MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Local businesses are hoping for calm weather this shopping season after a rough 2010.

Stores can rely on shoppers like Barb Kavanaugh to come in even during the harsh weather.

“I love it, I love the challenge, I love the hot buys and I just love the whole scene,” said Kavanaugh.

The 2010 blizzard was a retail disaster — 17 inches of snow piled up the weekend of Dec.11, 2010. Anxious holiday shoppers were hoping for clear enough roads to drive on.

“(Roads) were horrendous to drive around town,” said one shopper.

On that Saturday, Creative Kidstuff reported an 82-percent loss.

“Those numbers, you just can’t make them up. There’s just no way,” said Roberta Bonoff, President and CEO of Creative Kidstuff.

Managers at Creative Kidstuff know how to adjust when the weather comes in — they shut down the store and send employees home early.

“Who’s left is usually stocking (shelves),” said Bonoff. “Because they know the next day when people can get out again, it’s going to be crazy.”

This season, retailers will try to recoup as much of their losses from the storms as possible, hoping they’re not in for a repeat of 2010.

“We get out the Farmer’s Almanac in our planning meetings and we look to see if that’s really going to happen,” said Bonoff.

Local businesses also rely on online shopping when snow falls. Creative Kidstuff saw a jump in online sales during last year’s snow storms.

Comments (7)
  1. Swamp Fox says:

    This is Minnesota–Land of the Holiday Snowstorms!!! Where is your MN Christmas Spirit? Bring on the snow and celebrate Life and Business too! Are we getting to be a bunch of weather wimps always complaining about weather being too cold or too hot? This is Minnesota! Rejoice, Celebrate, and be Stalwart in knowing that we can handle the worst Mother Nature dish out! [besides “hotdish”]

    Come on folks! Let’s have a White Christmas–Minnesota style!

  2. Ace says:

    What does snow and shopping have to do with Christmas anyway? Who likes car accidents and broken hips? Bah, humbug!

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      HOLY- MOLEY!!! An actual living 2011 Scrooge for real! Guess you’re not a Minnesotan from the remarks. Be Positive and Felice Navidad!!-old scroungy curmudgeon! Time to enjoy the best of Minnesota’s holiday season. Let.the snow fly and winter gives a good blast! It’s Minnesota winter time!

      P.S.: In the meantime be careful out there! Don’t break a leg or hip!

      1. Ace says:

        it’s feliz navidad, not felice navidad

        1. Swamp Rat says:

          Thanks, Ace. “Mi Espagnol” is a bit rusty!

  3. ooompa says:

    Retailers already ruined it for themselves by starting black Friday so early and having such huge sales. A lot of people are done shopping or close to it so will not be spending much more the rest of the year when the retailers hope to actually make a profit. The weather doesn’t matter much at this point.

  4. SNOW!!!!!! says:

    What about the people who need snow to make their money? if you hate winter move to florida or some where warm. There is a lot of hotels and resorts praying for snow so they can make some money to this winter. Pretty sure mall of america or any other big chain will be ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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