Sources: Sen. Amy Koch Resigned After Allegations

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch resigned her post Thursday after she was confronted by GOP Senate leaders about allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a Senate staffer, according to high level State Capitol sources.

Those sources confirmed that four Republican Senators held an emergency meeting with Koch Wednesday night, after multiple Senate staffers reported the possible improper conduct.

“Not fun, but we did what I think all of us feel is necessary and appropriate give the circumstances,” said Assistant Majority Leader Sen. Dave Senjem

GOP leaders won’t name the male staffer alleged to be involved with Senator Koch, but said he continues to work at the Senate. Because it is now a legal matter, they’ve turned over the complaints to the Secretary of the Senate for review.

“We don’t want the Minnesota senate to have that kind of work environment for our employees,” said Deputy Majority Leader Sen. Geoff Michel. “And so that’s why we felt we had to act.”

In a letter to Senate Republicans Thursday, Koch resigned as Senate Majority Leader and said she will not run for re-election next year.

In her letter, Koch wrote: “We cannot afford a lame duck leader in negotiations next session, which is why I am resigning my position as Majority Leader.”

Koch did not immediately return a call for comment.

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  • Rob


    • orrest

      Whoa is right.. The party faithful will have no problems with any misdeeds. She will say she is sorry and life will go on. It is working for Newt. Well he said he learned. Tests of character for the gop is can you recite the party mantra, not what you do or have done.

    • Amy and Amy ...whoa

      Gotta be the name…Senser a killer. Koch a switch hitter or loose goose. And we thoought the DFL had problems. :(
      I feel for the kids in both families…one helluva thing to find out about Mommy Dearest huh

    • Holy Bungo

      Whoa Whoa Whoa
      Think they were anal about things?
      just curious

    • What!?!

      Whoa is right! First Herman now Amy!?!?! My my my! Could it be that Reps like to get their freak on? What would Jesus say about this? Tsk Tsk..

    • Demosucks

      Anyone democrat who calls out Koch is an absolutely criminally pathetic forgetful Jones. Duh…Bill Clinton banging and blowing in the white house for 8 years. Even looked america in the eye and denied it.

      • What!?!

        Bill Clinton – Really? – Most us us Dems couldn’t have cared less that Clinton was getting a little Hum on the side. The fact is most people in power do. The fact is Reps always feed us with their ” I live to serve god” garbage and ” I live with a higher moral standard than the rest” garbage. This just shows that Reps are just like the rest of us and we all like a little nookie from time to time.. Problem is if your married then you should be enjoying the loving with your spouse cause this is the christian thing to do.. hmmmm.. So yes I’m calling every rep out on their BS…

      • max

        Yes, I remember. I also remember that the Republicans crucified him for it. Do you recall the impeachment proceeding? I also remember Gingrich leading the charge, while at the same time having an extra marital affair of his own.

        The shoe is now on the other foot with multiple Republicans caught with their pants down.

      • Nick

        An abolutely criminally pathetic forgetful Jones??????????????????????????? Wow, arn’t your shorts in a knot though, and it has obviously shut off the blood supply to the groin area where the speech centers seem to be located. It gets more and more curious! Please indicate your planet!

    • Rogelio

      Have you seen her behind? Bigger that Tony Sutton’s. Can you emagine!

      • Jeffrey Smith

        I thought I saw Tony’s face in her caboose as she waddled in front of the camera.

  • Todd W. Olson

    My, my, my. Brought to you by the Party of God.

    • Citizen

      And the party of self-righteousness and the moral high road. What a joke!

  • Swamp Rat

    Who Cares? If she allegedly played around with someone and was called on it; then fell on her proverbial politically sword buy resigning her leadership, and, then announced she was ‘not’ running for election again now then isn’t that enough to say good bye?

    Why do we have to drag this ignominious saga into the world view to be trashed in the mud of gossip? She made her mistake and now she is going to pay for it by withdrawing from politics. Enough said. Isn’t there other news in St.Paul to discuss?

    • Little Tin God

      We probably “drag” this out because if she hadn’t been found out, she would have continued the relationship (which she still may) and would still have beat the morally superior drum that the GOP seem to constantly do.

