MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis City Council got their first chance to weigh-in on the stadium debate.

On Thursday, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak updated the council about what’s happening with the Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Rybak said his preferred site is the Metrodome, not the farmer’s market or the site near the Basilica. He also suggested using hospitality dollars that pays for the Minneapolis Convention Center, shifting it to pay for a new stadium.

“We have a complicated proposal. But because it’s complex, it solves a couple of problems,” said Rybak. “One is the Metrodome being a new, modern facility for the Vikings, Target Center being renovated and taking Target Center off the property tax right now.”

Thursday’s city council meeting was the first time a formal proposal had been brought to the group.

Rybak said he would’ve preferred the stadium funding be done through statewide resources or have Hennepin County take the lead, like they did with Target Field. Since the county seems unlikely to enter the debate, he’s encouraging the city to get involved.

“If we can move our hospitality taxes around and solve those issues, we’ll have the stadiums, lower property taxes. But it’s complicated and we haven’t totally solved the problem yet,” said Rybak.

Rybak has the support of Council President Barb Johnson but others are skeptical on the funding proposal.

“I don’t believe that using existing taxes meets the charter (amendment) referendum,” said Councilwoman Lisa Goodman. “It doesn’t say you can’t spend $10 million in new taxes. It says you can’t spend $10 million on sports facilities.”

Minneapolis is pushing forward, even though the Vikings still want to build in Arden Hills.

Rybak says it would be $215 million cheaper to build in Minneapolis and also renovate Target Center with the same financing deal.

Comments (14)
  1. Rasputin says:

    Democrats are liars.

    1. raidersfreak says:

      I’ll just get intoxicated before the game hop on the metro link and watch the Vikings play in farmer field downtown Los Angeles /S

      On the most serious note why does i have to be so complicated in this day in age. Doesn’t Minnesota have big time corporations there that could sponsor the stadium and the stadium rights. Or maybe some big Japanese company Like Sony or Samsung, Someone should mail them a letter and tell them we will by your products like 60 inch TVs if you finance our stadium so we can watch the game at home when we can’t make it to the game. I am dead serious Sony financed with Sony- Ericson why not Sony they are buying out Ericson complexly.. What about Lucas oil I am sure they are rich and they are trying to emulate the stadium in Minnesota Arden hills project

      Not trying to sound foolish just throwing ideas around and if you have a moment check at a list of all the sponsored stadiums here. It breaks down all the costs and financing, http://football.ballparks.com/NFL/IndianapolisColts/newindex.htm

  2. IanH says:

    “it’s complicated and we haven’t totally solved the problem yet.” … Then what are you submitting a proposal for?

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Nowhere does it state the proposal is being submitted. Rybak is updating the council.

      Read it one more time.

  3. in your face says:

    Hey Clueless, This is about a foottball stadium, not about your #1 pet project, that being the Target gangsta center. This is about a retractable roof Stadium, not a fixed Roof version that you are pitching. This is about getting back to tail gating with a resonable parking fee where we can hang out, cook lunch for our family and not have to worry about being harrassed by the local thugs in Minneapolis. What exeactly do you not understand about what the peope that attend these games wants?

    1. Sandy says:

      Great idea. Write Zygi a check.

    2. jean says:

      in your face, thurgs have cars, but hey put all your money you have in your tail gating party,cause you wound have any left to good to your football games,, what are you made of

      1. Streeter says:

        Hey, In Your Face, I found one of your uneducated Mpls thugs. Jean please finish school and make something of yourself.

  4. dan says:

    Where was RT 18 months ago when this all started? He thought the Vikes would fold and just renew the lease at the Dome. Now you want to bundle the Target Center into the plan? If you thought there was little support for the Vikes just try to get anyone to support the Wolves. Too Little Too Late, they will build it in Arden Hills!

  5. Carl says:

    Hey Rybak, the Casino beat you to the punch. Time to pack up your little show and go home, your services are not needed today.

    1. TL the alligator says:

      i agree, Mr. Water fountain has caused enough harm and damage to this city….the sooner he shuts up and goes away the better…..he has zero credibility left.

    2. raidersfreak says:

      You guys should read this article from ESPN. It is a little long but worth the read. This is what happens when you have an ambitious project and the city, 2 projects and the NFL don’t mix. The NFL Adored Dodger Stadium site and Peter o Maily backing funding and Location for the 32nd expansion team all goes down the toilet in Los Angeles. What I am getting at is this situation is a little bit different almost rings a familiar bell. The article is from February this year but it doesn’t matter its the meaning behind it. http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/nfl/news/story?id=6057731

  6. PJO says:

    r.t. rybak is extremely flipping stupid/ dense, self absorbed, arrogant e.t.c!!! what part of the vikes don’t want a stadium in minneapolis, they want it in arden hills doesn’t the idiot understand???

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    A stand-alone stadium surrounded by parking lots is old-style. Embedded into a 365-day pedestrian traffic area, where access points are controlled, metal-detectors can be installed if another terrorism scene crops up, and patrons run a gauntlet of food and entertainment services, is what’s modern. A broad showcase approach with park-like tables and cooking spots, for a fee, is also desired. But commuter and business, arts, entertainment traffic should pass right through these areas like the concourse of a major airport. That’s planning.

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