ROSEMOUNT, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota high school principal is apologizing for a pep rally prank earlier this month in which blindfolded students were surprised to find they had kissed their parents in front of hundreds of classmates.

Rosemount High School Principal John Wollersheim said the prank had first been done about six years ago and wasn’t controversial.

Not this time. A one-minute video of the smooches has gone viral, including posts on Facebook and YouTube, where it’s been reposted three times and received 33,000 views by Thursday evening.

In the video, the captains of several winter sports teams were lined up along a wall of the gym opposite another line of students. The captains were blindfolded and told they had to guess which student kissed them.

However, the students were swapped out for the parents of the athletes. Some of the kisses lasted several seconds. In the video, the athletes who were tricked appeared surprised, but not angry.

Wollersheim released a formal apology on Tuesday after receiving about a dozen emails or calls from upset people inside and outside the district.

“This activity was intended to be fun, but some found it offensive,” he wrote. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by this activity.”

In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Wollersheim said the event was organized by the high school staff, but he was accountable.

“As principal, I’m responsible for everything that happens in this school,” he said. “This event offended people, and pep fests should have nothing that offends people.”

Wollersheim shared four emails he received about the pep fest — although the names of the senders were removed — which he said represented the feedback he had received since the pep rally on Dec. 8.

“I think people need to have more of a sense of humor!” wrote one, adding, “Kudos to you for all that you do — as I do not feel as a parent there was anything offensive about the video.”

Others weren’t amused. “What can possibly be the justification for ridiculing students and their parents in pseudo sexual manner!” another email said. “What are we telling students if this sort of thing is not only condoned by the administration but blatantly encouraged?”

Wollersheim said he wasn’t considering any disciplinary action against the high school employee who came up with the idea. A district spokesman said Superintendent Jane Berenz was not commenting the matter.

Wollersheim noted the video showed only about a minute of the 30-minute assembly, which also included more traditional events like singing the school song and presenting awards. Seen without that context, he said he could under parents’ concern.

“If I was just watching that clip, I wouldn’t like what was seeing either,” he said.

Wollersheim said he had not received any complaints from the athletes or their parents.

YouTube video:

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Comments (21)
  1. Sgt says:

    30 yrs ago this wouldnt have even made the news

  2. Eric says:

    I know this maybe petty but does anyone proof read these articles? Why all the spelling errors? Every article?!

    1. Sad says:

      That requires employment, we got no money.

  3. Brian says:

    This is the kind of B.S. that causes the majority of the problems in school districts. Not the prank itself, but this belief that school officials are there to please EVERYONE and should apologize to anyone who may be upset. Guess what…it’s over and done with…and nobody died. If you don’t like what happened, maybe next year your pretentious, self-important, self-righteous family goes to private school. GET OVER IT.

  4. Laurie says:

    This is ridiculous! If the parents were not offended and happily went along with this FUNNY prank, all others should stay out of it.

    1. ISH says:

      This prank was disgusting, but it should have made the news. One of the moms places her sons hand on her butt. Many of them kiss for a long amount of time. I would never do this to my child. GROSS

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        Did you see the youTube videos or even read the WHOLE story? First of all this isn’t news! Second, this ‘kissing’ was taken out of the total context of why it occurred. And, third, if all the parents were in on the prank without objection then who are we, as outsiders, to say otherwise to the contrary about some clean open public fun?

        Ish, I respect your expressive right to disagree about this ersatz news event but are we a bit prudish about this? If this was your child’s school and this event would be something you wish ‘not’ to participate in wouldn’t the school accommodate your wishes? Since obviously it is not your children’s school then who are we to criticize that community’s clean open prankish fun? Think about it!

        1. Educator says:

          Taxpayers who support the public school system have a right to “complain”. Other chiidren from Christian and morally upright homes should not have been exposed to such irresponsible parental behavior. The behavior violated the school system code of conduct and appropriate punishment should occur.

  5. Elmer says:

    … so do I get to comment on everything that I see on utube that offends me…and call people even though I have nothing to do with it and live no where near where it happens? Is this our future… then start a ban of any thing that can record at every event!

  6. Raggs says:

    Anything to take time away from academics and learning. “Is it time to go home now?”