    • Steve Hansmann/East Central Minnesota

      Because it’s fun. Any time a bible-nazi gets their nose rubbed in their own perversions is a good day in my book.

  • Sources: Koch Resigned After Allegations Of Inappropriate Relationship « CBS Minnesota

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  • Ooooops!!

    Now about that family values thing!!

    Just wait though. I figure the first “but..but…but the Dems to it too” comment ought to be up here within the hour. Meaning another rightie has missed the entire point.

    • Good for Both Ganders

      I love that this statement is awaiting “moderation” when people talk about the ride share boogie and call her profane names using dollar signs as letters. Classy.

    • Good for Both Ganders

      Classy is as classy does, bright lady. I am not a rightie. I just don’t care for hypocrites. You have to love the idea that you only have to uphold a standard of decency if you profess the importance of the standard. By the way, brightlady (sic), you might brush up on your use of ellipsis . . . .

    • It's About The Hypocrisy

      Let’s get this clear: One party’s behavior is no better than the other, but the Democrats don’t go around pretending to be the party of family values, anointed by the Almighty Himself the way the Republicans do to get the evangelical vote, and the evangelicals, god bless them, are gullible enough to buy their empty words. It’s all about the blatant hypocrisy.

      • David J. Conklin

        You’ve got it! And the GOP would like you to drop it–whereas, if it had been a Democrat they’d be dragging out ad infinitum.

      • Steve

        There’s a difference between being gullible and willful ignorance.

  • Some guy

    Don’t get greedy there’s enough for all of us.

  • The Late Mrs. John Edwards

    If true, this is a tragedy for her family. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised people are climbing all over themselves to express their joy over a sad situation. Her mistake, if true, is undeniable. People’s callousness is disappointing either way.

    • Henk

      Some might say that using a Name like you are is very callous as well.

      • Cold Truth

        An yet the point is made.

  • tom

    Let us all enjoy this piece of news. After all, she lead the charge for the anti-gay marriage bill. Now tell us Amy, how gay marriage has affected the “sanctity” of your marriage! You hypocritical twit!

  • cags777

    Oh please, Dale. If you read this story, it would appear it was four Senate Republican leaders that forced her to resign – not the DFL. Look at this objectively instead being a troll and shooting the messenger.

    • Dale Gribble

      Cags, of COURSE the Republican Senate leadership asked her to step down. They HAD to. The DFL framed her in such a fashion that to her innocence could never be substantiated to the standard required by the East Coast elitist cosmopolitan money-lenders who own the media. They had to ask her to step down to save the party from further damage at the hands of the DFL plot. These crafty swine have laid the trap so cleverly, in such a fashion as their kind is famous for.

      • Mayhem

        typical GOP Gribble….I mean dribble….its always someone else’s fault because the GOP sucks and builds habits out of hypocrisy and doing moronic things.

        Your hockey helmets on too tight Dribble….ease up on the chin strap before you type. I dont even think you know what youre saying.

      • cags777

        Are you kidding me, Dale? It was Senate staffers that came forward to the Senate GOP leaders, who then confronted Koch. The DFL, as it would appear, had nothing to do with this. How exactly are you getting your information that has you convinced this was a DFL set-up with “East Coast elitist cosmopolitan money”?

        • keel

          Oh my….perhaps our friend Dale Gribble speaks “tongue-in-cheek”…you may want to relax a bit…

        • Tom

          @cags 777

          Dale is a social conservatives nut job and we know how delusional they are! He know doubt believes that every time a conservatives gets caught they were set up.

      • mike

        Dying of brain cancer or just a toxic moron? Which is it?

  • MrB

    Another DOLT, where are they coming from!????

  • Gribble Dale

    Conspiracy theorist much? If you read the story, like read it using you eyes, the GOP forced her out, the DFL didn’t even have time to take a whiff.

  • Conservative Dude

    Why do I suspect that Dale Gribble is actually a “straw man” used to make conservatives look nutty? Dale, if you’re for real, get off our side.

    • Floater

      Leave Dale Gribble alone! He is one of the most educated and eloquent voices for conservatism. He provides remarkable insight into the inner workings of the conservative mind. Furthermore, Jesus loves reading Dale’s posts.

