MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Orchestra is making some changes to deal with the biggest deficit in its history.

The orchestra was short nearly $3 million in the past year.

They plan on balancing the budget by 2013 by reducing the number of shows and making major expense cuts.

The orchestra also plans on trying to attract new audiences.

Despite the budget shortfall, the company is going forward with its $45 million renovation of Orchestra Hall.

Mmanagement and musicians have to also negotiate a new contract soon. The current one expires in September 2012.

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  1. LO says:

    $45 million renovation? Why don’t they cut the renovation down to $20 million and save the remaining $25 million for shows? Why is the renovation so expensive? You might as well just build a new Orchestra Hall for that price.

  2. Jill says:

    This is another example of arrogant politicians deciding that we are too stupid to spend our own entertainment dollars.

    If the market for classical music doesn’t support an orchestra, that’s too bad.

    They are also wasting money remodeling the adjacent park, Peavey Plaza. It doesn’t need remodeling.

  3. Paloma says:

    I don’t mean to be too defensive, but arrogant politicians??? The arts are VITAL to humanity, and thank heavens there is support for that. These musicians are some of the hardest working people on the planet! They have devoted their entire lives to their craft. May I also mention that they have families to feed?? The original hall was built as a temporary structure, and the renovation is a necessary investment.
    Please support the arts!!!

    1. me says:

      The Arts are not vital to Humanity. We as a species would be just fine without an orchestra. If these people bet their future on a skill that doesn’t return, that’s their fault, whether they have a family to feed or not.

  4. maxey says:

    I prefer that the orchestra move to Arden Hills rather than renovating the downtown Minneapolis site. More parking for the new audiences they plan to attract and for tractor pulls and the like that will share the venue. And I think it very important that the new facility have a roof.

  5. tomsmegpa says:

    New audiences— 2013 Grateful Dead with MO 2014 LedZep with the MO Thats about the only untried crowd you could draw.

  6. Jay says:

    First off, they should be concentrating on getting rid of that $3 million deficit by deducting it from the fund they plan to renovate with! Ist that repsonsible thinking? Oh yeah thats right, when a fiund is designated for one purpose cant be used on another! ?Thats BS.

  7. jackactionhero says:

    Let them move to California. No money for rich orchestras!!

  8. Jake says:

    Sniff, sniff….. How will we possibly survive here without an ORCHESTRA?? The world could end. The sun might never rise again. Civilization could be stopped dead in it’s tracks. Chaos and anarchy just might be the end result.

  9. GMF says:

    Whenever an orchestra announces a deficit, you can invariably count on people to make snide comments that show a complete lack of understanding of the industry. Please keep in mind a few basic facts: 1) Nearly all funding for symphony orchestras comes from private sources. They are not asking for any government support whatsoever to close their budget deficit. 2) Of course you can’t use money designated for one purpose for another. Would you donate money to an organization if you couldn’t have confidence that they would spend it responsibly and in the manner you intended it for? 3) We’re talking about a budget deficit in one year, not the end of the orchestra, the end of the industry, or the end of civilization. Please keep things in perspective. 4) An orchestra is a community asset, and lives on community support. Whether you value it or not, or think it’s vital to humanity or useless to humanity, the fact remains that it’s existence does contribute to a better quality of life in the community you live in. If you choose not to take advantage of it, that is your choice, but if you haven’t made any effort to see what classical music can contribute to your life, then you have no business telling other people how it does or does not contribute to theirs.

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