Will Minn.’s Budget Surplus Help Vikings’ Stadium Push?

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Nobody is talking about using Minnesota’s surplus funds for a stadium, but Gov. Mark Dayton admits it clears the way for the debate.

“The fact that they don’t have to contend with a budget deficit does free up time — creates a better opportunity to proceed,” said Dayton.

Watch the report above for the latest on the Vikings stadium.

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  • A Voter

    Are you sure you don’t mean for Ziggy’s new pad in New York City?

    • KeepItReal

      No. No. No. No Tax Payer $$$ for the bunch of purple panzies!!!

  • mark

    thank god this idiot DAYTON can claim some sort of victory. I am so glad the republicans kept a lid on this morron

    • webweaver

      sounds like u r unaware of how much $ the republicans “borrowed” from the dept of education just to be able to “balance” the budget, btw there will be fiscal shortfalls every year until republicans stop borrowing from peter to pay paul and wake up and realize the revenues are just not there until more ppl r back to work

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t oppose. No money out of my pocket or any other those other cheapskates. Of course there’s that whole jealousy of billionaire thing that most people have, even though they’d be the same shrewd businessman if they were in Zygi’s shoes…

    • Sam

      How exactly is it not money out of your pocket, Mike? Do you not pay taxes? If those funds go to the stadium, rather than to something the state needs, such as repairing roads, then when the time comes to repair the roads, guess whose pocketbooks get hit?

      I’ve got no problem with people being billionaires. I’ve got no problem with them being shrewd businesspeople. What I have a problem with is when my tax money goes toward making them richer, rather than fixing the real problems we face, like crumbling bridges, worsening water quality, and so on.

  • Steve


  • Steve


  • zee the reporter

    Lets get this done! and move on!

    • Keith Stone

      Yes. End it once and for all. Tell these Whankers they people of MN have no coin for their purses!!! No tax dollars for billionairs with bad mustaches!!!

    • A Voter

      Lets not and say we did!

  • Goob

    OOOHHHH!! Now we have a budget SURPLUS…..How the h%$## did that happen all of a sudden?? What a G. D. JOKE!!

    • Uncle Slam

      Do you suppose they found it under Pawlenty,s old desk?

  • NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A.


  • Jason

    For months we have been sold this stadium. Nobody was buying. Now magically we have money. Nothing like finding $876,000,000 in your winter coat. What a joke.

    • MaryAnn

      An error of that magnitude is not possible.

      Someone is cooking the books or lying. Where is the fourth estate on this? Oh wait, they’re too dumb to figure it out..

      And where is the coverage on the hearings? What was in the bills introduced? Doesn’t the media want us to be informed?

  • Nothing for Zippy

    It will disappear as quickly as it appeared. More political smoke and mirrors. Either way, none of it should go to Zygi. He can fund his own damn stadium. Any “found” money needs to go to pay back all the “loans” the state took from things like the education fund.

    • The REAL, real Jake

      WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!

  • Good

    I am glad they found it. Lets hope they find another 4 billion.

    LOWER our taxes and fix our roads and send Ziggy packing.

    Ramsey County just RAISED our property taxes, and LOWERED the tax base price of our homes. We don’t need a stadium.

  • fedup

    One year it’s “We have a surplus” then the next year “We have a deficit” then the next year “We have a surplus”. It seems clear to me that our state government hasn’t a clue. And if it is true that we have a surplus then we should do the responsible, adult thing and use the money to help fix our problems (the tax payers not the top 1%) with education and infrastructure. But instead the politicians are doing the same thing, acting like kids that just found a quarter on the ground “Let’s go to the candy store”. The hole situation is pathetic.

  • MaryAnn

    Call or email your representative and order them to cease and desist.

    They work for you. You don’t work for them.

  • Jay

    Our legislatures are wayyyy out there. Now WE have a surplus; not them. This is Minnesotans’ money, yes; but, not the money of any one, nor any small group of legislatures FROM Minnesota. Nothing has changed for Minnesota. Jobless are still a huge concern; schools, smaller communities, pulic services from every part of our state are all down becuase there’s not enough money to go around. YouuuHoooo…let’s get the money out where it’ll make the greatest benefit!!

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