  • Good for Both Ganders

    Where’s the moderator on this clear statement of crude sexual behavior?

  • kevin

    All you liberals ,do you remember a guy named Bill clinton? He was the “leader of our nation”

    • jimmy

      I remember Bill Clinton we had a surplus when he was our leader.

    • ChrisHay10

      Yes I do. However, Bill Clinton didn’t pass judgment on others by introducing a constitutional amendment oppressing an entire group of people

      Do you know some of these people? Newt Gingrich, Mark Sanford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, Bob Dole.

      • Conservative Dude

        Those guys are all Democrats in disguise. Now, John Grunseth, there’s a real Republican. Wait. Um . . . .

      • BrianB

        I agree she deserves it, but not the best defense by saying Bill was a friend to gays. Bill Clinton is the one who signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Not a constitutional amendment, but a BIG part of the problem that we still have.

    • MrB

      I remember Bill Clinton, wasn’t he the first to climb Mount Everest! :)

    • Mayhem

      all you anti-liberals, operative word being “was.”

      not leading much of anything anymore.

    • Kellen Dunkelberger

      How is this relevant?

      • Joe

        See the entry in the dictionary under “hypocrite.” Does that help?

    • kate

      Yes, we do. And we’re pointing out what a bunch of hypocrites the republicans are since they are frequently claiming to be for ‘family values’ and are more moral than the democrats.

      • Citizen

        @Balanced. Maybe if the GOP would just quit trying to shove their supposedly superior values down everyone’s throats (values they don’t adhere to themselves) people MIGHT take them seriously. The GOP is continually caught with their proverbial pants down (pun intended!). My husband always says that if you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. So the lesson is don’t point fingers, keep it professional, keep to solving the country’s problems.

        • Balanced Beam

          Are you honestly pointing a finger about people pointing fingers? Really? You’re on your own, Citizen. If you can’t grasp that . . . .

      • Mayhem

        that argument works both ways.

        I’d be interested to see if your comment would be the same if it were a DFL’er.

        The GOP position shouldnt change…but hers should.

        • Balanced Beam

          It has been exactly the same. When the John Edwards deal broke out, like the Lewinsky affair, I felt terrible for his wife and children. It has no effect on the validity of his policy arguments, but damages his capacity to be held in the high regard he should be as a political leader. And it hurts his family a lot, just like this has got to be awful for Amy’s husband and kids and parents, etc. These are real people, and real people mess up. The fact that anyone on either side gets so juiced up by this stuff when disclosed on either side is a poor reflection on all of us.

      • Tom

        @ kate

        Everytime a conservative gets caught they always bring up “Monica, Monica, Monica”. Conservatives are still upset that they couldn’t get him impeached. And that is because the majority of americans didn’t care!

        • It's About The Hypocrisy

          Actually, Clinton did get impeached. They just couldn’t get a conviction to remove him from office. And that’s because he did not commit any “high crimes and misdemeanors”. He lied about getting a hummer.

          • Tom

            @ Its about the Hypocrisy

            The only ones who wanted him out of office so bad were the Social Conservatives in this country. The Majoirty of Americans didn’t care because they knew that Clinton was not the only politician in the White House , etc , to have done this sort of thing. And Social Conservatives have this delusional idea in their head that their politicians do not do this sort of thing because they live their lives by high morals and values. But when they get caught it is a “witchhunt”.

      • Keith Stone

        Hanging the hypocrite label is funny. And the democrats are the “peoples party” right? So everytime they defund or cut a social program for welfare-baby-machine-scammers we should call them out? And call them hypocrites?

        • Meredith

          If a politician of either party goes on about helping the poor and then helps to defeat or defund a program, yes, they should be called out for hypocrisy.

    • Carl

      Nice, if all fails, blame a former Democrat, Tea Party folks are good at that. Don’t answer, blame a Democrat. Michell… just answer the question!!

    • BABS

      Yes I remember Bill Clinton, but what I remember more is that the Republicians in
      congress spent the better half of 4 years trying to impeach him and digging through all aspects of his life.
      But how does his affair relate to what is going on here in MN?
      Or better yet justify it?

