OWATONNA, Minn. (WCCO) – An Owatonna nursing home is being charged with neglect after a patient was mistakenly given too much of an anti-anxiety medication, died and the facility didn’t recognize the overdose until two days later.

The incident happened at the Owatonna Care Center sometime between July and August.

According to the complaint, an employee gave the patient 10 milligrams of an anti-anxiety medication when the doctor’s order called for just one milligram of the medication per dose. The resident died the next day, but the error in the medication dosage was not noted until two days later when the medication was brought to the director of nursing to be destructed.

The complaint also notes that the patient didn’t receive the proper medication over a period of 10 days, amounting to 26 total doses. The patient was to receive the medication three times per day at one milligram per dose.

The Minnesota Department of Health has not fully determined if the overdose of medication caused the patient’s death, but said it could have been a factor. It is also not known if any employees of the care facility were terminated as a result of the case which remains under investigation.

Comments (6)
  1. Watching it roll up North says:

    Heads will roll, and they should if they can’t read a doctors order or a pill bottle correctly.

  2. earlygal1 says:

    What nursing home? Be specific please!

  3. "Destructed" says:

    Did the medication really need to be ‘destructed’?? Nice reporting

    1. ez says:

      Lol, gotta low cco’s editing.

  4. jellybean says:

    Major cuts are being made at nursing homes due to lack of funding by the State of MN for residents whose stay is paid by the state. It seems like the state is encouraging people to stay at assisted living facilities instead. Assisted living facilities have alot less rules and regulations than nursing homes. The state inspectors come in and tell the nursing home of all the things are wrong at the n.home and alot take money to fix!! It’s a vicious cycle-no increase in reimbursement from the state, but fix goofy things at the n. home. that don’t affect the safety of the residents!! In some assisted living homes you have staff that aren’t nurses giving medications!! How long before they have major medication errors or people falling out of lifts-but with the lack of inspections of the assisted living facilities some of those problems will go unreported!! Something needs to change!! Encourage the State of MN to take better care of our elderly by increasing their funding for nursing homes!!

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