba has dropped. Can I deliver it to her in person or just leave it with Marcus? The bags are heavy….somewhat wet and will self destruct in fast…..plzzzz advise my fellow Minni-mann’s.

    (note to self- try new dog food)

  12. Jake says:

    Michelle is correct, frankenstein is nuts. If frankenstein gets his way, it only means that AMERICA dies SOONER, perhaps a LOT SOONER. Call me all the names you want, but the party of FOOD STAMPS, never-ending UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION, and ‘free’ heathcare for the ‘poor’ will do us in fo sho, there is no way to avoid it. Even clinton had more TONS more brains than this el prez, but that ain’t sayin’ much.

  13. more govt waste says:

    Tax the rich. We need more of them shrimp on treadmill studies.

  14. Murph says:

    The problem is that Gingrich and Cain think with one part of their anotomy and Bachmann cannot think! So who does that leave with a functioning brain? Republicans tossed away their chance to elect” the most uninfluential person alive”according the G Q in Tim Pawlenty.So I guess it’s Romney! OR.. maybe the Texas firebug ,Perry.Who lays off 3/4 of firefighters in the middle of a drought.Then sits and watches as 1/3 of the state burns up! Finally gets from help from Minnesota firefighters! What kind of idiots does the GOP think belong in the top job! I believe most non billionaire GOP’ers will wake up and Vote Obama!

  15. FactMan says:

    Worst reporting ever. There is a tax HIKE in the bill.

    Franken supports the tax HIKE.
    Bachman opposes it.

    1. Nah, it's in there says:

      “The President [DEMOCRATS] wants to pay for the tax break with a 3.25 percent tax increase on those making more than $1 million a year.”

  16. j speedbag 64 says:

    bachmann the republican presidential hopeful….yeah right…………she is campaigning for the democrats little does she know,i was gonna vote republican but thanks to shelly i will vote democrat…….christ times are tough i have to vote for obama this time around….man the gop has really leaked me off………

  17. Murph says:

    Michele is agains’t anything that does not involve a close relationship with someone who is overly religious,overly conservative and totally unhinged! But amongst the most unholy,unclean and stupidist politicians on earth she and Pawlenty are still destined to finish last.Say’s something about the total garbage that the GOP has to offer.Yet,the Faux Follies and a huge brain fart or hemmorage,or is it brain hemroid,makes stupid poor people actually think Republicans have anything other than the choice between slave labor or REX 84 concentration camps in their future under Republican rule! Look up REX 84 and see YOUR NAME on the registration book!

    1. Murph, Murph, Murph says:

      I can understand your conspiratorial nature. But, come on man. There are real things to fear such as loss of personal freedoms born of the patriot act and loss of bargaining rights by the unions. Plenty of real things to fear besides the government comin’ to getcha. Come out of your make-shift bunker and breath the air buddy. I got your back.

  18. Murph says:

    Michele announced today,31 years since we had an embassy in Iran, that we should close it.She is a REPUBLICAN member of the house intelligence committee! Enough said ? It seems to me the party of no,is actually the party of DUH??

  19. dphilips says:

    all middle class should be outraged the republicans want to take the payroll taxcut they continue to carve away at the middle class

  20. Adam says:

    Hmmm…3.25 % more for those making $1M. That’s an additional $32,500 per year in taxes for the lowest paid millionaire. Did I just say LOWEST PAID millionaire??? Now I don’t know what their exact tax rate is now. But let’s just say they are paying 13% (which is what my rate is at $50k, state and federal combined) so that’s $130,000 per year in taxes. If they get paid every two weeks like you and I they take home $33,500 ever other Friday. Now divide that additional $32,500 out and they are taxed $1250 more per check. No, wait…Damn, that wont’ work…no way they could live off of a $32,250 paycheck. I mean how are they gonna make it till the next pay day?

    Does this make any sense at all? Are we really fighting over $32,500 for a person making $1,000,000? But Bachman is willing to take money off of my kitchen table? Happy birthday kids, here’s your yearly pair of socks and underwear. Christmas? Maybe next year…

    1. Joe says:

      You know how hard it is to feed a family on a mere million dollars a year?!

      They need to remove the cap on SS taxes as well. Let them pay it on ALL of their income, and stop this Gains vs. Income garbage. Close the loopholes already!

  21. StraycatStrut says:

    Its Good to see Al Franken doing something these days. We actually pay his salary. He must have woke up from his 6 month slumber. Democrats (The Fetus Killing Party) sure have all the answers and politically correct sound bites. With leadership such as Al’s…. we are doomed to fail.

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