  • moopie

    this has got to be a satirical reply. ha ha ha, good one, dale!

  • Ghost of Ted Kennedy

    What is the big deal?

    • Joe

      It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

      • David J. Conklin

        Amen! But the GOP is shameless. They love their sins–and they’ll die in hell with them.

  • Citizen

    Conservatives always miss the point that the GOP holds themselves out to be the morally upright party, and yet they keep having feet of clay and scandal after scandal. I don’t care what anyone does in his/her personal life as long as they don’t try to be better than anyone else. If you talk the talk, you d@mn well better walk the walk!

    • Matt

      Again – I am a conservative and understand the difference between personal and politics. Here would be my counter to your point. Look who is leading the GOP race right now for President – Newt Gingrich. Quite frankly, he has not shyed away from this – although he has made some stupid comments as to why he did it, at least he is not out there denying it. I beleive that your take is an over-generalization of where conservatives are today. Yes, yuo will fundamentalists but you will still have those that have a sense of sanity.

      • Citizen

        Newt is just morally bankrupt, but at least he doesn’t hide it.

        • It's About The Hypocrisy

          It would be hard to put that cat back into the bag after more than 10 years.

    • Balanced Beam

      I saw a DFLer driving an SUV today. I saw another DFLer walk right past a poor person without giving them someone else’s money. What gives?

      The inability to adhere to a standard does not destroy the independent value of advocating or pursuing the standard. If a highway patrol officer gets a DWI do we suddenly determine DWI is o.k.?

      • jimmy

        Balanced Beam I remember Ronald Reagan our first divorced president. After that divorce became OK.

        • Balanced Beam

          Pretty sure the divorce rate in the 70s was pretty high. Nice attempt, though. Not that presidential behavior cannot influence things. After Clinton, cigar sales soared among men having affairs with interns.

          • Citizen

            I’m beginning to think you “boys” are jealous of President Clinton. A good-looking, alpha male, who was a Rhodes scholar who balanced the budget and had to fight off women. Sure can’t say any of those things about any Republican president we’ve ever had!

            • Balanced Beam

              Silly Citizen. Newt wasn’t a Rhodes Scholar. Wait. What were you talking about?

              • Citizen

                Try to follow the thread, Balanced. I’m talking about President Clinton, one of our greatest Presidents. Bill Clinton was an alpha male, good-looking, highly intelligent, and irresistible to women. Newt is a newt–you know, a member of the salamander family.

                • Balanced Beam

                  O.k. First, duh. It was pretty obvious who you were talking about. Second, are you honestly playing a game with names? That’s your political discourse? Do your parents know you are on the computer?

                • Citizen

                  Balanced, does your work release supervisor know you are on the computer? When you run out of justifications, you CONservatives can always call names and hurl insults.

      • Citizen

        Yes, the inability to adhere to a standard one professes to advocate makes one a hypocrite and causes the rest of your words to lose all value. A cop who gets a DWI is far worse than any ordinary citizen who gets a DWI because the cop is the enforcer of the law which he cannot abide by. Your logic is twisted. Amy’s party professes to have the moral high ground, rectitude, and self-righteousness, and look down their collective noses at everyone else even as they DO NOT PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!

        • Balanced Beam

          Actually, it is not. You aren’t comprehending it. You are not going after Amy by herself, but all Conservatives. That would be like saying all highway patrol officers are unworthy of respect because one messed up. Are you tracking now?

          Amy’s party does not profess to have the moral high ground in my view. The party professes that policies that support families help society, because the evidence is clear that families are good for kids and society in a number of ways. As same-sex couple become more accepted, I expect they will be included in that framework (except for certain religious folks in both parties).

          Do wealthy Democrats pay the higher tax rates they support or the rates that exist? They can legitimately propose what they believe to be good policy despite not currently following it by choice or lack of self-control.

