BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) — School leaders in Brooklyn Center are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself as voters will once again make their decision over a proposed levy.

Voters have defeated eight straight levies put on the ballot in Brooklyn Center.

The district is asking taxpayers to keep funding at its current level. That existing operating levy, which is set to expire, costs taxpayers about $50 dollars a month.

Brooklyn Center’s superintendent told Minnesota Public Radio that if the levy fails, the district will have to make $600,000 in cuts.

Tuesday’s levy vote will be held at Brooklyn Center High School located at 6500 Humboldt Avenue North and polls are open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Absentee ballots are currently available upon request.

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  1. Another vote on this already? says:

    What’s the deal? Does this come up for another vote every week or something???

    Can’t they accept “no” for an answer? Or are they doing the “Zygi” dance … pester, pester, pester until they get their way?

  2. John says:

    “Voters have defeated eight straight levies put on the ballot in Brooklyn Center.”

    I think we know who has the learning disability here.

    What part of the word “no” don’t they understand?

    Get these people OUT of office.

  3. James says:

    Good job Brooklyn Center, it would be great if you can keep the school districts in check for another round of levy spending. Don’t let them scare you into anything, there’s lots of fat to burn.

    Specifically, check out their own web site:

    “Brooklyn Center receives $129 per student in Integration Revenue (based on percentage of “protected, or at risk” students). Minneapolis receives $480 and St. Paul receives $445. If this revenue has legitimacy, Minneapolis and St. Paul deserve it. Therefore, Brooklyn Center, which has the same if not higher percentage of “protected students” as these two cities, also deserves it.”

    “Deserves it”? you bunch of entitled cry baby fools in the school board and department of education. Out with all of you. This has nothing to do with the level of education of anyone. Start talking quality of education instead of which revenue is legitimate and who deserves it.

    …sorry to have to do your job WCCO, it’s called reporting.

    1. Jim says:

      well said!!! I’m in Stillwater and our district levy also failed.

  4. awesome says:

    I’d like another report on the mail-in ballot racket. It seems they’ve found a new way to commit election fraud. Are the post masters now considered election judges? No? Oh, how convenient.

    1. Union tricks says:

      It sounds similar to the BS Dayton tried to pull with the daycare people.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that only “selected” people receive ballots, the rest will be “lost in the mail”.

      Remember mail people belong to a union too – they watch out for each other, on our dime.

  5. What's going on? says:

    Cost per tax payer is $50 a month = $600 per year
    School will have to cut $600,000 if it doesn’t get levy.
    $600,000/$600 = 1,000 taxpayers

    Brooklyn Center has a population of 27,538 so only 1 out of 27 people is a taxpayer.

    something doesn’t smell right.

    According to the districts web site it is NOT a mail in ballot.

    1. Amy_C says:

      This vote is in the Brooklyn Center School District , NOT the city of Brooklyn Center which is divided into 4 districts. There are far, far fewer than 27,000 eligible voters as the district is near 2.5 square miles in size.

  6. Kevin says:

    Good for Brooklyn Center! Why doesnt the school come out and release a detailed noted explaing the current budget and where is all goes….and then the additional money request and where it will go…..I am sure it would be so brilliant that the voters would vote a big “Yes We Can”……..

  7. llp says:

    Maybe if they were given the money by the State instead of having to borrow it and pay interest payments because the State keeps borrowing from the school fund. It’s called smoke and mirrors it cover the SO CALL LEADERS in ST. Paul and I’m talking the idiot politicians that are paid for by big business and the banks. If any of you think that your party is better than the other and is looking out for you, you must be drinking the Kool-Aid. WAKE UP AMERICA get rid of the Politicians, they are what’s wrong with our government. Elect people who care for America not for politicians that only care about the party line. Most of these fool s would have been fired if they worked for me.

    1. James says:

      llp, maybe the school should stop spending money on needless programs and teach the children the basic curriculum.

      I don’t think there’s a problem with state politicians and borrowing money, there’s a problem with spending money we don’t have and begging for more. political gridlock is currently the only thing keeping this country from turning into Greece, for your information. They act like a large family planning to leave on a Disney vacation right after a stop to the local grocery store with their EBT card to fill up their coolers. And you probably don’t see anything wrong with that.

  8. llp says:

    oh by the way none of you got your facts right anyway. So much for the education of America

  9. Shame on You says:

    Amazing to me how America has become a me-first greed mongering nation. Has it occurred to any of you that the School Board keeps coming to the voters because the Repugnantlican Party has been starving the public schools for years?

    Or don’t you want to let facts get in the way of your self-centeredness?

    1. Nice try says:

      The failed school board has to keep coming back for more money because most of the money they do get is wasted on greedy unions and administrators.

      The public is finally become wise to all of this theft and is not giving in anymore.

    2. Jake says:

      Shame on YOU. That school district, existing under a liberal city council, mayor, and school board, not to mention it’s state representatives, and up until a year ago, a dfl-led legislature, has been a complete DISASTER for DECADES. Would you consider changing the nature and the attitudes of your elected representatives to try to change things for the better? Of COURSE NOT. So, don’t be so surprised when things don’t get any BETTER, even IF your funding goes UP someday.

  10. Jake says:

    About the only way to save Crooklyn Center is to raise at least HALF of it to the ground, require thorough background checks on any new residents, and make it a requirement that anybody moving in has a DECENT JOB nearby. Then you can start to rebuild it into something respectable, and worth fighting for.

  11. Jake says:

    I volunteered at BCHS several years ago as a Junior Achievement volunteer. The collective attitudes of the students were so bad, I could no longer justify my time and effort in such a place any longer. Though I’m sure that the faculty is partly to blame, I would put most of the blame on the parents of most of these students. That school district is so dysfunctional, it’s amazing that anybody can graduate with any serious credentials or respect.

  12. Obv. says:

    6500 Humboldt, hmm before the police station was there, you’d been lucky to have not been murdered at that location. Why fund a school full of fatherless kids, who will never amount to anything but future criminals and baby makers.

  13. Jason says:

    I will once again be voting no on yet another levy. One of the worst performing schools in the state. I watch 14 year old girls getting on the short bus with strollers, what used to be a health class room 10 years ago now is a full service clinic. School lunch is also breakfast and diinner free. My tax dollars will not be supporting this. Ever. BTW I went to this school in the 90s. This school needs to be closed. It does not produce a productive person.

  14. Jason says:

    The last failed levy was a mail in ballot. Does anyone else question the ethics involved with this? Also the location of the vote moved from a church” been there many years” , to the elementary school, now to the high school. Are they trying to confuse the voting public?

  15. Ordinary Guy says:

    True, the demographics have changed and there’s not the money and incomes there was. But the cultural problems, nobody can change that but themselves. Still, if we don’t address the economic failing that ships the money overseas through Walmart and Best Buy, and every other business, the lower-income neighbors are going to have more and more financial problems. Jobs, jobs, jobs, here not abroad.

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