Talking Points: $1,000 Tax Increase For Millions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In the coming days there will be some sharp debate in Washington over extending the payroll tax cut.

If Congress doesn’t act, the White House says 160 million Americans will see a $1,000 increase in taxes.

For more, see Esme Murphy’s report in the video above and hear from politicians like Sen. Al Franken.

  • jimmy

    When do Republicans demand a tax cut be paid for? Answer when it’s for the middle class.

  • Voracious Voter

    Pure politics. This reduces the amount paid into social security and raises taxes on the people that create jobs.

    The media doesn’t have a clue on how to report the truth.

    • alan

      False, false, false! The reduction is being paid from the general fund, so social security doesn’t lose a dime, and “job creators” is a flat out lie. News organizations have asked the blowhards using this line over and over to find a millionaire business owner who decided not to hire due to tax policy, and not one has been put forward. People hire when they need workers to do work – period.

      Your “truth” is pure Reflublican propaganda, and is a lie. Tax cuts to the wealthy, as seen in instance after instance, do NOT EVER lead to any significant hiring. They add it to their huge pile of money and save it.

      Glad my vote cancels out yours.

      • Yeah

        But you’re never, ever gonna convince these guys to actually do the research. It’s easier to listen to Rush and Hannity then go shoot your mouth off. It’s like they’re not wired for critical thinking.

        Maybe it’s too hard for ’em or something.

        • alan

          What amazes me constantly is the number of lower and lower-middle income, undereducated, white male “Bubbas” who rail against tax increases for the rich. Do they believe they will hit the lottery some day and therefore need favorable tax policy?!? Or, probably more true, their biases and lack of thinking has been taken advantage of by the Rushes of the world, along the lines of the tens of thousands of poor white men who died for the south in the Civil war protecting the property rights of the rich by being told their “values” and “traditions” (i.e. right to hate) was being threatened?

          • where are you alan

            alan, your welfare check was returned undeliverable. Our records show you are on several programs and qualify for more because you are on others. Please contact the government and let us know where you would like all of your free money sent.

            • alan

              Dumb as a stump.

  • yeah and

    All I can say at this point is if you are a dem, you are either ultra wealthy, or on the dole or getting a ‘free lunch’ somehow.

  • just asking

    Did any of you bother to listen to the story? That is all there are in here is “ATTACKS” in the comments, but your gods and idols Al Franken and President Obama say they need to do this to put money into the economy. Let’s examine that, we need to take money frmo the producers and pay people with Government wages and benefits to redistribute that wealth. That is all there are is Attacks here and a refusal on Presidents Obama’s part to negotiate. “I will not sign a bill with that pipeline in it.” Ok then, what will you do? Once again like the first two years of his presidency, “Do it my way.” I thought he was going to open up and negotiate with the other side fo the isle? So much for one more political promise that he has no intention of keeping.

    • albert

      Obama is do it my way?!? When reflublicans have broken the filibuster record by a factor of 3?!? Are you nucking futz?

      • just asking

        Give me any instance where President obama has compromised? Health care reform? Nucking Futz is as nucking Futz does and this box of chocolates does notdo anything unless it is his way. I did noohear one bit of compromise fro him trying to solve thiis impasse. What has he offered to keep this “tax cut” for the middle class going? He has only threatened to veto it, with no middle ground offer. He is negotiating from his heels, it is beholden upon him to offer the compromise, the republicans offered the unacceptible bill and now he has to find the middle ground to show strength and cmpromise.

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