    1. The Truth says:

      Yeah, because we want our students to be “learning and studying” nonstop for 7 hours a day. That’s effective.

  7. Not a prude up North says:

    Getting in a lip lock with my Dad? No thank you, I wasn’t raised that way. I wouldn’t do that to my sons, and I’m not a prude. I’m a parent with morals and know that it’s not right to kiss a parent in that way.

  8. Tc Kelly says:

    Yea I wouldn’t get this way with a parent either, but at least it wasn’t with teachers! Now a days you never know..

  9. Crazy Joe says:

    I love my mom but a hug and a cheek kiss is all.
    I hated it when my creepy old aunts would come up to me at weddings, poke me in the ribs and gleefully proclaim, “You’re next!” Needless to say they stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

  10. v says:

    My GOD people…. it was a PRANK. A JOKE. It’s funny. Period. Some people wake up looking for something to be offended about. Go do something productive with yourselves and quit making issues out of things that aren’t. This prank has been going on in schools and pep rallies for decades. It’s FUNNY!

    1. Educator says:

      Funny, NOT!!! I bet most of these people consider themselves conservatives and complain about the direction our country has taken without realizing they share in the problem. Hypocrisy at its best!

  11. Joe says:

    Funny? Sure, if you think incest is funny. So long as it’s a joke, at least, then we can all laugh about overtly sexual contact between relatives that otherwise would (and should) never happen.

    But I can see why the parents were so eager to participate…who wouldn’t want to lock lips with their sexy, successful children? Let’s not forget these are team captains, after all. Looking back, my only regret in high school was not being able to take part in a similar “joke”. My mom was pretty hot, from what I hear.

    I know what the knee-jerk reaction to my post will be though…”Oh come on, you’re calling a lingering kiss and light petting incest?! That’s ridiculous!” And that reaction is correct in that the prank isn’t actually incest. But really, should that type of behavior ever be ok? More important, should it ever be condoned by public, community-oriented institutions for children? For those who didn’t recognize those as rhetorical questions, the answer is clearly no. You can debate all you want about what should or shouldn’t be done about the situation, but again, the answer to both those questions remains “no”.

  12. MN_Mom says:

    Personally, I would have been offended even it it were another student kissing my son/daughter. Kissing is a personal thing that should be done by two knowing and consenual individuals. I would not want my child blindfolded and kissed by an unknown (to them, during the kiss) person. They were to guess what student was kissing them? Eww. Lets just encourage random, sexual contact between teens, why not, right?

    Ick, stick praink done in very poor taste, probably by some staff member with some sick fantasy or fetish.

    1. MN_Mom says:

      Also, I would never kiss my teenage sons, on the lips in a lingering manner. What is wrong with these people!?

  13. Educator says:

    The “prank” is very disturbing and a red flag to other parents. If a mother is willing to engage in inappropriate, indecent behavior with her own son; every other mother’s teenage son is a potential victim. Social services should visit each of their homes to determine whether the sons in the video and other children are victims of abuse. Maybe the moms’ behavior explains why many teenage kids are so perverted including attempting to mount other kids and bragging about raping their family pets; these are kids from affluent, “conservative” households. Additionally, I am certain the moms’ actions violated the school’s code of conduct as well as county and state policies. This “prank” should be watched by every school board throughout the United States. Since the “prank” occurred on school grounds and the principal was present, (s)he should be terminated. School administrators should immediately abolish overnight field trips, monitor students who attend after school tutoring, prevent PTA moms from freely roaming around schools unsupervised, and other necessary measures. Finally, anyone who attended a university with a major football and/or basketball program has witnessed this behavior a countless number of times. Moms such as these usually park in parking lots near the athletes’ dormitories and engage in indecent acts with college athletes. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  14. Disgusted says:

    when i was 12, a friend’s grandpa stuck his tongue down my throat and I was sick and creeped out ever since… I can’t imagine a parent doing that! And when a child molester does that it’s a problem, but a school principal authorizing it makes it okay?
    What kind of school is that? I think the parents should be held acountable as well! Sick and perverse!!!!
    I woudl never allow ANY adult to do that to my child, nor would I dream of it myself!

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