          • Citizen

            This rant of yours about the GOP wanting to help families is ludicrous. The GOP is the party that supports the fiscal policies that are destroying the middle class and destroying families. I have to laugh at the statement, “as same-sex couple(sic) becomes more accepted.” By whom? They are already accepted by the majority of the populace. Just you conservatives that have problems with discrimination here, among other problems. And as long as you choose to state I am going after all conservatives, that is simply not true. I only “go after” those conservatives espousing the moral high road (which seems to be most of them) and then not practicing what they preach. Tom Emmer and his DWI come to mind. The GOP owing $500,000 on the last election while advocating fiscal responsibility for everyone else. Do I really need to go on?

            • Balanced Beam

              First of all, the GOP owes WAY more than $500,000.00 . . . .

              All of you attacks are ad hominem. Explain why the policies are bad. Do you advocate sleeping around?

              (By the way, same-sex couples are not as accepted as you think. If the marriage definition amendment fails in Minnesota, it will be the first in the nation.)

              • Citizen

                OOoooh, big words! I’m so intimidated by your superior intellect–not. Your party is the party of bankrupt morals and bankrupt fiscal policies and targeted destruction of the middle class. There isn’t enough space here to explain why the GOP policies are bad. Let’s just say there is thirty years’ of proof starting with Ronnie Raygun and continuing to this day.

                • Balanced Beam

                  Which were the big words? I’m not tracking. I love the Wayne’s World reference, though.

                  It would be hard to grasp, I reckon, but the conservative philosophy is that government power, while most often employed with positive effect, is coercive and should be exercised cautiously. The Democrats are not beholden to a philosophy other than electoral success at this point, which is accomplished by purchasing allegiance with tax money (or borrowing). That, my dear Citizen, is the difference. Everything else is bluster.

                • Citizen

                  And, Balanced, the GOP is the party dedicated to the defeat of President Obama in 2012 even if it bankrupts the United States morally and fiscally. And that is the definition of “treason.”

  • jimmy

    “Capital Sources” So only 4 GOP Senators were there. One of them had to run to the press, let’s play guess who. I’m betting Dave Thompson any one else.

  • Citizen

    So, report the post. WordPress only identifies certain words.

    • Good for Both Ganders

      The moderator cleaned them up. Thank you.

      • Good for me anyway

        Are you a transgender person half done?
        Or a wanna be tranny or just a boring bi ?
        We need to know so we can clean up your dribble there gribble

  • shame

    My God, who does she think she is, Bill Clinton?

    • Monica

      now that is funny… oh for all you short term memory problems left wing dems, Bill Clinton was a presedent not too long ago…

  • Journeyone

    Her and Newt must be tight. She can run for President soon.

  • BlaBlaBla

    It seems that She took someone husband. She deserve it then. Sry Wifey .

  • moral what

    I’m in the GOP and moral highground is about 20 seats in back of stopping spending. Point is who cares about this. The libs are by their very nature unethical and immoral. It is a prerequisite to want to take what does not belong to you to be a dem. They are proud of it and embrace it.

    • kate

      The assumption that “libs are by their very nature unethical and immoral” is why liberals are howling over this sort of behavior. It isn’t the nature of either party to behave like this. It is the nature of people. Spouting the idea that you are morally superior to others because you are republican is what is so offensive.
      And I like you state “GOP and moral highground is about 20 seats in back” but then call liberals immoral.

    • jimmy

      I bought tabs for my car

      • Mark D

        By selling your food stamps, no doubt.

    • Orrest

      @ moral what. It would be immoral to blindly assail liberals nature they way you did. The only unmoral act of a liberal people would be is to have a different philosophy than you. In regards to spending you turn a very blind eye to what the GOP nationally has done.

  • robert

    Republician Party = Party of Hyprocisy.

    • Bob

      Dem Party = Party of Hyprocisy.

      • froggyalley

        Hypocrisy is the correct spelling.
        Cut-and-pasting stupidity is double stupid. I thought you were smarter than a Dem, Bob.

      • Gary

        I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?

  • john

    I have been wondering with the increased number of women in politics when one of them was going to get caught having an affair. Numbers would say it was bound to happen. I do not care if it was GOP or DFL. Just knew it was going tohappen to someone sooner or later. Congrats to Ms Koch, nice job. Hopefully they replace her with someone who has some commen sence and can work for the people no the party!

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