Iowa Hunter Accidentally Shoots Self In Foot

BRADDYVILLE, Iowa (AP) — A Grinnell man has been hospitalized after shooting himself in the foot while hunting in Page County.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says 35-year-old Benjamin Parker’s gun discharged Saturday afternoon after becoming tangled in some bags he was carrying. A slug went into his right foot.

Officials say Parker was taken to a Des Moines hospital. His injuries aren’t believed to be life threatening.

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  • Jeff Jensen

    Dumb ass…I bet he sports a Mullet too.

  • Jill

    If he voted for Obama then it was a “two-fer”.

    • HaHa

      Boy, Jill, was that inane. You wingnuts are so much funnier when you’re not trying to be.

      And you wonder why the libs make so much fun of you.

  • jrff

    Again,who cares about Grinnel IA in the MN marketplace. Please your killin me

  • Ace

    Now he knows how the animals feel when they get shot

  • Murph

    No doubt he is a GOP politician just trying to protect some “funding” from some millionaire or corporation.Idiots and felons just should not be allowed to have guns! Those fascist high boots they wear must come in handy when they talk politics! They just don’t make ’em high enough when around Bachmann and the other POTUS hopeless!

  • ez

    You people should leave politics out of it. The dumb ass mad several mistakes that lead to his injury. Number one, he should not have been carrying loaded gun, only when you are actively hunting should the gun be loaded. Always carry firearms unloaded. Second, he did not have the safety on, big problem there. finally he should not have been carrying the gun with the muzzle pointed at his foot. Simply safety rules would have prevented this.

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